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I think your cash deposits are gone, fiatcels

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Jesus fucking Christ that looks bad. What's the implications? We going to see some banks going under / getting bailed out, or are they now actually too big to fail?

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The FED is just printing money to solve any fiscal problems at this point. They'll keep doing it until other countries stop buying treasuries and inflation shoots up to 20%

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Uhh, sweaty, look up the BTFP from the Federal Reserve

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Big fat nothingburger. Wake me up if that hits investment banks.

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Bank holidays, cant take out your money. Gov will lock your money in and force you to buy bonds at negative interest rates. In the meantime the very rich that know how to manoeuvre the system will be able to invest in the biggest bull market in history. Gold, btc, sp500, everything will be at a ridicoulous price. Unfortunately this time they will overplay their hand and a tremendous revolt will start forcing them to initiate a world war. Extreme methods of social control will be enforced and we will be in the world of 1984. Then aliens with Michael Moore masks will come from the moon and start fucking everybody in the face. Men, women and children. Is going to be rough.

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holy shit we've got Nostradamus over here

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>hello local merchant do you accept any cryptocurrencies as payment?
>alright then have a nice day

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Why aren’t they hedged?

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lower bonus

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>alien face fucking
I believed you until you started going full schizo kek

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This is the plot of Naruto

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>What's the implications?
the implication is that in order for the FDIC to ensure all fiatcels, they destroy the USD in the process
they're basically between a rock and a hard place

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sorry about your loss

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As long as their isn't a bankrun they will be fine. Those are HTM securities.

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Where did all that money go? It still exists, it's out there somewhere, someone must have sold the securities. So who has the money now?

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>as long as nobody touches their coins, FTX is still solvent !
it's really funny that "getting your money" is called a BANK RUN as if you were stealing their money lmao

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>yes because our currency is toilet paper
Checkmate fag commie

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Comparing FTX to a commercial bank just showed me your low critical thinking ability. Thanks for wasting my time.