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i just want an audi rs3. is that too much to ask?

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I just want a manual 3.0 supra bro.

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for me its a Porsche 911 so I can sex with zoomettes
enjoy being a virgin

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I have a 2008 gtr nismo. they just don't make em like they used to

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/biz/ has the worst fucking taste in cars I swear, probably all the jeets

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I drove one a few days ago. All other cars are dead to me. I thought I knew what I was missing, but I didn't.

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>worst taste in cars

Posts stereotypical leddit jdm fanboy mobile. Enjoy that $90000 plastic piece of shit I guess?

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Why would you want an RS3? There are so many better options.
>I just want an RS3
And then what? Owning an RS3 isn't gonna make you happy. Maybe if you sold it and spent the money on sex tourism and cocaine instead. Then you'd be truly happy.

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/o/ is cope central, and I say this as someone who knows that a clutch pressure plate diaphragm is the average /o/ poster's anal diameter

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Nigger you can't say anything, you just said you wanted the poopra.

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/o/ bunch of dodge poorfags coping with their little scatpacks

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Ahahaha. Enjoy $120k worth of failing Japanese plastic. The b58 mogs the nsx by every metric imaginable.


Make it more obvious where you came from

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It's also a modern bmw peice of shit

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Not sure if bait or just retarded.
>I drove one a few days ago
What else have you driven?
If your only frame of reference is a shitbox then well yeah no shit nigger

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Bmw is third on consumer reliability. Acura is 8th. Lemme ask you a question cupcake. Which car is currently dominating in the street racing AND drag racing circuit?

A) the modern Supra
B) literally anything acura has ever made

Thanks for playing

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literally nothing beats a gutted tesla

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I could ask for a Lamborghini but that wouldn't be very practical for me. At least with an RS3 it's cheap enough that I would mind it being scratched or doing major repairs. Also, I just think it looks cool and practical.

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you wouldn't microwave a steak

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2023 Mach 1 and Bromaro. Dark Horse a shit