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Do any of you actually own a business?

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Why yes I do, how could you tell?

My shop is getting forced into shutting down on Thursday due to rising hosting costs
$800 a year when I'm only bringing in $100

I simply cannot get people to buy my product

Oh well
Guess I'll just become an alcoholic

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Yes. Service company for oilfield contractors. Not very big. Pays the bills and gives me enough for some Bitcoin money but not much else. I'd sell it, except if I opened the books to a potential buyer they'd just walk away, if you know what I mean. So I'm stuck, making enough to get by but not enough to live comfortably

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Yes. Sadly I'll have to rely on Amazon and other online retailers for a broader net since nobody is buying my product right now.
I'll get fucked on commissions but it seems like the only way to make waves.
Revenue this year is around 40K doing transport on the side and hopefully I can double that by this time next year if the retailers don't fuck me over.

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how are you marketing your product?

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Link your shop I'll buy something so you can get a burger or whatever

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I have an occupational license and an LLC (and an insurance policy) and do some gig-work on the side. No employees.
It's better and easier as a supplement to a steady paycheck with bennies, than trying to make it a full-time job out it.
But if I lost my regular job, I won't be completely hosed.
And with a business account and business CC, I can write off a hella lotta expenses.

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>So I'm stuck, making enough to get by but not enough to live comfortably
better to be an uncomfortable freeman than a comfy slave

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That would be considered begging and would get me a 3 to 30 day ban
No direct link, sorry


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How do I soak up game and get started anon?
Any good YT channels you find helpful.

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yes I work in the construction trades

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Holy shit you made Minarchy? Bless your autism.

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i own a large restaurant in a 120k people town in brazil. I want to sell it but most months it only breakeven or a little income.

So eh.

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how the fuck you think id be able to fucking own any business on a minimum wage? as far as I can go is holding the least retarded coins that I happen to find ffs fucking boomers, all of you shall rope.

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someone please post the screenshot of a greentext describing the differences vs a boomer starting a business back in 1950 vs now

it was about installing septic tanks

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In Cuiaba or Rondonopolis?

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I have a decent sized concrete company.
It's stressful as hell, but it's profitable at least.

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i dont know you and i don't care to know you, you loser retard

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Yes, e-commerce selling niche products for over half a decade. On pace for 375k revenue with about 160k gross this year. Not nearly enough for top tier life in HCOL area where I live but if/when I move to Europe or Argentina I will live like a king

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I'm happy for you anon. You are making your own way on your own terms. Nice to hear about some success on this board after 2 years of dread and despair.

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Backbone of the country. I take it you're pretty hands on with it then.

Great to hear. Any book recommendations? Advice?

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E-commerce + mobile apps + some affiliate and print on demand. Best year was 450k gross, 374k net.


You mean net.

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>374k net
That's awesome man.

Any advice or recommended reading? Or has it just been "have idea", build MVP and go from there?

I'm still dicking around trying to wade through all the info out there and pick out what's relevant.

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It basically boils down to have an idea, create mvp. Or ideally, test idea before making mvp.

But if I had to recommend any reading it would be
>Anything You Want by Derek Sivers
>4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

Both can be found free online. Read them in that order.

Any other books are probably a distraction.

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Thank you for the kind words anon

Never read any books on the topic. Just sell stuff you like provided it makes sense and there’s a market for it. If nothing you like has a market for it, find something that fits the bill. Maybe you have hidden interests or hobbies you’re just waiting to uncover

Sorry, I meant 160k gross profit after sales. But after tax it’s about 125k net profit

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Appreciated lads. I hope more wealth comes to you in the future. WAGMI as always.

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God damn there's a lot of information presented in an incomprehensible way. I'm 135 IQ and i want to leave your website very fast.

all this needs is a bit of styling, LESS information, and perhaps a VR boardgame version on steam

seriously though nigger, why don't you just run it from a little 500usd box in your house forever.

