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What if the bears are right?

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Keep being on the sidelines, dumb nigger LOL

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that guy doesn't even know what a bitcorn is

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what if there's a nuclear device inside your pussy?

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So why did gold make an ath recently. Don't they have many ETFs?

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They are right on the long run, they will tame bitcoin, but in the short term BTC will moon

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LOL. BTC supply is traceable, how exactly are they going to be adding supply?

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He's saying an ETF is as good as infinite supply because of the nature of ETFs. It's not 1:1. It will be like fractional reserve banking.

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If there’s extra supply there’s no profits and the problem solves itself. Self custodial bitcoin wins either way
Also nice dubdubs

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Except the USD doesnt go up in value when they “produce more”
If they create a bunch of paper iou btcs, and btc price doubles. How do they bring double value to their customers?
I can see the argument that money that WOULD have went into btc now goes into a paper btc etf, and thus is lost. But again if btc doubles the boomers will want double the value back.
This is all ignoring the fact that its supposed to be a SPOT ETF with a 3rd party custodian

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Blackrock will fuck up consensus by "deciding" which future forks of Bitcoin are "THE Bitcoin". Enjoy.

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the fund will need bitcoin in order to match the swings in bitcoin price.
that's how etfs work - when people buy in then the fund uses that money to purchase the underlying asset

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I'll trust in it as long as Mex Keiser trusts it. Max knows most the wall street scams. If the answer to crushing bitcoin was an etf I'd assume Max would have seen it coming given he knows they suppress gold and silver.

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How will Blackcock convince the bitcoin miners to change consensus on the blockchain?

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SEC already ruled that any ETF is sanctions cannot be via paper bitcoin (like paper gold). They have to buy the underlying BTC. OP is an ignorant fool and the twitter guy is even worse, recommend blocking that retard and all his followers who are clearly mormons

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This is the kind of information you should be reading if you want to FUD or refute FUD about ETF's. It doesn't directly answer my key question, but it gives you an idea of the sort of things being required for approval. the SEC is specifically looking to cut out price manipulation avenues.

This. The ETF's being proposed right now are basically custodial accounts - You buy the ETF and it buys btc on your behalf and stores it in a custodial wallet that is yours alone.

This entire thing is about letting people buy BTC via tax-locked savings/investment accounts.

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This gets into it more - the spot ETF's are required to own bitcoin

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for cryptofags with no knowledge of stocks, think of these ETF's as a stablecoin like Tether or USDC, but in the form of a stock you can buy with an investment account. That stablecoin owns 1:1 BTC and shares of the stock.

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>This entire thing is about letting people buy BTC via tax-locked savings/investment accounts.
indeed, and when the ETF launches, the people with investment and pension accounts can switch some of their funds into BTC without triggering a tax event. so will they FOMO like the rest of us have? that's the bet

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chainlink fixes this

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What if bears are wrong?

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That's exactly right, it's the entire point. This unlocks a fuckton of retail cash that is not available to buy bitcoin right now. You have to understand that most older people have retirement/investment accounts with tax-deferred money. A 401k is the most standard version - you put 401k money in from your salary and you do not pay taxes on it. You are allowed to withdraw after age 65 or whatever. If you want to take the money out before that, you have to pay a large penalty for the withdrawl, PLUS the tax you would have owed as it is income. For this reason people do not cash money out of their 401k to do things like buy Bitcoin. By allowing you to buy bitcoin without first selling 401k investments into cash, you avoid the taxes and penalties. This means all of the money in 401k accounts in the US is suddenly potential liquidity for Bitcoin. This is a lot of fucking money.

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Or maybe he figures ETF will pump BTC like it did gold, he sells, buys other assets, dgaf what happens to BTC after? Not saying he does, just speculation. Didn't Max have a coin called Maxcoin?

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Can they not buy Microstratregy instead?

Why do they need an ETF if they already sold everything they like?

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the known supply of BTC is absolutely critical to understanding its utility and value. You simply cannot fuck with it the way you can other assets like Gold, because you can't be naked. Everyone has the ability to know how much BTC exists and where it exists. If someone wants to plan naked games they can only do so in the short term and with very high risk. The easy transferability of BTC means there is no reason to not have it change custody - you just beam it to a digital wallet, no security or storage needed.

If Bitcoin always existed, Gold would never have been used for this function.

