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>$497 on may 8th 2021
>3rd biggest
holy shit why didn't anyone tell me this?
should i put 90% of my portfolio into this? (10k)
at least $100 by 2025 guaranteed right?

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its a scam, check the chart. it flatlined

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that's what everyone told me here when i wanted to buy avax at $9

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AVAX is the real deal tho

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>double spending roach token
>real deal
Pajeet pls

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>made by IC3
>JPM approved

poorfag pls

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The real deal invests in the project not on marketing. Now go fill your thread quota before the weekend arrives.

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>The real deal invests in
Avalanche. Thats what JPM, Fidelity, Bank of America, KKR, ANZ, Deloitte and many others do. Literally none of them care about ICPoor.
you can seethe about this all you want but your ghostchain simply has no pull in TradFi and will never see any adoption.

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isn't there still like 70% of supply left to dump on you over the next 3 years

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Trips of Truth told you OP

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Buy the news brownie. Also isn't avalanche known for it's fake partnerships?

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ICPoor always wins the Bagholder bingo kek.
>isn't avalanche known for it's fake partnerships?
they are all REAL partnerships. dont expect a projecting Brownie to figure this out tho.

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What is the suicide and make it stack for ICP? 100/1000?

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I still remember when avax was paying for AWS for they're services and called it a partnership. The article was even written by Emir Goon Sirs.

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100/1000 always was always will be

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>more cope

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Remember when it double spended and Emin tried to hide it? Or when it was exploited and Emin said they only stole 3M?

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Avax shills are known to infest this board much like cockroaches. All it takes is a little baited roach poison (ICP) to draw them out

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>muh cryptoleaks fake news
nobody cared about that one.

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>at least $100 by 2025 guaranteed right?
the only guaranteed thing is the infinite supply
this shit is fucking done

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That was before cryptoleaks roachie

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>infinite supply this shit is fucking done
ETH also has infinite supply. Emin really hires the cheapest shills

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nobody cares how cryptoleaks poorfags try to twist the facts.
and your ICPoor shitcoin will never rank above Avalanche.

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>happened before crypto leaks existed
>nobody cares how cryptoleaks poorfags try to twist the facts.
kek now run away with your tail between your legs

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Avalanche is here to stay, nobody is running away.
But everyone is running TO Avalanche.
So your copes and seethes dont change that, maybe donate some change so Cryptoleaks losers can write another FUD article lmao

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You're a poorfag that knows nothing, it's 2023 still falling for fake partnerships, promoted by Turkish Kebab peddler emin.

I understand that you are a sub 80 iq retard, but tell me retard, WHAT DOES AVALANCHE SOLVE, CHECK PICREL...

LOL marketing-coin-investor.

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He who avoids the flatlined chart misses out on many scam pumps

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avax is pumped by criminals and they love it
north korea is a big user
it'll go up and that's the only reason why. tech is useless compared to icp

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Reminder: Seed investors got in at 30 cents. Every time you buy ICP, they spray their seed all over your face.

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Never invest in last cycle shitcoins, especially if they were VC rugpulls

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3 cents actually

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the Blockchain Trilemma.
ICPoor solves nothing, thats why nobody cares about it and will never care about it.
cope more.
its dead tho, ICPoo cant recover.
its literally called "I CANT PUMP" for a reason.
based, I love North Korea.
Based Emin.

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>the Blockchain Trilemma.
It isn't decentralized, still relies on cloud services like AWS
Can't scale
Was literally hacked last month lmao

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>It isn't decentralized
it is decentralized
>relies on cloud services
it doesnt, AvalancheGo can be hosted anywhere.
>Can't scale
Already does, check out how Subnets work.
>Was literally hacked
never happened

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>>double spending roach token
>>real deal

kek baggie

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>cope from some ICPoor

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1/3 of the replies in a icp thread is from an avax roachie. If this doesnt tell you all you need to know, then idk what will.
Also, they get paid based on unique responses. So heres a reply to help you meet your quota

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Lol lmao even. Keep getting exploited Muslim cuck

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most of u are so fucking retarded you wont make it in even 5 market cycles.

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and avax is over 20 now are you still hodling?

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Why didn't someone tell you the price was manipulated at launch to dump on the market for huge profit?

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no, i wanted to rope when it pumped but im still sidelined. it would have been such a comfy 2 year hodl damn