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did you see the thread of that guy pulling out his hair to import cement to the UK? quality stuff

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it takes 5 seconds to Google how he's a fucking grifter the likes of Andrew Taint and the only reason he has money is because he resells multi vitamins

don't fall for these martial art fake ass faggots

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Please tell me about your successful business.

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A what?
>just start a business.
What do you want me to sell shoes? How the fuck am I supposed to tell what my town lacks? Sure, it lacks a good place to grab breakfast before work. There's 1000 people in it and I'm not building a new building just to find out they all like mcdonalds better even though I know how to cook.
Mcdonalds will be cheaper too because I'd use good meat.

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Hey anon I heard of this new invention the kids have been talking about. The "net"? The "world wide web"? Idk maybe it might be relevant. I hear it's like a series of tubes you can push money through.

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No, I've never have but I'm working on it, perhaps I'll boost it on Beoble, seems like a good choice for doing that

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What kind of business do you want?

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>Seething poorfag anon seethes at richfag
>Again, poorfag
Every single time

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Handle me your posting credentials, you're revoked from your right to post

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Kek, how do you intend to boost it on a messaging app?

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At least you tried anon, that's more than most people can say.

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For sure. It's constant, but it's satisfying to build things.

No but I believe it.
Cement was really scarce during covid, so to be able to pour, you basically had to bend over and offer your ass to the ready mix suppliers.
They jacked the prices and some people were paying $200 or more a cubic yard.

Now that it's easier to get concrete, the prices are still high and the ready mix suppliers still play games with everyone on when they can pour.
I still pass on the cost in my bids, but now you have to treat the ready mix guys like a customer, which is totally sickening.

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Stay poor, faggot.

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Used to. Was more of a part time thing that I stopped doing the annual state paperwork for during the pandemic, so it's defunct now.

Had a nice stake in a very valuable company I helped build from the ground up but got pushed out and screwed over by contractual technicalities.

In the exploratory phase of forming another on more equitable contractual footing.

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I don't know a lot but considering what you've already achieved, it looks like you're going to be killing it pretty soon. Best of luck man.

Any advice or resources you found useful when you first dove into this stuff?

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Actually yes, im a professional debmaxxer and have already accumulated a total of 450k on shitcoins purely from using the xor card to gamble on all the tokens on this board. Thanks for asking

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Based gambler

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what part of nz are you in

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I'm not from NZ. Not sure what gave you that idea bru.

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I own a sole proprietorship meaning I do invoicing and taxes like a business does. I have a presence online, my business has a name, a place in my home technically being my office and so on. It ain't much; basically I am employed but get paid a lot better for more risk for a 40+ hours a week office job at one megacorp at a time. Generally they like me enough to where I can stay for 2+ years at the same one. Being a business/freelancer however lets corporate management get past the mental block of direct reports earning more than them. You are unlikely to find a place where as a software guy you'll earn more than in management, wheras a freelancer can easily rake in double of even top management compensation.
General advice: Only start a business if you are well prepared to take on risk. If you fuck up, or become unable to work, it's on you. I've seen managers with a military background have year long burnouts from PTSD, I've seen people cry for absolutely nothing at least 50 times (always women on ssri's). I've seen full blown retard autism & people thinking other people weren't even real. If you are mentally fit, people can back up your good work, you are physically fit, financially stable and have a buffer of money then it's an easy pathway to earning twice your current income on top of giving more ways to optmize taxes. If you are less of those things, you can still do it, just be aware of and cover those risks.

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Buy Link and AVAX you faggots

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Thanks for sharing man. Interesting note on management's psychology when it comes to freelancers, I hadn't even thought about that but it makes sense.

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We are all slaves, anon. Unless you've found a way to avoid property tax and taxes on any transaction

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I own a boba shop, struggling, maybe you have to be asian

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i sell 1 item on amazon. +400 units a year.

