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Engaging with fudders was normal and natural for years. Hell maybe even last year somewhat.
It's obvious the serial fudders are completely mentally ill weirdo losers. just absolute shut ins, anti social people who are scared to even make a phone call, and have other weird mentally ill anti social behaviour.
However i think it is also clear the people on here "fighting them" are basically the same now days. Shut ins, anit social, weird introverted geeky people afraid of neighbours saying hello type of people.

They are both one side of the same weird mentally ill coin. Every time i see a thread saying "LOL FUDDIES" or whatever it is literally the exact same as some weirdo making a thread saying "LOL LINK KEKS".

It is way, way, way, way, way beyond the point of needing to defend of shill this project any more if you are a long term holder and understand it. the only possible people who care to "defend" it against these weird mentally ill people fudding it are also weird socially unadjusted weirdos too.
It is like extreme lefty trannys arguing with extreme Q anon MAGA faggots. normal people have their view and dont act like them or wage war like that.

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Honestly, i dont like anything the "community" has become. i hate even using the label "OG". I hate the marines tag now, i hate all the faggy "lore" about asssharter, 7777, and all the shit. it is all corrupted by weird fud fags and just as weird shill/defenders or whatever they are. Both the same as each other.
the have both made all of that cringe and faggy, the same way reddit ruined memes back in the day

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Linkies have become lame.

Organizing giant false narrative spreading fud campaigns across social media platforms, etc.

Very obtuse, desperate behavior

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You sound like you might be one of those weirdos not going to lie.
I've held and been very active for here on LINK since Feb 2018, and i dont even want the label "linkie" anymore. it is fucking cringe and is like a noose around the brands neck due to all the mentally ill shillers and fudders.

I'm honesty just waiting for whatever new memes and brand can form around it, because that cancer is clearly going to slowly fade into obscurity. when normies start going mental with the new branding, that will be my top signal to sell again and take profit like it was in 2020 when twitter children were spamming wojaks and pepe cartoons of yachts with LINK memes

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Trying to paint people discussing link on here with the same brush as ESL fud spamming cockroaches is disingenuous, and basically makes you look like one of those fud spamming cockroaches imo - >>56806342 is a good example. It's literally just the one fudder sitting there switching ids replying to himself while he gets roasted. That's more mentally ill than even the dumbest $1k eoy spammer.

Ultimately, it's not that hard.
Option A-
1. Buy a crypto you like
2. Discuss its merits

Option B-
1. Don't buy a crypto / sell the ones you think won't do well
2. Go buy something else
3. Discuss whatever that crypto is

Anything outside of that is retarded, end-of.

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No it isn't.
discussion is good and fine. i'd like more of it. however it is actually relatively rare.

What we see is either fud spam, or "fud fighter" spam. it is 90% these mentally ill weirdos fighting each other. most people dont give a shit about what they hvae to say. they just want to discuss LINK.
I literally could not give less fucks what some mentally ill crets has to say in terms of fud, and i feel exactly the same way about these weirdos engaging with them and fighting them and provoking them either.

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Kill yourself OP
>Verification not required.

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It obviously is, faggot - but I guess you're trying to cover since that's probably your thread.
What amazes me is that you actually seem to believe that if you just lie enough, people will believe you.
You're so fucking dumb it blows my mind.
Kill yourself, and all fields.

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The 3 LINK fuddies on this board are ruining /biz/. They are trying to spread their mental illness onto everyone. Chad link holders just have fun posting pepes and WTFWT.

Get a life fuddies. And leave Chris Barrett alone. Fuddies have gotten so depraved they're attacking random employees. They are desperate for attention, perhaps their parents didn't hug them enough. It's honestly sad at this point.


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tan dificil es simpatizar con la otra persona?, para alguien osea es dificil hablar en base a ella para no quedarte dormido ser sorprendido por el comentario de alguien positivamente o que tu crees es algo que puede cambiar tu opinion o ya tienes la base de ellas y no son interconfiables

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Pools closed based chuddie kiddos hahah
no pooler chads are absolutely seething

stay based and this reads like forced memerinos pilled based kiddos! chuddie?


pools closed LPL


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una lengua afilada siempre es una buena herramienta si no preguntale a una mujer xd

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Dude you need to get out more, seriously. It's just an investment, not a way of life. Do you get this emotionally involved over other things in your life? Do you have a gf/bf? Maybe try focusing on romantic love. That's where you should channel your emotions. You may find it reaps more reward than investments, which only reap money.
I mean it.