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So you know enough about Max to know Max coin. But don’t know enough about Max to know he has more money than god and doesn’t give a fuck about your faggot fud about pushing fake news to manipulate the price. Gtfo you fucking weirdo

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Buying a trust or fund or a stock with exposure (miners, etc) to BTC is speculative and has risk associated with the business itself, who runs it, and all of that. It's not the same as owning actual Bitcoin. Purchasing via ETF is actual ownership of a coin, in that you can sell the actual coin for the spot price at any time. The assorted rules being required ensure that, and are why BTC buys via market ETF funds are about to draw in a ton of investment.

As I said above, the best way to think about spot BTC ETF's is to think of them like a stablecoin that has a 1:1 reserve, backed up by the SEC.

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>them like a stablecoin
I want to emphasize this. Stablecoins are now being made FOR BITCOIN, not USD. Think about that. People want their USD funds stored in Bitcoin instead.

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now adjust for inflation smarty pants

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I think this ancient and already well established asset class still beat inflation since ETFs were introduced.

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Lol this is going to be a total disaster when BTC pulls it's famous -90% after the next bullrun.

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the question i have for (you) all is
why would ((they)) let a bunch of basement autists get rich

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What’s the big deal. When women start having podcasts to talk about Bitcoin just move your assets to something safe. Also who knows, if enough money poors in people will buy Bitcoin every week. Could smooth out the crashes.

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oh shit you scared me, I better sell all my crypto and start wageslaving like a proper citizen

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satoshi comes back to life to dump on the boomers

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same retarded thing was said about gold etfs, and bitcoin cme futures

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Then I move on with my life. If your dumb enough to have all your eggs in the crypto making it basket your a flat our retard.

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ironically not. The etf liquidity is likely to stabilize the price as those are hodlers essentially.

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That would be an amazing long con. Create something that greedy bankers can't help but support and make the core of their new digital economy. Then rug the global system. An ancaps wet dream. Too bad he's probably dead or CIA.

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because hedge funds and rich people now want to use it to get richer, too? by dumping on retail ofc

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Which will be BSV.

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south korea banned naked shorting. wtf are u talking about? there is no reason to worri fren!

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They'll be right in the short term, and take victory laps. Then they'll be wrong. See the gold etf. Immediately went down, then long term up.

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Adding “paper” doesn’t change the supply this is fucking retarded.
The amount of BTC that can exist is finite and nothing can change this

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Holy shit he's right. An ETF will allow them to play the same game as with precious metals. Ever wondered why gold is at 2k while the dollar to gold ratio is somewhere around 10k? They will dump "paper bitcoins" on the market.

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Dullard. BTC is the superorganism Economy made flesh, its powerlevel is off the charts, you can no more "tame" it than you can tame the speed of light

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Imagine being so mentally ill that you think the original post is fud

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What bitcoin ETF.?
Sorry for the retardation in advance.

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10 KAY

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No, that would mean that only those who are actually holding btc would be even more rich and shit


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Don't know, how did ETH and ETC do?

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This and checked. The company who's etf will be granted will have to be a verifiable custodian of the asset underlying the etf, not an exchange or lender.

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His argument doesn't make sense. People buying Spot ETF are indirectly buying btc. That money will go to spot markets (yes I know that Blackrock/Fidelity etc have probably accumulated some btc beforehand). The only way it has "a negative effect" to btc price is the etf fees which will be relatively low. Those fees will go to blackrock, fidelity etc, not to btc.

He is just engagement farming ("last warning" lmao). The date of ETF approvals will probably bring some volatility including some sell supply from sellthenewooors but it will be just the way market works. ETFs won't bring any artificial supply to btc. Like I said, fees are the only money and value that are "lost" due to ETFs.

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not to mention that unlike gold, with bitcoin people will just start demanding proofs of reserves and shit and coinbase/fidelity will race eachother to show who's more transparent and pro-crypto
good times ahead, poorfags and doomers will be on suicide watch

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Sorry you're too stupid to see the difference between a superorganism and a memetic parasitic running on the cells of the superorganism, Economy (the superorganism) is shaped by evolutionary forces, BTC is an evolved immune response to an infection (fiat)

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yeah everybody knows this.
Boomers get paper / fake Bitcoin
and everyone else with real Bitcoin 1000x

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Wait till he learns that bitcoin etfs already exist...

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>SEC already ruled that any ETF is sanctions cannot be via paper bitcoin
Seems like an ETF bitcoin is more like owning a "real" bitcoin than trading an a cex with a "just trust me lol" proof of reserve.

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True. This next run may be the last. Jews going to finally tame bitcoin.