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$6m construction. lose money sometimes. father's biz

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Interesting to see e commerce is still profitable in this day and age. Is it because most people don’t actually follow through with their shitty stores and try to perfect them or is there really still a good gap in that market?
For someone completely new coming into the space what would you advise?
It’s a pain looking through thousands of wannabe course sellers that preach “buy this course and make one gillion in 2 hours”

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Yes. I offer a service allowing for unlimited anime boobs AI generation.
This meme is making enough to buy 1BTC per month and is taking like 2 hours of work weekly.

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Nipple play has lead me down the path to using Nipple Nooses. I didn't like the ones I found online, so I made my own. This lead me to start a new business by selling them on Etsy. Some of my coworkers found out about the side hustle, including my boss, and now they look at me weird.

Check them out on Etsy if you are interested: gearforthebold.etsy

I just started 3 months ago and seem to have gotten a little momentum. Hopefully I can make this full time someday.

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Why do you want somebody to "tell you" about how successful they are at "telling people how successful they are"

you still don't understand how this scam works

I'd like to sell you my course on how not to get scammed and really make something of yourself

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>hosting costs $800 a year
wtf, why?

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>Why do you want somebody to "tell you" about how successful they are at "telling people how successful they are"
It's a polite way of saying "you don't have shit, sucka"

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Why does he look like klaus schwab?

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Does anyone where own a business?

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The red pill is that there is always a gap in any market. The more competitive something is, the better. It means there is money to be made, no guess work involved.

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Just finished reading Anything You Want. Really awesome. I had already read Ferris' book and honestly I found this better.

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What do you sell?

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Fuck yes, nicely done. I treat it and 4hww like my bible. God speed.

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>I own a business
God you are that dumb are you?

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do any of you actually own a president?

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>a 120k people town
The UN's official definition of "town" stops at 50,000 people, FYI.

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Bump best thread on biz in years

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Bless ye

Goes to show how simple it actually is to solicit useful information out of this place in between constant shilling and fudding

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Sadly probably true, warosu.org for the good old shit fwiw.

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Why the FUCK would I do that?

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>xor card
'xor card'?

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To all the chads with an e commerce business... how do you even start? I'd like to start an online store where I sell stuff but how do you even get in. I always see those anime/manga clothes and I wonder if thats even legal to just print a manga panel on a shirt and sell it. How do you start e commerce.

I have a mortgage license and a real estate license, but honestly with these prices I feel like I'm morally in the wrong for getting people to buy a home during this time. Selling a home is okay right now, but buying a home is a big poopoopeepee idea right now. I'd like a job where I don't feel like such a slimeball lier.

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See: >>56793571

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Please keep sharing tips, e commerce chads

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Ask away.

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I own a small coffee shop in the pass and in my spare time I am the king of a village in blocklords, life is good.

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I own a small coffee shop in El Paso and in my spare time I am the king of a village in blocklords, life is good.

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Do you sell only coffee or also those little cakes with cream on top?

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been thinking about opening a coffee shop, how hard is it?

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I just created my own product, after finalising the prototype and have ordered $2500 worth to sell. Already got one store who is interested in buying and the rest will be sold online.

I know it sounds like not much but it's a lot for me and I hope it goes well as it's my plan to stop wage slaving and I want ro make my wife and children proud.

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how do you advertise and get a client already?

>> No.56806386

Do you have a blueprint you can recommend for someone starting nowadays?

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You seriously need to actually read the thread man.

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I am a student, but I have been running a small computer service/ repair business in my free time. I mostly help old people in my area. The biggest struggle I have had is marketing myself.

Tips on how to market a small local service business?

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I mean specifics, there’s a lot of general advice.
What platforms are used?
Is it better to sell digital or physical products currently?
Do you use social media in conjunction with a website for you product or do you rely solely on ads and affiliate to push your stuff?
There’s always a whole lot of fluff when people talk about e commerce

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Specifics are good, but they're contingent on your own product or service and your own goals and limitations. You'd be asking for a roadmap that likely wouldn't help you out, because nobody knows what you want to accomplish. Cart before horse and all that

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Insightful. Thank you

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If you get an idea for what product/service you want to offer and to who, please feel free to share it in here and add your questions. People should be able to help a bit more with that

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Make snappy Instagram reels. You can probably write down ideas for at least 5-6 of them in an afternoon. Then make them progressively over the course of a month and repeat this every month.

