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they are killing the old AVAX wallet

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What's the point of a cryptocurrency that doesn't solve the double spend problem?

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You're brown

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>not even 10 minutes and fuddies already show up

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wdym? I thought Core and the old website wallet could coexist
They're great shitpost though

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You even work on weekends now? Can't get more bearish then that.

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the old web wallet is shutting down in 5 days.

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just checked, damn that sucks, but at least from what I understood you'll still be able to use your seed phrase on Core
correct me if I'm wrong

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Core is somewhat buggy tho

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I hope the migration goes through some issue, no funds lost but enough drama to tank the price a little
>t. sidelined at $22, waiting for a juicy re-entry somewhere around $18

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only issue is that people arent used to using Core after using the old wallet for 2 years and people being forced to use something new is always a pain in the ass and always gives scammers an opportunity to steal funds from people who run into a problem with core.

otherwise the only drama I see here is that they shut down a perfectly fine working wallet which could serve as a backup.
seems retarded to me.

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this is on par with gamestop and bbby threads

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>seems retarded to me.
agred, but there must be a proper reason behind it
maybe they're looking forward to unifying both wallets so all the resources (i.e. technical support) get concentrated into a single place, otherwise, you'd be dividing the workforce for seemingly no reason other than keeping a relatively outdated website up

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what if i am already buying link

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the old wallet is open source.
new updates like Avalanche 2.0 might brick it tho.

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I personally go 50/50
>new updates like Avalanche 2.0 might brick it tho
holy shit how
imagine the absolute shitshow

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Old web wallet meaning this one? https://wallet.avax.network/ Or the Avax core one? Ive got 2000 avax staked in there. WTf? There isnt even a message about it on the website

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Fuck this is horseshit I LOVE the avax wallet and I HATE core. Its fucking shit

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seems like the process to migrate for stakers is pretty straightforward (plus no rewards get lost) as long as you download the Core extension

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Yeah Ive done it now but im pissed about it

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maybe picrel can help you

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Avax is a vc enrichment tho

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fuck this crab and dump shitcoin

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hey, are there plans for an avalanche light client or stateless client?

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can you explain light & stateless clients?

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I guess in some ways they could be interchangeable, what I mean is a blockchain client that just keeps a record of the most recent state of the chain, instead of the entire state. they're not useful for securing the chain, but they're very useful for reading from the chain and sending transactions. they could eliminate the reliance on rpc nodes

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>they could eliminate the reliance on rpc nodes
how so?

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Why this shit still isn't in the top 5? I feel like the market is vastly underreacting for the news in the last couple of weeks, It already has more cases to be a top 5 coin than most of the coins trading above it combined

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if you have a local copy of the current chain state, at a minimum you can broadcast your own transactions. if you wanted to read from the chain, you could set your client to monitor certain contracts and pull data directly from them specifically. you wouldn't need to forward transactions to an rpc, or request the desired data from them

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Please help bros, I tried to transfer a bunch of BEAM bought on an exchange to my ledger using the core wallet but its not showing up in my avax wallet, instead its on the binance smart chain. how the fuck do i get this out of the binance smart chain?

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asc20 inscriptions