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I have

>a conventionally attractive girlfriend with no tattoos who lost her virginity to me
>a high paying, prestigious job that pays $300k/year
>own a home that is paid off
>have a net worth of 7 figures
>am 29 years old

This is not a larp

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>this is not a larp

Yes it is you dumbfuck crypto baggie

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Lmao child get outta here

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Nothing says winner like making a thread on a financial discussion board to brag about yourself….anonymously

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Epic winning...

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>nearing 40
>live alone
>riddled with cancer
>lost over 100k between 2020-now
Yeah I'm winning bigly.
This is unironically not a larp.

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> This is not a larp


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>Never had gf
>Average wage
>Live with parents
>35 years old
>Mental health shot to bits

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what goes up must come down, anon. enjoy while it lasts.

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>Only girlfriend I've had was my high school sweetheart who left me for being bad at sex
>Just graduated with a mathematics degree
>Just got rejected from an internship
>Parents won't pay for my living expenses if I go to grad school
>No way of earning money
>No friends
Anons I think I'm losing

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You know, you come from nothing
You're going back to nothing
What have you lost? Nothing!

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Stfu envyposter

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>multitude of various types of waifus thanks to (h)rpg's
>monthly gibs funded by (You)
>live rent free
>wish for nothing, live for today
>counting years alive instead of just being

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mass quantities of crushed garlic cures cancer

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>garlic cures cancer
Fascinating. Ingesting mass amounts of garlic also kills parasites. Why not skip the bullshit and go right for the good stuff?

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Lmao all that and still stuck on a dying website OUCH!

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Not my fault the rest of the internet is pozzed to shit in 2012 + 11. There’s no better place left unfortunately

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>needing to take inventory of your meme milestones in order to quiet the feeling that you’re not doing as well as you could be

I know the feeling, you’re a loser OP.

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>10" cock
>11/10 blonde haired blue eyed virgin trad girlfriend
>11 fig networth
>no job because I'm not a cuck
>19 years old
It feels good to be on top. I mog you old man.

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Similar position. 30, good gf, 350k job, own house.

I'm not happy though. Not sure why. Won the game now I'm bored?

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I am!

>hotter gf than yours
>$400k/year plus full benefits
>own 3 homes (1 vacation, 1 main, 1 guest)
>9 figure net worth

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start fasting

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>cures cancer
>increases heart health
>increases blood flow, warming your feet
>increases kidney function
>kills parasites
>increases test so you can lift heavy
>keeps vampires away

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I have all of thus minus the pregious job but I'm 25
Why am I still depressed then?

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I kneel

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>net worth of 7 figures, retired already in early 30s
>started own business doing dream job, going well so far
>attractive girlfriend (male)
Family can't get over that last part. None of my successes matter because of it, even when I'm supporting my family. Want to move away but can't yet.

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Poor guy. Keep fighting.the people who fight and believe in themselves get better.

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This happened to my dad. Lost it all after winning it all. My advice is if you made it stay far as fuck away from the stock market your luck is capped.

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What do we do about ourselves?

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anon, I think you are well off enough you can afford an attractive female girlfriend.

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>winning at life
>has a job

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Based positive remoralisation thread

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Imagine not being born into 9 figure generational wealth.

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But I like my femboy gf

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>he's still fucking guys asses despite being told over and over that the worms are making him do it

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I have
>Anxiety, depression, Burnout and PTSD
>Shitty job with no vacations
>No girlfriend
>Expectations on Beoble and LINK
I'm going to kms, THIS is not a LARP

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The worms must have the right idea, because the bussy is good

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How did you get cancer? I know for some people it just happens but I’m trying to lower my risk as much as possible

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>the other ants don't know what they're missing
>it's comfy up here on these high leaves
>who wouldn't want to get eaten by a bird?!

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well done, you've got me beat on everything except average days left to live

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literally dont be white. every generation a family spends in america cancer and austism and low fertilyity sky rockets.

im a first generation american, fully healthy. stragiht teeeth, perfect vision. no helath issues.

the problem is everything. the water. the food, the air. the plastic, the clothes. the chemicals

white people have been living like this for generations.

where as in my case my mom and dad grew up living in a ranch eating cows raw milk.

i cant wait to make it and move to the country side back in mexico.

even the laundry detergent here will fuck you up...

i feel bad for white people growing up using microwaves. wating procsseded garbage.