If you want to go all out make a referral system with affiliate links for anyone who pays through your website for repairs. You can probably figure out a way to do this. Then let others market for you for a percentage of your profit.

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I’ve thought of using social media (mainly instagram) to build a brand, but not necessarily a specific product brand at first, just something where I could easily come up with post ideas from other viral posts and gain traction that way. Think daily quotes, or daily thoughts, some of these posts get up to the hundreds of thousands of likes and millions of views in exposure on instagram alone. Build a page off of that and then introduce a product targeting women mostly, idk if this sounds overdone but selling digital planners off of a page like this is what I had in mind

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How much do you spend per year to be present on Amazon fba>>56794547
for 400 unit per year?

>> No.56807298

He is using a reasonable strategy though

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I run a car repair shop and rip off boomers

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Legendary thread

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You could do that, so long as it's not a bait and switch situation. You might be better off just buying such a page in the first place though, if you think about the amount of time it would take to build something that isn't making you money.
What kind of product? It would depend, but I personally would prefer a page dedicated to the product from the outset.

>> No.56808924

This is what scares me, the turnaround time it takes to even get a product out there if you’re doing product specific pages. But those tend to convert better I believe

>> No.56809570

If you've found the right niche and the product is visible in the wild, you will get inevitably converts. It just, as always, depends. Just think about how you would get converted by something like this.

Say you're following some aesthetics account on Instagram, and then suddenly they start also shilling lint-scrapers. Not really going to work. If they start selling some cool and tasteful t-shirts that match the vibe of the account, though, then you're probably more inclined to buy those, right?

>> No.56810401

I firmly believe in this yes. I think there’s still space for a ton of stuff to convert, it’s just about finding something actually captivating and not just a copy paste of something else.

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Technically it belongs to shareholders kek.

>> No.56810700

Public flex

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Yeah, I run a small town computer repair business. It's not making me wealthy by any means, but every day is like a vacation day. I get to play games & post here on my main utility computer during downtimes & breaks, and watch youtubes constantly as background noise. I could make a lot more by charging more for sure, but it's worth more to me to have happy customers.
I also farm basedbeans/corn on the side with the family, but I only have partial stake in that. I own ~80 out of the 15XX acres we run and am partially invested in the equipment. That makes more money, and I work a lot of half days in the repair shop during busy seasons.

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If you are on here, there's a fair chance you have a skill you can build on. I had no schooling for fixing computers etc when I started 10+ years ago, and it would be a waste of time anyway. But I like problem solving and enjoy helping people. Between my basic skills I had in high school and using the internet as a troubleshooting aid until I had it all 99% memorized and becoming a data recovery god locally, I'm still worlds better than all my customers that bring me stuff to fix. The only way to learn is on the job, then keep doing it so you keep up.

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Hell yeah man that sounds great. Happiness and ease of doing business trumps more money any day if you're already profiting.

>> No.56812669

Bump, thank you for the quality thread. We need more like this, devoted to actual business.

>> No.56812754

100% agree

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If you are going to make any money there are two options. I do it the second way and I would recommend you do it the first way.

1. You find boutique stores, sign up for their wholesale pricing, and you relist their products all over the places they don't. You take the middle cut and have them ship it.

2. You need a lot of space to buy stuff in bulk and cheap. You can make incredible margin on things if you have a place to store a large volume of it. Buy whatever is cheap and sell it.

t. physically stocks 8,000 items in about 180,000 sqft of warehouse and picks and packs it all on site like a total retard while the people I drop ship for never touch the hardware and make the same amount.

