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Is this the HEX of the next bullrun?

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better than hex so far, just be early and max stake a miner ,, sell in 2025 for min 1000x

always remember anon "ALL U NEED IS 1 PONZI"

only in crypto this can happen

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Even though this is most likely a shitcoin scam thanks for letting us know before a huge pump

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just between the first post and now titanx v2 has grown by 100 eth, Anon play the game , 5.5 mil buyback and burn in V2 nd 9.5 mil in V1

market cap is 7 mil

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I'm slurping this unapologetic ponzi scheme. Sick of feeling sidelined as of late.

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is its founder also prime murder meat and very killable like RH was?

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shh don't tell them

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I just started a mint. Getting around 800 million of these in 280 days. Let's hope that price will go crazy high till then! Gas prices are quite reasonable today.

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kek desu i didnt even look into the mining i just bought for the speculation but i just max staked a miner too. what does it do if you click share? about to stake some too but staking fees are higher

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anon just mine and compound, sell when BTC hit above 100k,, retire

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u mean compound after the first unlock? also do u know much about the buy & burn

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since this post another 100 eth added to V2 "buy back and burn" given 1 eth is burn every 5 min,

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Mintable $TitanX per day...

8,000,000 - Oct 28th, 2023
7,000,000 - Dec 5th, 2023
6,000,000 - Jan 18th, 2024
5,000,000 - Mar 10th, 2024
4,000,000 - May 12th, 2024
3,000,000 - Aug 2nd, 2024
2,000,000 - Nov 26th, 2024
1,000,000 - Jun 12th, 2025
800 - Jan 6th, 2031

start first miner before 5 dec

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thanks but explain like im a baby pls.. i buy titan x, burn titan x and receive rewards in eth??

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Very organic thread

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take .25 ETH , start a miner between 21 - 60 days,

u now have enough time read the white paper.
watch titanx youtube videos. make your own strategy or wait for CRYPTOGRFX video.

*remember to claim when miner finish or u will lose 99% titanx in 7 days.


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>remember to claim when miner finish or u will lose 99% titanx in 7 days.
kek thats some scammy ass shit, thanks for the heads up tho.

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you just know there is gonna be some heavy seethe when ppl forget about the 7 day claim period kek

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i don't even know why the penalty, but maybe someone can explain. BTW all u need is three 10x with current miner ROI and upcoming bull run , Titanx can change lives,

*also if you want to exit or sell Titanx u can use uniswap V3 single side LP option, or market dump like always
* in bull run ETH will at least do 3x from now so that will also increase Titanx value

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meh seems like another version of XEN

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how many ETH does XEN have for buyback and burn ?

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qrd? what does it do?

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It makes you money.

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Where the fuck do you find these tokens? It's just 1 month old. I bet you're the creator of this token and just want to scam me.

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nah ivan on tech was talking about it yesterday kek

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So I staked 0.4 ETH, in 6 months it says I'll have 40 000 in ETH, is there a chance the token rises in value and that 40 000 is for example 100k? A milly? Or is this just copium? Is the payout amount adjusted for the future price of the token or not?

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Fom what >>56847109 says it would seem so

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" According to GoPlus, the contract creator can make changes to the token contract such as disabling sells, changing fees, minting, transferring tokens etc. Exercise caution. "

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>So I staked 0.4 ETH, in 6 months it says I'll have 40 000 in ETH
Where are you seeing this? Are you just comparing your miner value USD to eth? Also why is my tRank bonus going up so high? I don't understanding what's happening I feel like it's just giving me large numbers to try and get me to throw more money in

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yea no shit, its obviously a degen ponzi
but the goplus rating isnt necessarily accurate

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he probably did 2 miners

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nvm he said staking im not sure where he's getting those numbers from

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No I meant mining lol, staking is pretty low
I am running 3 miners for 0.2 each. Says 40 000 USD total in 6 months

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I meant 2 miners ahhhhh why do I keep making retarded typos
I'm pretty new and clueless much like everyone else ITT it seems