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>bottomed out
>its pumping
>no one cares
Why do you fags hate money?

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red pill me on icp.

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I care now

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Its shit but is incredibly cheap, think on AVAX or SOL when they were 10 usd a pop, just throw money in and sell when it doubles dont hold any bag

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>no one cares
no on cares about a middleware trying to become a "decentralized (centralized) front-end host"
defi frontends are best RUN LOCALLY
inside local machine, connected to an anti-MEV RPC or better, local light/ full-node

your dogshit project is
>not needed
>a vc scam
>dumped to oblivion
>has no future
>cringe marketing
>dumb name

eat shit and die

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take your meds.

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i like cock

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VC scam past cycle shit coin

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VC scam with the worst chart in the top 100.

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distributed aws competitor
cheap as shit "reverse gas" model, devs pay for gas, users can interact w/ out a wallet.
tokenomics & terminology is goofy.
dfinity has hired over a hundred cryptographers and paying $2m in grants.
100/1000. ETH depends on AWS. ICP has bitcion + eth integration (in 2 more weeks). do the math.

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>defi frontends are best RUN LOCALLY
inside local machine, connected to an anti-MEV RPC or better, local light/ full-node.

I break into your home and your node is compromised. ICP's data-carriers are buried under layers of concrete, hidden, locked behind bank vault type doors. Yeah, anon is going to offer the same security guarantees as a data-carrier '' from his mums basement''
Anon is going to guarantee 100% uptime, speed and performance from his mums basement.
Name 1 project that can do what you just described, that doesn't route data from AWS.

I can only name 1 project that can do this.

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i have 65 ICP

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My girl is bothering me, breaking my concentration.
It's much easier for the Government to seize a home-computer than a data-carrier/center.
In some bureaucratic jurisdictions, the law-enforcers don't even need a legal warrant to break in your home and seize your home computer from your mums basements (home land security, or patriot act for example)
To seize a data center, you will first need to obtain a warrant or subpoena from a court.

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Just tell me the god damn suicide stack and make it stack and get out of here.

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agreed. especially first line

>> not needed.

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SUI = 1500
Make it = 15000

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ICP is a scam and Moonman is a scammer.

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> pumps a little when BTC pumps
> dumps more when BTC dumps

> infinite minting amount

You see what they are doing here?

The biggest catch here is the fact that many people seem to believe the project is developed within a scope that is beyond what could be a scam, how could it be a scam?

Because it's a scam.

Just like the flying car project, I'm guessing millions if not billions are being pumped into the flying car scam company... they probably tell investors

> everyone will have a flying car, it will be so hot, states all the US is approving the tech, the FAA is approving us, we are going to be the next Tesla!

Elaborate scams bring in the most money of out all the other poorly developed scams.

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>16% on the YTD.
You guys are pathetic!

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sui 100 make it 1000, always has been. Biz will rope one day when ICP takes just a fraction of AWS market-share and skyrockets past 2000 a piss. Just scooped a few more

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Not touching this piece of shit.

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sui 40k makeit 400k

anyone that says otherwise is a poor

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>pay $190,000 for a stack that will hit $100k in the bull run or you're poor

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>Infinite minting amount
Fudsters are retarded.

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It Can't Pump

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should’ve bought at 3 cents chud

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Dead project.

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>defi frontends are best RUN LOCALLY
The absolute retardation

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1k SUI/10k Make It

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Then why is it pumping?

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Only black niggers don’t own any icp

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Knock-off RLC

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I don't hate money, I just stopped throwing it on shitcoins, I'd rather spend it on Blocklords items/heroes kek

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To spend it on retarded games, you're even worse

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You're priced in

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What a fucking nigger you are

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if it's p2e bullshit you should kys

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I don't hate money, I just try not to lose it when I try to earn it.

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i want it that way

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thats right you priced in

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this is like spending money on valorant skins, with the difference that the skins are pretty

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>priced in
a wise scholar once told me everything is priced in

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Yeah indeed

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When will it have a stable coin

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it had a good name then they changed it to ICP, proving whomever is in charge is retarded. then it dumped and is far from former ATH. No reason to think it offers anything unique or viable. Name something that runs on ICP's platform. That's all you need to know.

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thanks for fyi

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you fucking pajeets will never understand:


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Icp was shilled hard here at launch and has literally gone -99% since then. It was a scam from beginning to end.

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it was shilled before launch.

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>I have 50% in ICP and 50% in cash
everything is printing a topping pattern

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Should I buy more ICP? I'm poor and only have 3500 ICP. Kinda all in ICP.
Do I have any hope at all?

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You should be fine, i have like 910 pees

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What price are you hoping for? Will this ever go above $20 or am I dreaming?

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Total value of all cycles burned from November 1, 2021 to today: $271,000 USD

Based on current growth rate,

Expected total value of all cycles burned from November 1, 2023 to November 1, 2024: $752k USD

Expected total value of all cycles burned from November 1, 2024 to November 1, 2025: $2.89 Million USD

Expected total value of all cycles burned from November 1, 2025 to November 1, 2026: $10.8 Million USD

This is actual demand for the token regardless of the price of the token. If you want to host or compute on the IC you must pay cycles. Cycle burn rate has been increasing exponentially (see picture). My numbers are based on the growth rate continuing at it's current exponential rate. If cycle burn rate increases more than my projections then timelines are shortened. If cycle burn rate increases slows than my projections then timelines are pushed out further.

ICP minted each year far outstrips this demand. There is a point in time when demand will exceed new supply, but the questions to ask are: when will this happen and will the internet computer survive long enough.

