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kek I told you

>GTA 6 coming out
>rates about to be cut
>halving event coming up
>soft landing

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>I told you a trailer would be released when it was announced a week prior
Why are zoomers pure cancer?

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No one cares about video games here, are you 12?

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>GTA 6
Its going to be garbage like everything else these days.
I actually thought the other day about downloading gta 1 and 2 since those are the only ones I havent played

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its not coming out until 2025
looks like woke garbage
will probably be pay to play like wow
I wont be buying it

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I think at least the single player will be good. But I hope they keep it arcadey and don't try to make it rdr2 level of realistic. Online has been trash for a while.
Graphics look like a clear upgrade from 5 and passable for a gta game. gta games are known for making fun of all sides from the political and cultural spectrum

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Holy SHIT Grand Theft Auto??
America is saved! USA! USA!

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>Beoble release, kills Botgram
>2024 = even numbers, chi is aligned
>BTC ETF + Halving
Extremely bullish for this year as a whole desu
Shut the fuck up you unlikable pieces of garbage joyless scumfucks bitter over not making it after 14 years of trying. Go buy more bitcoin and post on your 20 daily LINK threads, unfunny cunts.

GTA VI looks fantastic.

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Not him, but I'm a crypto maxi. Risk is very high right now. We could go as high as 50k or 60k in a few days, but that's just impossible to know ahead of time, so I sold all my BTC at 42k. Even if it goes higher from here, its very likely it will pullback to the 30s. You should have been buying last year. Don't FOMO in now, but take this lesson to heart and remember to buy when it retraces. If it drops lower than your purchase price, just buy more. Good luck goldfag.

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kys tranny

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who cares about GTA, it will probably be delayed until 2027

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maybe less

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what a hater

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>GTA VI looks fantastic.
Just another broken and overflowed rockstar game, nothing has changed last 10 years ffs

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>2024 = even numbers, chi is aligned

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fucking nostalfag, go play mario 65 on your ctr tv

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what makes you think that btc bumping wont make them bump too?

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shh shh let him notice by himself

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none of these factors matter and we don't know what will happen this year. im happy about gta though only triple a slop im willing to buy

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He's right though. This is bullish.

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>Shut the fuck up you unlikable pieces of garbage joyless scumfucks bitter over not making it after 14 years of trying. Go buy more bitcoin and post on your 20 daily LINK threads, unfunny cunts.
Extremely based.

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RDR2 was a masterpiece, what the fuck are you talking about?

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what a waste... wasting digits like this is a bearish sign.

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NOOOO you must make your finances a part of your personality you are not allowed to discuss anything but shitcoins and crypto in this board NOOOOOOOOO

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Video games are for losers

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You're brown

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You're brown too

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its GTA6 you fucking newfag

even 80 year olds like it

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Yeah just like FIFA and Madden. Same slop over and over

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