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So, here's the deal: instead of shackling myself to a mortgage, I'm diving headfirst into low-risk, high-reward crypto gems. The narrative is clear: pump that cash into future moonshots.

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Yes absolutely. If you don't have kids. This is the way.

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This is a scam.

RXD/Radiant is a proven scam acknowledged by their own devs >>56682923

These scammers spam tons of inorganic shilling across the board.
DYOR anons and don’t get caught buying these scammers bags of a BTC/BTCSV clone and fork.

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bullish just bought more RXD

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I hope you don't regret this.

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Sure you did.
>jeet buys his own scam again to own me

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VR and Gaming gems are always my best bet when it comes to high returns in the bull run. I'm looking for the next Axie.

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The neets might be fading away, but we're riding high on the steady green dildo wave. I just shuffled some gains into sizzling hot gems over the weekend.

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who needs a mortgage when you can ride the crypto highways to the moon? Low-risk, high-reward gems are the keys to the lambo kingdom.

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Mortgages are for those who play it safe. I made the trend my friend and crypto god has been showering me with gains.

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PLEBBIT: an adminless, serverless, p2p protocol for imageboards and forums.

Devs have been working on protocol for 2+ years full-time, check github

Token is used for DAO voting which communities show up on the frontpage, tipping, and bypassing captcha

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They say 40-100k CLORE is all you need to make it in this run. Project is still super low cap with huge potential. DYOR

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>pump that cash into future moonshots.
Pump it into RIDE and WINR. Thank biz later.

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Personally I would buy a house then invest in low cap crypto. Markets are volatile and there is always a chance you could loose your investment no matter how secure you think it might be.

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Real estate over time murders the market

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Big time

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>low-risk, high-reward crypto gems
please explain

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If you can, hold off on buying a home for a couple of years, prices are already starting to drop. Buy BTC and ETH for now.

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bullish just bought more RXD

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I'm metastaking this gem because it will provide me with the necessary passive income I need as the market instability continues.

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Low-risk 'cause they got solid tech, active communities, and aren't shady. High-reward? Hop on the rocket before it's mainstream - undervalued and waiting to explode.

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a lot of projects claim they have all that stuff but its just some jeet in his moms out house

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Damn. 5x in 30 days is some solid shit. Do you think 100x is achievable? I want to add it some of the gems I have like STBU and RIDE on Gate_io

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Well said anon. Gotta sift through the jeets to find the real alpha chads in the crypto jungle. DYOR or fall for the mom's basement shill.

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>We're Hunting for Crypto Gems
Relying solely on crypto is risky. What happens when it crashes? I'm huge of the tech that comes with it, so don't get me wrong. Just diversify.

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how did some people even find biz...

are you on your brothers computer?

you talk about ''basic supply and demand'' but don't understand supply, don't understand demand, and i'm beginning to doubt you even understand 'basic'.

i mean, i get how it makes sense to you, but, i mean, you're joking, right?

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Anon it's down over 90% from ATH.

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Most gems are 80-90% away from their ATH. Just find the good ones that can easily get back and ride it. I'm seeing some potentials on some gems on MultiverseX and Solana ecosystem.

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The moon potential on this is huge. I'm slurping it alongside RIDE and PYR. Jeets will FOMO after 10x.

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holoride is leading the VR sector with those sleek headsets which are suitable for long road trips.

>next Axie
Probably Nakamoto games

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Mumbai boys are nocoiners. He is just shilling it from his grandpa's basement.

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One of the best life lesson I got from frequenting this shithole is don't blindly listen to what other says, trust your gut make the trend your friend.

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I'm not making it guys, low 6 figure hell and mostly held in BTC, Eth and Link. I need Link to get past it's ath in sats and fiat just to even be close to making it (high 6 figure hell club), or BTC to reach 300k which I doubt it'll happen this bull run. So still waging, still waiting. I need an easy 100x.

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If I have £1000 how can I turn it into £1,000,000 this bullrun?

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>I need an easy 100x.
RIDE is your answer. Accumulate as much as you can and thank yourself in 2025.

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NAKA is bullish as fuck. Will look into the RIDE

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I can't agree more.
no one gives a fuck for voting. Look at Cosmos voting, whales will always decide what is best for them
Move them from CEX and put them to work for you. Staking is the only way

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yet look at what KAS did
I buy low market caps and sell their pumps simple as

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Do you remember EGLD run from the next bull? I think gem from their chain are next

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Both are moonshots. I'm not missing them
EGLD still can do 500$

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first buy low cap, wait for pamp, and then buy a house with cash

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Kuji is a money printer. Fuck KAS

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Fuck, this Ride is not a joke. Audi and Disney are the main partners?

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Rather stack my bags with BTC, SOL, and ETH using the Tap Fintech app. HODLing tight till the next halving.

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Staking is gold, Oldfag. I staked XTP to upgrade to the Titanium plan and relish free exchange, deposit, and withdrawal.

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Check SIDUS it's even better

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If it ain't holdable on a regulated app like Revolut, Cashapp, or Tap, I'm not even considering it.

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In comparison to bitpay they are trash

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Metaverse is still good sector to ape in

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For htm bull is started. I expect ride and utk will follow soon

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ffs move that to Ethereum and you will get at least double better APY

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There are no moonshots anymore. Crypto coins will still appreciate but nothing will x10 in 5 years anymore.

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shit did a 6x and I am still 80% down on it.

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You really hold a shitcoin for that long. You are dumbfag

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RIDE is the future

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>tfw your posts get shadow banned on biz for mentioning a specific noname token that shouldn't even register on most anons' radar
this board glows bright neon green
the more I see this shit happening the more I'm convinced I found something that scares the shit out of (((them)))
usially not a skizo, but this shit is turning me into one

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Good discount

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EPIK unironically. Look into it. You will be surprised.

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Why is this trending

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I'm beginning to see a future in SOL

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I recently bought some

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Kek you make it sound so easy

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There is none. Check your filters
Go back redditor newfag oh wait your here forever

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Go for VR related projects

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I always believe in it, I got GALA and MANA, and I DCA monthly

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Buy shitcoins and have peace

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You should have added RIDE, it is the hot cake RN

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>There is none
this >>56788205 is my second post in this thread
so where's the first one?

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Only the wise buy RIDE.

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If you do have kids, becoming hideously wealthy is the best thing you can do to provide for them.

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Accumulate and Stake it

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I see that it project partnered with Audi

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Because it is
It even solved motion sickness, that's fucking bullish

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The automotive industry is coming into the crypto space now, that's so freaky bullish

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Of all the tokens named in this thread, this is hands down the only one worth throwing cash into.
I can see everyone and their mother buying this shit.

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I hope it's worth it else I will shit on it

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VR is the future

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AEGIS AI bros don't miss this shit out

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>low-risk, high-reward
It's so simple!

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18% APY is no joke

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You can wait until 100x before buying, doom ass