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>muh Neopets 2.0
>muh Axie Infinity 2.0
>meanwhile it looks like a browser flash game from the early 1990s



ICPfags just can't stop losing

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and the fud begins. The UI looks great for a skeleton. Keep coping about missing out

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>Doesn't understand it's for kids, not grown adults from Turkey getting paid in small amounts of crypto to shit up biz
Lol, stay mad

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>ICPfags just can't stop losing

says the marketing-coin-investor

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Didn't read; not selling my 1 (one) SNS-1 chadtoken until it's worth $1M.

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marketing coin investor, sums it all up

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Fucking checked.

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>thread insta-raided by shills doing damage-control

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>muh skeleton



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Honestly doesn't look that bad of a game.

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Keep coping raj
The team literally explained that everything you see here is temporary other than the skeleton. But overall currently shits on any other game built on icp so far

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It’s going to be the new generation of RuneScape. First massive multiplayer game that can be played on web.3.0 web browser, it’ll start a new paradigm in gaming.

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Holy fuck, the damage control from the actual indian village.

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Ken really is the icpchads group just coping about missing out

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100% this, keep in mind this is a pre pre alpha build that devs were hesitant to put out due to how early and unfinished everything is. There is tons of work that obviously needs to be done, and it’s good they are releasing super early versions for us to play so they can get our feedback. Reminds me of the development of minecraft

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dont buy then lol

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dragginz jeets in full defense mode.

cant stop laughing.

yeah normies are going to play a browser flash game from 1995

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damn, how does this make you feel nigger?

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zoom out baggie
already down 90

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Yes. Look at how popular RuneScape is, even in todays time. A more advanced and expanded RuneScape with cool web.3.0 features that can only exist in a web.3.0 game will be a hit

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bought at 1 ICP my nigga up 510x

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cope harder holy shit.

nobody cares or knows about dragginz except 20 discord cultists. the one time they tried to reach out to neopets they got laughed out of the building for this nft scam

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still looks better than 99% of other blockchain games

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Kek, TM, you're the one that's coping.
>Nobody cares about DKP
A CEX came in and asked to list it in the discord today. Seems like some people care.

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Which CEX?

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Bittrue. Not a big exchange at all but the fact theres cex reaching out at this level before the pre-pre-alpha says alot

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>looking at little boys
hang yourselves from your wardrobes tonight

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top kek. you jeets are desperate. legit cexs never reach out. it was either a scammer or a scam exchange.

repeat after me: nobody cares

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Jeets cant even afford this token. The only jeets there are here are the ones shilling sneed and windoge.
>Scammer or scam exchange
Sounds like cope to me
>Nobody cares
Seems like you care

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I own 50k ICP and even I'm not playing this lame ass shit.

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sneed and windoge are scams

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my dkp is worth 90k icp and i aint playing it either

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Is this the same as dkp or dragginz??

This actually looks legit

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How much do you guys have invested in icy piss

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get up to date with the lore

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3 dragerinos, its very little, but it cost me 12 bucks so ill ride it

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everything. but i also have a real job, a home and a real life. im not a retarded wagmi neet like the rest of you faggots

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You retard kids don’t play browser games anymore they play mobile games and watch YouTube on their phones / tablets. Zoomers barely use desktop to surf the web, gen a will be even worse

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>Doesn't know this will eventually become mobile app
Devs have talked about this several times
I swear the cope for this is just great today

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Both the Google Play and Apple store don’t allow apps that use cryptocurrency/nfts on them besides wallets (Try and find a crypto game on there), even Axie isn’t there). Do you really expect little kids to know how to install third party apps onto their phones/tablets? You also have to consider I don’t think YouTube Kids even lets you link them off of YouTube. How do you expect kids to even find out about this game?

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Manchild YouTubers will start playing the game

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Actually I take that back, apparently Origins is on Google play but it only has 100k downloads. I don’t know if you have to link a wallet to play using it but I know kids aren’t going to be the ones operating that.

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>a browser flash game from the early 1990s
Neither web browsers nor flash existed in the early 90s you tech illiterate zoomer.

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Less than two years until I sell my DKP stack for millions. I can't wait.

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Actually I take this back, the only way you can put crypto/ NFT games on these app stores is if you completely remove the crypto/NFT aspect of the game. Dragginz’s business plan is uber retarded.

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Kek this fucking retard doesn't even understand the project at all. It's not your typical nfts nor token. It's a whole different ballpark compared to projects like axie. You won't even know you're using crypto currency nor nfts. Thats the whole point. You'll see in years to come what Im talking about.

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>didnt buy SNS1
>didnt buy SNEED
>didnt buy CHAT
>didnt buy EXE

built for bbc and to nmi

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axie got to 8bn mkt cap with all of those roadblocks. that's a 800x from here after doing a 500x. you need to FUD harder

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Axie's business plan wasn't based on kids playing it.

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If we achieve 8 billion mcap that would put each DKP at 1.6 million or $2.00 per token after token split when we have 8 billion tokens (half the tokens are locked in 888 year neuron, so only 4 billion circulating supply)

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>Crypto named "internet computer"
anon, I...

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need to fud harder

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90% of this board is an icp baggie

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>>browser flash game from the early 1990s
Great I enjoyed those.

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WALLAH! And were back!!

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they cant even pay someone $10 on fiverr to do a narration?
it looks like a tumblr trannys side project

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How did you know when to buy in to sns for cheap if you didn't even have any piss yet

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How much are they paying pajeets to shill this shit? It looks like absolute garbage. Especially the gameplay. I’ve been gaming 30 years how many times have I heard it’s just alpha or beta. It’ll get better I swear. This is dog shit. Go back to the drawing board there is nothing here that’s going to hook anyone.

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Devs said it was crap and just a test ground with place holder assets, that the game will look nothing like this. They only released because community wanted to play around with something and devs though maybe it’d inspire community to give ideas

The devs said they want to include the community in the development process this way.

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I had piss, just kept up to date with news. When the limited 10k supply was anounced I knew I had to buy.

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I was there when i could get sns1 for 1 pee, i was a giga wagie though (6 hours, break sleep, 6 hours, rinse and repeat) and only found out a day after the ico was over.
I could only buy 1 sneed at 30 pees

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i'm surprised how retarded cryptobros are when it comes to games considering how intertwined the two communities are. cryptogames are the most bland and generic dogshit imaginable and no one except venezuelans will be interested in them.

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Have you ever seen a pre alpha nigger?
Also you don't get the implication of having a game fully on chain with both its currency, game assets etc...
You're basically creating a parallel economy within a game that's basically impossible to cheat in, and has total freedom for the player to approach the game however they want

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doesn't matter if its pre alpha, the entire premise of the game is bland. an mmorpg where you gather resources and process them and have a pet wow so innovative. i'm not saying blockchain based games aren't interesting or that they can't open the door to a new world of games, but you have to actually create a good game you can't just create some generic trash and expect people to play just because muh blockchain.

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That's where you're wrong :^)

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I've heard this a million times. Placeholder assets means they can just reskin the game and UI. The gameplay will be absolutely the same unless they code it from the bottom up themselves and not just use unity templates.

You jeet shills are desperate.

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I mean the demo was exactly to demonstrate the gameplay loop.
It'll be around trading case if your pets, probably use them in combat, getting gear, cooking recipes, exploring and likely collecting more eggs.

Sounds addictive enough for zoomers to me, especially the collecting part.
Likely your character won't be anywhere near as powerful without a dragon companion either playing a supporting or offensive role, which makes me think this game will have a somewhat deep combat meta.