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Five hundred thousand dollars. My net worth is five hundred thousand dollars.

Is calling yourself a "half-millionaire" a thing?

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That will barely buy you a house. That’s chump change.

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no, also don't forget to pay your taxes, we have wars to fund.

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hang tight bruh, u gonna be millionaire

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Yes but if he is all in crypto with it he will be worth 5 million soon

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It's more than enough for a down payment + a car + enough to live off dividends forever

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No idea anon but I recently broke 400k and have been closing in on 500k. Feels good knowing that I can turn the corner on six figure hell.

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>That will barely buy you a house.
I just bought a nice 3-bedroom house in a 98% white village for $350k

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Congrats! You DID IT.

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>enough to live off dividends forever
$500k (AFTER down payment and car) does not provide livable dividends in any country worth living in. Try like 4 million dollars minimum.

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my net worth is 600 ripples

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You got shit until you sell.

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You americans are so soulless.

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That's like being an adult

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Not an argument. But if could have $350,000 carry me to NEETdom the rest of my days I would have done it already.

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It only took 3 months for my net worth to go from $500k to $1 mil in 2020-2021.Give yourself a pat on the back but brace yourself for once you realize you still have to be a wagecuck until you reach at least $3 million.

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my girl managed to convince me its of genuine bad luck to post my gains and evil eyes and whatever so i hold myself back from making posts like these, even if hodling and staking on btc and sol has me comfy enough to also invest in alt projects like iqt or cardano. the pussy brainwashed me.

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how is it that you have "a girlfriend"and you're stil a cuck? sad

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oh my god you[re gonna spend your while money on mystic stones and naturalistic doctors its over for you KEK

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I'm quitting at $1.25-1.5 mill. I can make it work.

>listening to a woman
I'm surprised she isn't telling you to sell everything.

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I JUST KNOW your imaginary girl is you related pic isnt it anon you dream emma watson cuddles you to sleep

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Well how'd ya do it OP?

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I remember how that felt. Now I just crossed 500k again and it's not nearly so sweet. Enjoy it anon, and remember, when you think "gee golly that's quite a lot of money... but it could be more" it's time to cash out.

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This is the blackpill. 7 figure limbo is real.

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half-millionaire is nothing

you're a cuck unless you have 10mm+

5mm is like the world's tallest dwarf

it's pure hell

t. 7mm

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Why does ur girl know how much u have!!!!!! I always told her 1/3 or less of actual holdings

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I hate being poor

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Half millionaire, half a poorfag. All autistic. That's what you're currently. Good job, though I hope you abandon hell and get into 7 digits purgatory

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Me too try being a poor american like me, it's way fucking worse than being a thirdie shitholer like yourself where 10 dollars goes a month.

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I built up most of it by living with my parents while working full-time. Got the balls to put it in crypto after watching the market for years and I'm up ~$125k in a few months.

Would not recommend this path, I look back and wish I took way more risks. I would have nearly made it in 2021 if I had just done what I thought was best.

I'm paying attention to lots of charts and really trying to make sure my "let's not get too greedy" instincts are calibrated about right. We're definitely far from the top so I'm still holding for now.

Based wealth hider. This is the way to go.

>Half millionaire, half a poorfag. All autistic. That's what you're currently.
It's true.

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>made it in 2021
The opportunity lies open for everyone to make it in 2025. This is the expected period for a full-fledged bull run. All thanks to Sol, Dua, and Gas for making it possible for my PF to bounce back.

To think of it, do you think regulation coming in next year would slow and delay the process?

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The heat is everywhere, but despite that fag still makes a whole lot of money. I don't know how they pull up that shit.

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this, your crypto networth is as stable as a suicidal transgender teenager on SRIs but if you're feeling so great you should probably sell everything. I know you're making me want to short.

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I'll consider myself a millionaire when I can pay a guy to do my bills for me, go to work for me, and polish my XOR card for me

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Networth used to be 65k ATH a couple years ago, never had that much money in my life. Now it's down to 6k and hemorrhaging sats from BTC dominating the market. I never want to see another dollar ever again, I wish I could just forget about my folio and come back another seven years. Seven fucking years in Crypto and the only mistake you made is not selling, I don't even fucking trade.

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Not other than drugs

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>Is calling yourself a "half-millionaire" a thing?
yes, for douchebags it is.

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My net worth is $700k. I call myself poor.