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Token not needed

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How to trigger LINK Fuddies: (pic)


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>However i think it is also clear the people on here "fighting them" are basically the same now days. Shut ins, anit social, weird introverted geeky people afraid of neighbours saying hello type of people.
Correct. I am like this and I say things like "kek fuddies" while posting bullish news every day, multiple times a day, shitting up the board daily with many filter-evading threats. I'm a recluse millionaire shut-in too autistic to spend my money in the real world but arguing nonsensically with fellow mentally ill schizos on a politically incorrect image board for antisemitic anime manchildren is my favorite, or rather my only hobby. It's the literal definition of insanity and I wouldn't have it any other way. Kek fuddies btw.

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Equating Linkies to Fuddies is an insult. Every single fuddie I've seen on twitter is a cringy weirdo. I browse their profile for 30 seconds before I exit out from cringe. I have yet to come across 1 link hater who seems like a normal, stable, intelligent person. I can only conclude that if you hate LINK, it's very likely you are retarted

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posting on 4channel (formerly 4chan) is a mental illness in itself, except when you are paid to do it

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most of them are og's still doing it ironically, addicted to the you's as a replacement for their porn addiction, or third-world swingies/shorters who got rekt and still seething

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The chart performance to thread count ratio for chainlink has been lulz since 2020, and CCIP doing hotdog stand tier daily revenue after 500 million tokens sold is funny too.

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Memes have just become stale which is natural after 6 years of waiting for the golden pump to happen.
The death of discourse you see happen between fud and retards spamming "kek fuddies" is just a result of that, there is nothing to say anymore as long as we don't break ATH.

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kek fuddie

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this, linkies are pathetic at this point

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I completely agree with you, but loathe the fact that none of this would be felt with undeniable price action. That's the only reason to feel this way and the only reason the two camps are abominations. LINK is neither blazing trails and minting millionaires anymore, nor a toxic scam. It's just a kind of middling alt with bewildering potential and even more bewilderingly dogshit price performance. It was a shock stepping foot into the "on-chain" world. Seeing the amount of present-day opportunities on offer that rival my entire return to date from when I bought during early 2018 was stark.

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>bewildering potential
>shit token price checking service

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Discussing and defending a coin you like every day for years on end is normal.

The same isn't true at all if you hate a coin.

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Why does link reject as a milestone number every single time but nothing else does? Makes no fucking sense. This is rejection right at 15 and everything else is at some random number. Does the whole market revolve around link?

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This is incorrect, the btc isn’t exactly at the milestone but link always is. Go look at $15 from a few hours ago

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>the btc isn’t exactly at the milestone but link always is
That's exactly the point.
Why does Bitcoin keep rejecting Link's milestone?

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>Any other "OG" holders think both the fudders and fighters are mentally ill now?
Now? Mentally ill just now?
Are you implying OG Link holders were all healthy sane normal individiuals, not literal social rejects eating nothing but oats for an entire year just to throw every single cent at LINK early on? Were the peepeepoopoo I'm pissing and shitting and not wearing pants posters functional individuals? Do you think incessant 24/7 LINK fudding on every possible site especially reddit with countless fake bot accounts and paying jeets on fiverr to fud your own investment is the work of a normal person?

I mean of course it's not entirely the same now since even normalfags are mentally ill after the coronameme let alone 4chan autists, but stop pretending that it was ever normal, this is an autist shitflinging contest since the very start.

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I knew this Sage guy would be one of the early comments on this thread. Easily the biggest loser on biz. I'll take weeks off at a time and can pick any single day to return and he's in 5 Link threads defending its honor at all times with pastas ready to "own" the fudders

You aren't wrong but there was a noticeable difference in threads here pre-'21. Way more substance. Most threads have devolved into a sportsball game. The price action these last few years broke a lot of people here.

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>there was a noticeable difference in threads here pre-'21. Way more substance
You're retarded.

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false equivalence and well poisoning. your gay psyop is both lazy and transparent. consider suicide.

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I'm not reading all that
I happy for you
or sorry it happened

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I think I’m not the only one on here that realizes that the Chainlink discussions here aren’t organic at all.

A complex mix of paid shills and bots post memes and start conversations. Real anons browsing /biz/ think these convos are real and start making convos themselves. Then when things die down, the bots and paid shills start again to capture new bagholders.

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Its literally become brand wars console battle nerd sports fag tier
Muhhh red teamm muhhh blue team
Touch grass chuds

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A simple man tis i
I see a Link thread
I bump

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based and accurate-pilled.

Yeah OP, you're kind of a retarded faggot if you don't realize there's been a need to push back on the rampant lies conflict of interest-laden scammers have been spewing. While LINK's institutional adoption is pretty much guaranteed at this point, poor sentiment amongst retail is what neutered LINK's gains in 2021 compared to the rest of the market. Personally, I think we should be juicing this shit up as much as possible instead of having slimy pieces of shit like the CEO of Pyth not only effectively reducing our future exit liquidity, but also misleading users into a shitty, flawed architecture. Doing the needful is based. Total fuddie death.

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Not reading; buy an advertisement chud