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End your misery anon, pls

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Anon? Femboy means it has a dick, I think you meant tomboy

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I wish it was a larp anon, I truly

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Such a fruitful life I see

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So it’s over? :(

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>worth 100M+ and still wages for a measly 400k/yr


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Nah you dodged a fucking huge bullet when that whore left you ..you will see .. Just don’t make the same mistake twice. Independent men are free and happy men!

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>a conventionally attractive girlfriend with no tattoos who lost her virginity to me
this is the line that gave the larp away.
girls lose their virginity in middle school.
OP is a larping faggot.

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I know what I said

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>graduated with masters top of class
>minimum wage job
>never had a gf

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no, unironically go to some place like colombia and find a women you can impregnate that has been living off the land.

lots of colombians and even brazilians have been living off pure spring water, organic fruit from the jungle and grass fed cows with no access to microwaves and wifi for most of their life.

your child will come out healthy without autism.

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He must have met her between 16-20 because no girl is losing her virginity 20+ these days

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You can tell it's real because he's actually happy about it and not depressed that some made up person is ahead of him in some area

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>also live alone
>have pre-cancer
>portfolio was at 100k but held back down to 10k
not larping and not gonna make it

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>own two small businesses
>I’m’/fit/ and tallfag
>have attractive 18 year old gf
>have coding side hustle
>one business net over a million last year
>own two homes
>I’m 36, always tired, I’m chronically depressed, stressed out, and wish I was as cool as wood anon

THIS isn’t a LARP.

If I wasn’t pod anon, I’d wish to be wood schizo…

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Also the older I get the more that line from Fight Club resonates with me.

>The things you own end up owning you.

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Why are we depressed? Ive also made it and never have to work again but feel an utter emptiness inside. What do we do?

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Kys faggot, nobody cares

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I had a prestigious 250k job, then my 10/10 girlfriend left me and I lost my mind and quit and now I just wander through the desert until my savings dry up, then I will be homeless

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Same but I'm 36, waiting for the ride to end

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>fine wife
>fine biz
>enough money on defi yielding passive
>home (paid)
>vaca house (paying)
>old and wise

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I won’t larp but I think my life is pretty good.
>salary of 85k a year, moving up to $115k in six months
>22 qt Latina wife
>she cooks and is my best friend
>planning to buy a house next year

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I sense you truly are wise from the tone somehow...
Teach us master, how do you get a fine wife, how do you find a good defi project

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come close my child

>choose your wife from your friends, based on merit not boobs.
>do not be greedy and always be honest to your partners, fair to your workers
>find good, long lasting projects to save your money in, for me it's spool, not degen shit to make 100x in a month
>home is your first big expense, first investment. Always
>this one's optional but it will come with all the above listed ones

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What the hell is pre-cancer?

>> No.56805015

You have
>a future ex
>a job that can cut you
>a home that can burn down
>money that will be paid to your future ex wife’s alimony
>about to grow old or die of unnatural causes

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i play blocklords and gta v online while daytrading for about 16 hours a day and sleep the remaining 5. I rent an apartment and I haven't had irl human contact in months.

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How do you get food

You're at least 35 and nobody actually likes you

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holy fuck, it's 2023. order groceries faggot.

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i know youre not winning at all because you are here

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but you still live in the 3rd world

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Orale pinche Indio alv jotting maricon mayate guey.

Mex-American too, first gen. Hoping to make it this crypto bullrun. Currently sitting at a 175k portfolio and I can’t take being a cuck wagie anymore.

t. Engineer 90k; 60k take home (fuck commiefornia).

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Wasn't talking to you

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>30, married college sweetheart
>out of undergrad 2015, Linguistics & International Studies (I know)
>Decent applied linguistics/design job in Shanghai 55kUSD/y, goes a long way in Asia
>live through all circles of Chinese hell
>Decide it's not worth it & and company bankrupts simultaneously
>Back to US with the wife being rentoids
>Made 90th percentile on GRE due to US undergraduates being partially brain damaged from internet overexposure during coof-pocolypse
>enter Ivy League Education Masters program, target industry Curriculum Development and EdTech
>8% loans, still not used to inflation after being away from the US for 4 years
>freelance and school at the same time
>under a lot of pressure but I guess I'm handling it ok
>still dreaming big
>I feel successful enough to blogpost, but I know there's so much more to be done
>it's not that I've made it, it's that I'm making it.
>if you feel the same way, I know you're making it too.

God bless.

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>those dubs
Hail to you, wise one!

