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How do you guys make money? What do you do for work?

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Kneepad repairs.

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I mop

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I'm a legal drug dealer and I do in-person and online surveys on most of my off days. And I churn bank and credit card welcome bonuses. I'm gonna make close to $220k by the end of this year.

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I wage.

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> I'm a legal drug dealer
>hey kids, wanna buy some Tylenol? Or maybe aspirin is more your thing?

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Yeah something like that. I also offer covid and flu shots if you're interested. No appointment needed ;)

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>online surveys
are these beermoney tasks? I found a flaw in one of the GPT walls that lets me rack up cash but my limiting factor is i don't have nearly enough verified accounts to make real money.

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I’m a sparky. I hate it. But I make $48/hr w lots of ot and am able to support my family.

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No. It's a step above that. The online healthcare-related ones that I do range from $20 to $300 per survey. The in-person consumer studies pay $30 to $75 for simple shit like drinking juice or trying out some restaurant's goyslop.

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how did you become one? seems like a good trade to get into. is it either going to a trade school or an apprenticeship?

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Being a vet and holding $CZ
A wise man once said if you can't hold, you won't be rich
If you can't hold $CZ, well, you won't make it too far, even with a work

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I tradie out and own a couple rentals. The wife is a dispatcher for her dads trucking company. We're not globetrotting or anything but I live descent. Im a puss when it comes to upsizing my entries

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real drug dealer? tell us more about it i'm curious
thought that shit paid like $10 in your most grinded day
Can imagine an episode of South Park where Randy gets obsessed with crypto and starts his own shitcoin but CZ tries to stop him with a silly crypto twist idk

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+10 Binance points for being a good boy!

Nice job anon!

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Oh you’re a pharmacist.

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That plot sounds... accurate...
Do you work for Comedy Central? kek

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You can go to a trade school helps w all the theory but anyone can just apply to a company

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Forester. There is some bullshit involved but not too much. I get paid to drive my truck and walk around the forest. In winter I work in my office and snowboard in my free time. Making $44/hour.

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oh that seems much better, yeah.

>thought that shit paid like $10 in your most grinded day.
It's passive money. I literally set it to work in the morning and come back later at night to the earned money that i cash out as LTC for under the table money.

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I grade essays online for a university in Scandinavia. I make €60 per hour, don't pay any taxes, and live in Asia and Africa so the pussy and lifestyle is good, the expenses very cheap and I put 80% of my wages into crypto

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I drive around urgent B2B packages. €0.60 per km, with a flat rate of €60 under 100 km.
It's a living. €4000 a month or so. I'm hoping to sell a product on online retailers too, though.
Time will tell how that turns out.

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Wagie software engineer for AWS

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I'm selling subscription for a sports website and make websites for clients

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i run a business

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the army is a great career and there's never been a better time to join no matter how old you are, with enlistment bonus's up to $50,000, age caps raised to 45, and over 200 jobs in active duty across fields like mechanics, engineering, science, medicine, aviation, aerial defense, and more. You can choose a familiar career path or take a different one to learn something new.

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I climb and cut down giant plants

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engineer in a factory. it's not bad - at least I don't sit at a desk all day, I'd go crazy

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I thought about trying to do this on the side. How many miles a day do you end up driving around on average? I would only want to do it locally, I don't like having to drive for hours at a time regularly. Also what are you doing in the forests most of the time, surveying? Do you ever get to remove or plant trees?

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industrial engineer for a major courier company

i live my life in excel but I have years of operational experience so my work is grounded in reality

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I hold LINK and will shill it relentlessly on Beoble once it's out

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I'm paid to make designs.

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Fucking based kek

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I'd rather join the navy or marines, faggot

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Fucking shills should kys, nobody will buy your bags idiot

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LINK is doomed for good now, I don't see why anyone would want it to resurrect considering how many lives it has ruined, you should unironically leave

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If you're not buying LINK, just buy DUA. Chainlink already has a big mcap, and bigger gains can often be found in low-cap gems kek.

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checked! what is your day to day like... do you do Six Sigma sorta shit all day ; try to "tighten up" and save money on the process?

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I'm a milfag in the Air Force. I plan on retiring out of it so I can just sit and vegetate and get the bennies for life. Trying to invest properly too so I don't have to get another job to pay the bills, and actually do what I want to do vs surviving.

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Make money?

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I'm partner at a prominent law firm

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Also a software engineer, just for a no name brand company. Our field is getting kinda rocky, hey?

If I lost my job, I'd probably be fucked for months.