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You are killing people in Africa. Can we all just agree to switch to a more economical coin? Bitcoin is outdated tech

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Good, there's too many "people" in africa

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don't tell that to nvidia or microsoft. wait til they find out how chat bots work

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don't care

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wtf i love btc even more now

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My swimming pool is 16,000 gallons. Checkmate niggers.

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Evaporation is going to kill us all! We need Mr Burns from the WEF to block out the sun!

But on a serious note, this latest narrative is proof that environmental FUD is pretty dead now.

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why does it cost so much water to move numbers around in an electric box

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You should see how much water Google uses to cool their servers. It's too bad we'll never know cause it's a trade secret.

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just call mr beast

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bitcoin and less africans is a win win

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Where does all the water go?

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Those dummies need to start desalinating their coastlines

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the jews eat it

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Up your fucking ass faggot nigger!

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oh no anyway.gif

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even if that fake news was true, I would buy more

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they wont, chat bots are coordinated globohomo shit.

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I am really thinking about mining some shit now at the winter.

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They are breeding too fast
They do need corrections

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>he doesnt drink the bitcoin water

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How does bitcoin use any water?

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why aren’t they complaining about online porn and how much resources they use to store all their porn?

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it uses fire

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Holy shit, sounds based.

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"People" in Africa*

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I had no idea btc was so thirsty. Why don't they use salt water?

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have you ever heard about the jolly christmas spirit of disabled black santa a.k.a $RAMP?
he turned black and disabled to defeat the pride gay woke nutcrackers from Target (and this is a fact) and now he needs our help to erradicate them.
If we all join forces, maybe we will make $RAMP the next biz currency, the next BTC and also the next anti woke agenda token

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because then it doesn't kill niggers (also the water used in energy generation is not really 'lost' or contaminated with anything.)

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It's turned into bitcoin and White businessmen use the bitcoin to make food deserts in the ghetto.

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>weird sand name
yeah I think I'll keep using up their water, thanks

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>Costs 30 dollars in water per tx
No it doesn't. Wtf are they doing

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Luckily, a huge 'ocean' was discovered inside the earth that contains even more water than the oceans on the surface
So, we can just use this inside the earth water.

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that's stupid. the water doesn't just disappear

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Just bought another 1 BTC.

Also, is there a dumber psyop than "muh water"? You don't destroy it when you use it, and it can't be transported more than a few hundred miles before desalinization is less energy intensive, so fucking dumb

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Time to transfer.00001 BTC back and forth from multiple wallets.

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and a web of electric super hornets

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Its a closed system. They reuse the water they use for cooling.

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Fuck that's cool I wish I could step into that image

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> environmental fud
Have they looked into gold mining and the incredible amounts of fuel, energy, water and other resources going into that? If they did, gold would be the new enemy no 1. But of course they won't.

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Lol, they're using some "data scientist" research that calculates Kazakhstan's water consumption, compares it to neighboring countries, makes a conclusion that it's exclusively because of Bitcoin and then using that to say that worldwide consumption is the same.
No mention of a post-commie block infrastructure being fucked, Kazakstan using fresh water for anything other than Bitcoin or anything else.
Typical climate hoax fake.

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Anon, environmental fud is paid for by Russia and arab states.

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damn you, bitcoin servers, using up all the freshwater
can't wait til all those 'journalists' get replaced by chatgpt. at least, when it makes shit up, it sounds good.

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to the moon!

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Invest into metaverse

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just sent 100k

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>You are killing people in Africa.

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Huh. So the Bible is right, after all.