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So not only did this fat fuck trick me into locking up my entire net worth, there's no way to unstake.

Migrating to pool v2 is broken for me, errors out every time I try to go through the process, and even if it's fixed I still won't be able to unstake.

I'm actually broke, with my entire net worth in LINK and the entirety of it locked up.

What the fuck am I supposed to do? I can't even afford to buy food today. If anyone can help me out please use the link below and I'll send you some LINK in 3 years when this fat fuck finally gives me my tokens back.


captcha: 88GASW

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Give more details. Do you have enough gas in your wallet?

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things are going to get so much worse for you because of who you are

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I did, but after 17 failed transactions I can't submit again.

I have 10k LINK in the pool, I'm not worried that I'll never be able to migrate but at this point I just want to sell half my stack.

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Fuck u

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What error are you getting? Staking from a Ledger or what? Wallet firmware fully updated? All your apps updated?

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Might be something about front running bots salvaging the mempool. Try to double or triple your gwei or gas

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begging is not allowed here, maybe you can try whining somewhere else?

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sent :)

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Did you buy LPL?

LPL protects you from this chad


theres just one problemo

pools closed ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Gm LPL kiddo how you doing based kiddos?
Missed out? Aww shucks! Pool's closed!

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>I have 10k LINK in the pool
only possible if you have two wallets which you obviously don't and this entire thread is an obvious larp just to beg for money

fuck off

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At least get a sharpie.