>> No.56813275

>If you are on here, there's a fair chance you have a skill you can build on


>> No.56814222

More info on the first my good sir, what kind of stores can you do this with, walk in boutiques or online

>> No.56814749

I've seen the quality of boomer construction, anything that stops retards from being able to be fly by nights is good

>> No.56815806

Once life gets a little less chaotic I'm planning on designing a few diy electronic kits to see if there's any interest for them. I'm thinking synthesizers, guitar pedals, stuff like that.

>> No.56817050

Bump…er cars

>> No.56817109

Holy shit you are an anusburgers faggot

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I am taking over my family business. We excavate and haul dirt from construction sites. Drivers have become quite expensive because there are very few young people who want to become truck drivers and the barrier of entry is stupid expensive (like 10k € to get your license to drive). Mfers earn 40k-50k € which in Spain is fucking massive. Our trucks are also quite old and repairs are expensive af so it is hard to earn good money with them. We actually make more money prospecting good dumping sites for dirt. If they are close enough to the developing zones of the capital we make tons of money without much cost.
I am concerned about the long-term propects of this business because Spain's population is in decline and Europe seems to be leaning into kicking out mudslimes so a lot of housing will be available and this will squish the construction market. I am thinking of making good money with the business so I can sell it in 10 years so me and my brother can retire early.

>> No.56818369

I'm targeting to own a business with the income I get from DUA token after participating in community engagement. This is going to be wild.

>> No.56818389

i have had a business for a while now. started it with a good friend who's good in marketing/sales, im a programmer myself. our company sells SAAS, we've managed to stay small scale but we've had to do funding rounds twice. i've only had to trade about 15% of my stock though, and we've hit quarterly goals consecutively for almost a year now.
it's comfy bros, and it's not as hard as they make it out to be. if i could give you any advice, do not start without having your first client.

>> No.56818443

>do not start without having your first client.
What exactly do you mean by this, in your case? I understand the general "don't do too much too soon" sentiment but I wondered if you meant anything specific. As in, don't start developing? Don't start hosting? What?

Congrats, though, man. Sounds like a solid gig.

>> No.56818451

by western standards this is golden, you can just pump the numbers up for a few months through not reporting all expenses. you'll be able to sell for a fantastic price, which is totally comparable to that of a profitable restaurant in a large city. note that you have both brand identity and a history of staying in business
again, western views though

>> No.56818459

When we started our business, we had an idea. We did not start anything too time consuming until we had our first client that was interested. What we did in the meantime was flesh out our idea, set up contracts for partnership, etc.

We stayed in close communication with our client, and when we started developing we were able to write an MVP that catered through their needs. This way, you actually know what your clients want, instead of just developing your MVP and throwing it out into the world.
When our MVP was ready and we started serving to our first client, we asked them for referrals. They didn't have many, but the ones they did have were very comparable to themselves. Hence, we were able to onboard them really quickly.
We had worrisome times due to a lack of sales, but we've never not had clients. This has allowed us to always be able to develop our product while listening to customer feedback, which is IMO essential to a tech startup.

>> No.56818479

yes, I own a legitimate project built using blockchain tech and this last year has drained me
it's not a rich project, scamming investors and syphoning grants for IOUs, it's real tech built with passion
I love the work, but man it's hard not to be a scamming asshole and staying true when you see how little people care about legitimate shit

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Yes and after 2.5 years of operation I'm throwing in the towel. There were moments of feast, moments of famine... this year has been near entirely famine, so it's on me to fold the hand. Not like I was that interested in painting anyway. I'm not going to risk my life, health and sanity for less than $30/hr take home after all operational expenses are covered. Imagine falling off a ladder and dying or worse, being crippled the rest of your life... is it worth it?

>> No.56818578

If your target demographic is older people then your best bet is probably physical signs at corner intersections. They aren't likely to be tech savvy enough to be easily accessible through digital. Imagine how many boomers still don't understand how to google something, how would you ever reach someone like that online? Uf your target demographic is *especially* tech illiterate boomers... don't count on being able to reach them through a device lol.