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>shit-colored skin
>3.5 inch needle dick
>only had sex with prostitutes, a few laughed at how small my dick is
>only make 50K a year and I'm almost 40 years old

It's over for me

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What’s the prestigious job? Some IT/tech one? Or finance?

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find Christ, brother.

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he has a wife you know

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You are winning
Think about how much suffering you have successfully delivered from the present into the past

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i study physics and there's so many stem autist girls who are virgins all the way up to like 22+. they read a lot and are just plain nerds, most of them are meeh looking. girls that study philosophy all have tattoos, colored hair and are bi. though the problem is that they are naturally prettier

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I was thinking big law or primary care physician

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What do you do for a living where you make 300k tc? I make similar doing software. Just curious.

>> No.56807085

Rent stabilized apt in Manhattan $710 for 1 bedroom 710 sq ft nothing else going for me but man is this shit letting me live

>> No.56807160

You forgot to say your modest. That's the most important one.

>> No.56807168

Nihilist faggot

>> No.56807254

>outside of his delusion he is a miserable wagecuck normie
gtfo nigger

>> No.56807322

>140k job, have marketable skills
>no college debt
>cute woman
>house almost paid off
>volunteer at church
life is good brose

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I took some profit from QANX and bought my first car yesterday

>> No.56807495

pls fren be more compassion I had 700k USD then fell for kike fud that fiat will be worthless any minute and lost it all because didn't sell any of it
he also never gained anything like most people at least do before either starting to lose what he gained or losing his life
it sucks to not even have basic human needs fulfilled, life is harsh

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Good for you, maybe it's a good time to buy the discount

>> No.56807597

I will rope once my parents are gone, they don't deserve to see it but once I am left completely alone with my thoughts, I give it less than a month.

>> No.56807695

Drinking your urine cures cancer. Easily.

>> No.56807702

Trauma release exercises. Go to the archives

>> No.56807711


Cancer is easily BTFO by capsaicin (hot peppers) I’ve been chewing for 20 years and had a jaw tumor. Ordered some Dr. C’s hot cayenne extract which is liquid fucking fire. Put a few drops under my tongue and INSTANTLY the tumor started twinging and dissolving. Was a weird but good feeling.

There’s a relationship between a runny nose (from hot food) and cancer. When you eat hot peppers your nose runs correct? That snot is part fibrin, and fibrin is what surrounds cancer/tumors preventing your immune system from getting at the cancer. That capsaicin oil goes throughout your entire body though, proven by the fact that construction workers in the know put cayenne in their socks to keep warm.

The lowest cancer mortality rate in America is New Mexico. Why? Because they put hot chiles on everything they eat.

One of the pope’s born in the 1880’s and died at old age in the 1960’s or 70’s was actually basically on his death bed at 10 years old with cancer and one day gorged himself on hot peppers and woke up the next day fine


Here is the creator of the Carolina Reaper being interviewed on the Today Show. He’s had a few tumors removed and they always kept growing back. Once he started eating a Reaper everyday the tumors never grew back

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Yet still narcissistic and insecure. Why do you need validation from us?

>> No.56807729

this is your brain on chainlink
don't hold chainlink anons
on topic:
2 well adjusted sons who are strong, healthy and smart

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>Mid 20s
>Christian virgin
>Average office job
>No friends
>Usually find ways to have fun alone, but self-fun is diminishing evidently
>Try to give people free stuff and invites to places in the office
>"That's very kind of you"
>They push me back
Moving to another job means losing the connections I've tried to make for years and would have to go back to square one where everyone already knows each other in another company
Another sickening week of seeing nobody and doing nothing but remote work until going back into the office for a few days next week
All I need is to fix those social skills, but faking excitement over gossip and consooming media is too draining
Send me an angel please, or at least someone who will drag me around anywhere they go

>> No.56807806

You are barking up the wrong tree, your work colleagues aren't your friends. I learned many years ago they can seem friendly as anything but will stab you harshly in the back without hesitation for their own gain at work.
You need to try source friends elsewhere.

