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this will 100x

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400B Market cap?

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It won’t but $kek will

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some day shib alone will have 1 T mcap when BTC has like 30 T. btw mcap doesn't matter.

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Toad bros is it over? The dev is silent. The community can't build jack shit, nor should they be expected to. The shib mods haven't rejoined the chat. The tgs are a ghost town. The price goes down another 10% every day. We haven't had a good schizo breadcrumb in ages. Long term whales have unloaded their bags. I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.

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bullish for doge and shib

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just keep DCAing for prices as low as you can slurp I guess. I think Toad is such a meme at this point that it can eventually pump based on completely nothing.

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and Toad kinda does feel like the very beginning of Shib, but obviously things could go completely wrong for Toad, whereas for Shib, everything seemed to go completely right.

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it wont but $boss will

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No it won't and you manifesting it with your mind is not going to magically give it higher odds. Shibarium is a giantic scam narrative fabricated specifically to keep retards like you interested while in the dark at the same time. This new year of our lord Jesus Christ 2024 I'm planning to sell off all this garbage inu stuff at a minor loss and I'll just buy web3 stuff again. Blocklords tokens, JEWEL, CAKE, so on so forth.

Year of the Comfy Stake.

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>t. actual retard

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>shibniggers and toadtrannies stick together like linkies and roaches
this is how you know your shitcoins have officially bottomed out lol.

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I don't understand what the comparison frame here is to be honest. TOAD is already pretty fucking dead to me. It shares more parallels with d0b0 than anything.
>Massive hype for like a month or so
>Bunch of baggies are now plaguing /biz/ with threads only they post into (containment generals) + people sometime chime in to insult them and their intelligence (and bloodline).

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>I am officially DONE with shitcoins! I am a better man!
>I will buy these other shitcoins instead!

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At least this is more readable than a stonetoss comic I guess. B+ for effort

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>people will buy my pumped boomer tier shitcoin (which is a literal copycat of a more successful equally useless shitcoin). it will in fact have over 15% of BTC's mcap because.... Because reasons

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I have about $40,000 in shib, amen.

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TOAD is a scam, you are not fooling anyone.

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>No it won't and you manifesting it with your mind is not going to magically give it higher odds

lol female coded

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we are in hard times, don't blame them.

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you talk like a privileged white woman, shut the fuck up.

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BBNO$ is the best rapper of this decade

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niggas will quite literally experience a rugpull with all the usual stuff you see in rugpulls and still have the audacity to wonder (publicly no less) if it is "over".

yes, you fucking moron. it's been over for months now. nothing is coming out of it. you fucked up big time. learn from it or kill yourself but please, please for the love of god stop being a nuisance to others. not this board's fault you were stupid enough to believe for a second that toad even had a chance to begin with, or better yet stupid fucking enough to believe this >>56865692 too.

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Why are these fucking games such a fucking boring chore to play. Literal checklist simulators. "Take a shit to get your daily 10 exp and 5 gold!" "have a coom and get your daily exp!" who fucking cares. Add combat. Jesus.

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You seem kinda... Annoyed, anon. Bothered perhaps.

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SHIB .0001 Q1 2024

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Y not both lol

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This will 400x

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They can burn a lot, even so 100x does seem way to extreme. All the old alts will probably 10x

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it already did in 2021 lol

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I think shibaggies left their Christmas spirit on their bags... that means they're gone kek
For me, i'm celebrating Christmas by helping Disabled Black Santa ($RAMP) deliver gifts to kids all over the world by getting some today

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>FemAnon doesn’t know how to use their schizo powers to LoA the world
>Kek you will never find a man

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TOAD might be the new Husky I haven’t checked the charts. Same M.O. as Husky. There are quite a few villains lurking here now.

If a televised lotto drawing can be stopped and the numbers changed anything is possible now.

Still waiting to see if the Inu trio (tokens) will hold to their word

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>Thanks for all the ETH

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the burn rate is insane right now

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This will 100x

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Ancient news. Side note though, I worked in software at Tesla and found a confluence page documenting doge and how they want to use it, was basically just whats already public, they will accept it as a payment method.