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This is gold. Thanks for this. I haven't done anything with software professionally, so I'm not sure how much of this just standard practice. That it's so simple that I didn't even think to consider it is great to me kek

Real shit with genuine belief backing it (from both you and investors) will age like wine, but yeah often slower than desired.

You gotta salesmaxx, Just be vague, embellishing, and leading when you need to be without outright lying. Barnum statements, Yes 2x, and straight up hypnosis.

People want to buy a feeling. Does the diehard Linkmarine really care about the tech, or is it just a rationalization of the feeling it's given him? Something about it, almost no matter when he buys, it makes him feel like he's bought something undervalued when it's low and it's just a matter of time before everyone else catches on. It's cultism, and I mean that in a good way.

Just my two cents, though. I don't actually know the first thing about this stuff.

I'm sorry to hear that man, but if it's not doing well and you're not that interested in it then it's definitely for the best. I hope you don't get discouraged if you have something else you want to give a shot.

>> No.56818631

No clue anon, I'm biding my time in purgatory. I have a degree in CS and would like to do something there but struggle to get motivated. This free time I've found is difficult to give back and any opportunities I see require a huge time commit. Have thought about giving guitar/bass lessons for the hell of it. Or swimming lessons. Something I could run part time seems ideal.

>> No.56818638

What's also valid is ditching the notion of "professionalism". In most countries, you can have your business operational for months before even founding it legally.
What I'm trying to say is, bootstrapping your business without a website nor legal entity is entirely possible. The hurdles most people see either do not exist entirely, or can be overcome at a later stage where you have made it easier for yourself.

>> No.56818650

Yes, and?

I'm just saying, the lad has a fine product but just doesn't know how to market it and keep costs low. I run multiple thousands of users web applications for five bucks each per month on the cheapest digital ocean boxes

>> No.56818678

It's been shilled itt already but have you read 4 hour workweek? I have a feeling it's just for you.

>> No.56818713

>Real shit with genuine belief backing it (from both you and investors) will age like wine, but yeah often slower than desired.
this is what I believe too, but man it takes a toll to push through
you get so much praise from everyone for your work, but very few will extend a helping hand unless you're in the right circles
and to get in those circles would mean selling your soul
it's a balancing act between what you want to do and what you need to do to achieve it
and 99% of the industry being a scam doesn't help either

>> No.56818779
File: 289 KB, 816x960, sora.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so whats the idea behind this card, why would i need this, its a debit one, so debitmaxxing doesnt work with this or am i wrong?
does anyone use crypto credit cards? and if yes why

>> No.56819847


>> No.56820071

You are going to have the most success with deep research of who is doing the drop ship for you. Only do small privately operated businesses as they will be happy to have you help increase their volume, even if drop shipping isn't all that profitable for them.

It will be about market research and where you think you can mark up an item.
The best way to do this imo is to find a highly rated small company selling their own branded products.
You buy them wholesale and then upgrade the product description and product photos and then relist at a higher price on Etsy or somewhere else.
You will have to list a lot of items to make it this way, but you can automate a large portion of it. Researching your supplier and shipper will be where the rubber meets the road.

>> No.56820097

Readymix concrete company in Ontario. This year was rough. There's not a single contractor or other readymix company that did well this year. We all crushed it during covid when the only thing daddy government let you spend money on was your own house. Hoping for some kind of a bounce back next year.

>> No.56820241

Inherited my families bakery. Did a 3 year business course and learned my trade in the city. Came back home, took it over.

Boom. Covid happened. Cafes, restaurants all closed. Sales went to shit. We used to sell crusty unwrapped bread but it had to be wrapped now due to covid and people are so fucking weird the sale of our crusty bread halved. Took a big hit. Still chugging on I guess haha...oh wait.

Boom. Ukraine war. Price of flour doubled, price of diesel for delivery vans blew up, price of heating gas ovens went from €500 a week to €1500 a week. Plastic packaging went through the roof. Had to give the boys a wage increase because of memeflation. I'm dealing with all this shit while trying to compete with the larger brands that have their flour prices on special contract with the miller's. AND now every fucking supermarket has its own bakery where they bake frozen shit and called it "fresh". Oh yeah and did I tell you how impossible it is to find a fitter for a small scale factory?

