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Ok I have $100. How hard will it be to make $100.000 from that now that the bullrun started?

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you already have 100.0$ though

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That’s a big increase

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Give me your $100 OP, I'm a trustworthy trader and I'll turn it into $1,000,000 ;)

Email me at trustworthytrader134@gmail(dot)com

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You need at least 1k. You then throw it at dogbat bnb and hope bnb has another run during the bull.

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I did something like that the last time and I lost everything... if I had stayed with Kadena I'd already have $100,000 FUCK

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I fucked up nasty too, man. I get anxiety attacks over the money I lost. Almost had 7 figs and I'm tired of the wage cage

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The bull run has absolutely not started. Why do all of you retards think it has?

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I hope it hasn't, I need more than $100...

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$CZ is still low priced, so you might check it out at https://www.thankyou-cz.vip (do not share link tho)

$111k mcap, fed by its own community, gas free, Zhao is pumping the coin behind the courtains... But it's a secret to everyone!

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buy a meme rug that was pulled 1 week ago

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Learn to use commas op, you dumbfuck.

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I'm not American you fat piece of shit