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>Omg did you hear that? Anon is still into crypto.
>Ugh I know I know... He mentioned it when we were having lunch in the office today. What a loser!
>I bet he's broke too! Should be building up credit to buy a house instead!
>Why would he be buying a house anyway? He has no girlfriend/wife and I bet he's a virgin too...!!! Haha!

Do your coworkers know you're into crypto, or do you keep it a secret?

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Not into bugs.

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The demoralization threads are just pathetic at this point. Almost feel sorry for them.

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Do you guys find non whites attractive?
They're barely human

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her hairline is worse than my uncle's.

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There is zero reason to tell ANYONE about your crypto

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Ok you guys are just rude... !!!

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you're a newfag or just haven't touched grass ever lol
you used a picture of asian girls, which are the main type of crypto-chaser girls
and specially libertarian wives
7 times out of 10 you will see a libertarian with a jap wife

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>Ladies, ladies. I'm tellin' you. This year's the year I get my peeny weeny inside ALL of you. I've been DCA'ing most of my monthly wagie cashies on BTC, KAVA and KAS, those last two ones have demonstrated in the past their sheer potential and they could easily hit their prime once again next year.

>I literally can't lose this time around, so cya later alligator..

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So fucking based. Fuck plastic bug women to be honest.

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you sound mentally unfit to be on the internet desu. consider seeking professional help and getting off 4chan for a month or two.

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idk this post just turned me on, nothing i can do

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what's the matter of using pictures of asian girls?

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iw as imagining them all with their office heels on my crotch while saying that o.o

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GUARANTEED to net you pussy if you talk to women like this. It's practically programmed.

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This is how most people in this board look. Not me, of course. Just most of you. It's already over, it never even began.

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hahaha sure anon!

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ah yes. white women. the superior specimen.

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Tbh Ive been following bot KAV and KAS and they both look the same to me, being kas more volatile meanwhile kava is hard stuck under 1$ for more than a year.

Can't think on a feasible scenario where those make it

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how can you tell about her fucking hairline, why do you fucking care about hairlines will you be fucking her hairline{ you fucking faggot pussies downright homosexual, worse than women

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This is more humorous than anything. The barrage of bobos saying we are going to close december at 33k however, now that's demoralizing. Bastards got good support to their claims for the most part too.

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最初からあなたに興味さえなかった、痩せた白人少年のバカ . . . !

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cope, bad hairline is bad genes you[d be subjecting your bloodline to bad af genes and that is never acceptable, coomer brain ruined us superior white race ruined over men fucking genetically inferior moots and bugs

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please continue with the story, I was about to drop my pants fantasizing about how they look at me.

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they don't even notice me, they obviously don't know that at night I'm batman.

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fuck im cumin oh god

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japs are the most easy to manipulate if you have money, this newfag never went outside fr