I'm packing it in next year. The straw that broke me was the price of sultanas nearly doubling due to delays from Israel. I feel ashamed of my failure, but I just don't got it in me. No future in this game for small time bakeries. I've wasted the last 4 years in a state of stress and anxiety. No time for friends or gfs.

My aunt passed recently and I inherited €40,000 and I plan to go back to college. Thinking of doing environmental science or something to do with nature. I'm just trying to stay positive. I learned a lot from my time in business that I feel will be valuable going forward. I'm 24 now and I've decided to do the best I can until I'm 30. If I haven't gotten some sense of peace by then, I think I'll just drop out of life and become an alcoholic.

>> No.56820376
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>I have a decent sized concrete company.

What aspect. Like pouring sidewalk curb and pads or the making and delivery of it?

>> No.56820456 [DELETED] 
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i currently own 5.
and am starting up 2 more before 2030.

>> No.56821367

Got it, do you run into contractual issues when you’re dealing with a boutique like this or they usually pretty straightforward and happy to work with you?

>> No.56822441


>> No.56822553
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a couple years ago I went through all the trouble of starting an LLC and making a website and business cards and everything for a computer repair business, but then chickened out once I got my first potential customer because I remembered I'm a complete social autist and can't stand interacting with people irl

>> No.56822578

That is some shit luck anon. Godspeed on getting something more stable and getting back to it.

>> No.56823307

>environmental science
Are you gay?

>> No.56824018


>> No.56824667
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he posted?
bump eet

>> No.56824920

I read your post while listening the ost from kaiji (Defeat theme), kek. Sorry dude, but I hope you learned something and keep trying.

>> No.56825395

I own a finance, multiple even

>> No.56825944

I'm in croatia and a few months ago i had an idea. I saw how expensive and effective collagen capsules are, then i stumbled upon a boomer hack where you put gelatin in water and drink that every day, however, it is disgusting. doing a bit of research i found out that gelatin is really similar to collagen, but can be bought for a fraction of the price. ~100 capsules of collagen are €20, i got a kilo of gelatin for €20 and capsules made out of gelatin from ali express for a few euros. i found wholesale bottles that fit around 90 pills for €2 a piece. theorethically i could keep like 50% of the profit if i sell my capsules for €10 per bottle.
i wanted to start this with a friend but we had a falling out this summer and now this idea just sits, i wanted to call it Gelafix and make jingles on instagram for it.
gelatin is really good for hair, skin, nails, joints... i think it could be a good product for boomers and for looksmaxxing girls.
now there are a few problems, big pharma is ruthless and if i don't get all the food approovals i could get sued. also i'm not really sure if this product works, as all the gelatin guides online require you to put it into a smoothie/broth/water and let it sit. this hydrates the gelatin and makes it easier for your body to absorb. collagen doesn't need this extra step i think.
I would be putting dry gelatin powder into capsules made out of gelatin and I'm not sure if the water/acid in my stomach is enough to get it absorbed. it is a really simple product but i didn't see it anywhere online in capsule form. i would market people to drink 3+ pills per day so it works as best as it can

any anons know if this could work? is it a good idea to go door to door and sell to boomers?
any tips?

>> No.56826144



>> No.56826195

I wouldn’t go door to door, but that does sound like something you could sell online

>> No.56826834


>> No.56827106

Dont waste that money on a piece of worthless paper

>> No.56827120


>> No.56827503

Just left my job to start a tech company. Wish there was a good tech startup general here or on /g/ but it's just full of crypto bs

>> No.56827511

Dude do this

But sell online

>> No.56827656

Yes, it's definitely the hardest thing I've ever attempted in my life. Doing reasonably well (i.e. not at a loss) and got some projects lined up that might just bring in the big money. It's exciting but exhausting at the same time.