>> No.56808036

It's understandable that our coworkers function like this, they can safely do so because they have a life outside of work so losing work doesn't necessarily mean losing people close to them. For the stereotypical shut-in, it's a big change to move to a brand new environment while sacrificing the only people familiar to you for the past few years.
Of course, money drives the average person, but I feel money isn't an issue and am more people-driven which is the opposite mindset from most.
It's a decision of what to sacrifice, and it's just too tough to accept the cost-benefit of changing to a new job in hopes of finding new people.
In terms of outside work, there are a billion "where to meet friends" threads on /adv/ but they're all the dull answers of bars, clubs, and other NPC places. The question of "how" to meet people sounds more important than "where" honestly, since answering this results in action to change a daily routine rather than going somewhere once hoping for a fateful encounter. This is still a work in progress

>> No.56808051

>thinking women nerds are virgins
Anon... Grippy should have taught you those girls are the worst kind

>> No.56808082

>i got benis
>gf has no benis

>> No.56808884

>Eastern European
>stuck in college (major in "economics of tourism")
>shitty job that pays 6 dollars per hour
>diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia
>bought Link in 2019 at 50 cents per piece and sold in 2020 for 15 dollars per piece
>somehow a net worth of 5 figures (in dollars)
I honestly can't tell if I'm winning or losing

>> No.56809673

>no mention of kids

not winning

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>be me
>25 y/o
>tall and handsome
>girls want my dick daily
>I get time to work out
>My job only takes up to five hours in the most busy days
>Invest in the $RAMP launch that is coming
>DCAA on shitcoins
>Get almost half of the day completely free because i have my whole life planned.
Maybe you should too

>> No.56809752

Well since iota shills just saw a 38-50% insta pump this morning. Iota shills are winning

>> No.56810659

Masters in womens studies dont count bro..

>> No.56811158

>tfw 30yo neet
I don't know what to do, I'm stuck

>> No.56811608

7 figures isnt even that much money anymore desu

>> No.56811842

anon, i don't think you understand. these girls rarely go out to parties, when they do, they just follow their group. rarely any guy hits on them, i know, i've been there. they unironically aren't the type of girls to have sex outside a relationship.
i can say for myself that i dress and look pretty much the best in the whole year (there are only ~50 of us), as a result i had quite a few of fangirls out there, and when i got them to my room to fool around they get really uncomfortoable and just want to hug/cuddle. maybe this is foreign to you, but i'm in croatia so i guess women aren't as fucked here yet. there's this one tomboy lesbian bi girl though, at her party she was bragging that she had sex one time for 8 hours. we matched on tinder about a year ago and i decided it's best not to persue. she probably fucks like a fighter jet and wouldn't get attached but i dunno, i thought it would be weird because i have to spend x years with her in uni

>> No.56811899

And yet you are posting here for some sort of validation. I think that tells us everything we need to know about how "winning" you actually are.

>> No.56811933

they are giving away money
the next big crash is going to hold everyone money
it's going to be bad
there is much money going on around
this shit is weird

>> No.56811939

every nerdy girl i know is a whore
have been in gangbangs and have a body count of 100+

>> No.56811987

That's just part of being in your 20's and figuring out who you are outside of an educational environment.
You can't replace school friends with work friends because you'll end up fucking your career up by not playing the power game.
People who have a lot of work friends are always losers who never move past their current position.

Work is for the accumulation of money and power
Church is for friendship and family.
It's really that simple

>> No.56812198

how do you know this? i suspect a lot of these girls i know have built up sexual tension inside and probably are kinky af, but they wouldn't act on it out of pride. and gangbangs? only the whorest of the whore do those here, i couldn't even convince bi girls to make a threesome for me - _ -

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File: 170 KB, 975x863, Screenshot_20231130_082544_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God I wish this was me

>> No.56812525


white man here, who studied Chinese
quite embarrassing isn't it
bu hao yi si my nigga

>> No.56812555

Any suggestions on where to get friends?
>uni friends all grew apart and moved away
>childhood friends never progressed in life
>I'm 100% remote so can't hang out with co-workers

Most of my social interaction is with the proprietors of local businesses in my city, but you can imagine it's quite shallow. Nonetheless I'm a likeable guy, get along with everybody. Just don't know where to find me some good niggas

>> No.56812850

>good gf
>not happy
guess she's not that great, lol
do you have actual friends?

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File: 153 KB, 1024x1024, check em.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trips checked
What city anon?

>> No.56814611

>live in my own home with no one but my based cat to bother me
>work from home 3 days a week
>only have to spend 20% of my income on mortgage and utilities
>10 min commute to work when I do go in
>work team is nice to me and easy to get along with
>boss always tells me I do a good job
I just need to stop my food addiction and lift more and I'll be perfect.

>> No.56814658

At least you're not a virgin

>> No.56814820

Are you me? I'm also fucking depressed about shit. I blame it on the lack of anything worthy of reputation. The average normie either doesn't believe you or calls you lucky.