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Renties have been getting too uppity lately.

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How do landlords handle situations like appliance failures or a sink leaking? Do they just eat the cost?

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Yeah that's cause my landlord is begging me to stay and every other rent house I look at cuts the price before I can even make a phone call. Keep larping though Mr landchad. In North Texas btw.

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>imagine not having your own stetl innawoods
Could not be me

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They find a way to blame the renter for it and either deduct the cost from your deposit (x1.5 for their precious time) or just do nothing about it and hope you replace it on your own or deal with it when you move out

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Too rich to be cruel
A delay on a thousand and something dollars' rent isn't what gonna make the difference for me

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brb dumping concrete in the shitter and injecting honey under the carpet.

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W-what does the honey do?

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>he doesn’t know
I hope you’ve not left your parents home yet

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You can't just demand we pay the rents.
That's racist!

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It's already priced in.

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Oh I thought it was to attract bugs.

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>buy condo in Phoenix in 2019 with a mortgage of $670 a month
>live there 4 years
>this year, move for work cross country, get apartment because I'll only be here for 2 years max
>rent in new city is crazy, but I am being subsidized by a renter paying double my mortgage payment in rent for the condo
>condo has also doubled in value since I bought it

Glad I got in before I was priced out.

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Moen and Delta faucets have lifetime warranties, even if you don't have a receipt if you make a request to them they'll ask for photo verification and either send you the model you have or their most recent model if they no longer have the model you have.
I broke my old ass faucet on purpose and got a shiny new one for free, and when I told my landlord I replaced it I got $100 off my rent for the month.

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must be freezing out there. are you ok?

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>You will move
>I'll sue you out
>court has decided you have to leave
I appeal this decision

Two years later, still living in (your) house.

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Why would I pay him another $330 when he's kicking me out?

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they do absolutely nothing while they stall out on lease renewal by months

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>Guess who's getting a very expensive plumbing problem.

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>what does the honey do?
little chores and favours around the house