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That settles it

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kek, this twitter influencer didnt even put chainlink in the rankings. that's how bad it is. kek

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Glad we could finally clear that up

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That’s literally the best thing about it

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please nuke all of the "S tier" except btc right now

quick, make chainlink drop some news or have a random pump so we can dump

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Sell everything on that list.

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>clore in B-tier

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He put Ethereum in the F tier but Ethereum Classic in A tier? What the fuck is this retard smoking lmao

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holy shit I'm from fighting game generals on /vg/ and this is the worst tier list I've ever seen in my life.

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That is probably the best buy signal for eth you can get. Sell everything else lmao.

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Scientifically sound

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top signal
dipshits talking about coins again, get out asap!

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Here I fixed it.

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Thanks, now I know to buy all of these literally in reverse.

Loading up on XRP and ETH as we speak.

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Isn’t that link the first one in S?

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He didn't make the ranking, retard

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I like what i see

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Right, this is the result of some vote and reflects the collective retardation of the crypto mass public. Therefore they are by default always wrong and SOL and KAS will soon have 50%+ drawdowns while ETH and XRP double in value.

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No the first one is some random shitcoin that did a 100x

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Bitcoin separated money from state, institutions, central banks
Ethereum - Ethereum Virtual Machine SC, most ground baking innovation since Bitcoin.
Monero - private money, separates money from state surveillance.
ICP - separates cloud from Big tech corporations, first working world computer.
Chainlink - Nick Szabo's god protocol.

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this is so painfully wrong
not because ETH is where it belongs
but because SOL, KAS, and what is that synapse are at the top
FLUX should be high, but KDA should be higher.
so should monero
and ADA should be FFF

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Monero should be lower

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What the hell is this? The midwit youtube chart?

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>some random shitcoin that did a 100x
that's Link

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oof, i'm gonna keep buying btc/eth while retards gamble on shitcoins and get rekt :)

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Give the guy a break he probably doesn't know much about crypto and just copies the vc crap he's fed

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I knew that this influencer is wrong when I didn't see Qanplatform here

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Getting investing wisdom by polling random Twitter users - not gonna bet my financial future on that.

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>no ICP
we're fucking early again bizbros.

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QANx is my ticket to forbes under 30

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AVAX is SS tier

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>all those shitcoins
>no link

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Wisdom of the crowd bro