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Currently falling short of these numbers by $3.9k USD cumulative after only 24 days.

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So when do you think this will happen?
Will ICP survive?
Is a suicide stack 15k or 20k?

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two more weeks

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>So when do you think this will happen?
too far in the future to really predict. The value of tokens minted in 2023 is approximately $8 million. If things keep going according to my projections then I'd expect ICP to become non-inflationary/deflationary in 2026. This is based on actual demand. Speculation could prevent the token from becoming deflationary based on tokenomics. The suicide stack is 100 ICP. Always has been.

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what pumping? It's crashing right now as we speak

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>What price are you hoping for?
Well i am printing like 10 pees per month, so ill be happy if it only reaches 50.

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>Will ICP survive?

I doubt if it will survive. To think about it, it's barely pumping, unlike Dua and other smaller players that have been in their prime despite the bear market. Do you think it will exceed 10 bucks?

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So basically it's worthless then! I should probably just buy avax. The tech seems better anyway!
There is no way it's going to hit $50. The other guy must be smoking something dreaming of $1000! Lol

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What makes you think it will bounce back to that threshold?

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literally a vc scam

i hope you either are the VC or are being paid by them. otherwise you're just brain dead and working for free

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What is the USD demand for AVAX?

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>Expected total value of all cycles burned from November 1, 2025 to November 1, 2026: $10.8 Million USD

you think that sounds like a lot but it isnt.

$rlb did 7.5m of BUY and burns in the last 30 days. that's almost as much as the next 3 years of icp burns. also $rlb has ZERO inflationary pressure. ZERO VC'S with infinite token unlocks.

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>you think that sounds like a lot but it isnt.
I don't think it sounds like a lot for a token with $50 Mil USD 24 hour trading volume to have a $10 Mil YEARLY demand 2 years from now. kek

Not buying your scam though

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How much does it cost to store 1GB on avax? You can't even host a website and we ain't in the 80's any more.

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$rlb is the only non scam coin in crypto, #1 revenue earning platform in crypto

every other coin is just a slightly different flavor or icypee
all inflationary VC garbage designed to dump for decades.

you do you lil bro

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Well considering every bank on earth is using avax the demand is $0 because none of them are actually buying.

Brown hands ect.

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smooth brain tourist etc

back in my day you would actually analyze someone's vocab and speech patterns before telling them to post hands. nowadays it just means you dont like somebody, similar to /pol/'s use of kike.

just one of many examples of how nu/biz/ is completely worthless, and all the good alpha migrated to twitter

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Back in my day reddit spacing wasn't a thing

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>X is the only non scam coin in crypto
>trust me bro, buy it bro, do the needful thing sir, saar, do not redeem saar, do not redeeeeem!!!
You have to be sub 80 IQ to not immediately dump this hot garbage when obvious pajeet scammers are shilling it.

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You are on here shilling what is almost certainly some erc20 shitcoin (not going to waste my time looking it up) in an icp thread. Icp is the most advanced technology in crypto and it’s not even close. I could launch a shitcoin tomorrow and make the price go up 200x and that doesn’t make it legit, it would still be infact a scam and a shitcoin. You are a brown nigger.

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Fuddie keep shitting on your pant

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You are talking to poojeets from 2018, they missed two cycles, still haven't made it, chasing green dildo's to cope.
There is nothing more advanced than ICP, no-one here will debate the tech, you're talking crypto tourists from 2018 like >>56789117
peddling erc-20 tokens.

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All the technical anons already left /biz/, they want to deal with sub 80 IQ's that still need peddle shitcoins to make it, pure cope from poorfags that missed 2-3 cycles.
Few understand how far ICP is ahead of every L1.

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avax niggers are sub 80 iq, AVAX doesn't even have a dex that supports order books, they literally sit behind their desk all day, grow obese watching charts, literally have to wait like a npc before an order can be submitted.

All Uniswap forks dexes are inferior.
Solana orca is trash
Avax trader joe is trash
welcome to the future, sanjeet.

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The AI Hype is real. This next bull run will be all about ai. Which chain is best optimized to handle ai? The best tech in crypto, the internet computer. Dfinity just teamed up with singularity net to capitalize.

Last bull run was all about DeFi. Here's the new buzzword for this next bull run... DeAi. Decentralize Ai. Icp is going to absolutely crush the competition this bull run. Icp DeAi. The hype is going to be INSANE

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in tyler we trust

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Real DeFi can be run on your home PC.

Fake DeFi garbage requires centralized infrastructure.

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Let's be clear with this icp maxist. This has barely pumped. We ain't seeing the better of these assets in any way, even in a bull market.

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Running locally = cannot guarantee uptime + Fort Knox type security (natural disasters, earthquakes, fires, floods, electricity outage, poor heat regulation) = node gone.
No business is going to capitalize on a bunch of anons running nodes in their moms' basement, you can't offer the security and up-time that a professional data center offers. Even AWS has frequent outages that cause exchanges to time out, ICP is designed to guarantee 99.99% uptime.

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>centralized infrastructure.
AWS goes down > your shitcoin network becomes crippled. (aws relies on a few data centers)

1 ICP node goes down > 99% nodes are still left standing, data is replicated to ensure availability, guaranteeing 99.99% uptime.

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Oopsie, too late icpsister, bought iq protocol instead. Not falling for this unending cycle of death, no sir not me.

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Just tell me what the God damned suicide stack and make it stacks are!?

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SUI: 1500
Make it: 15000

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That doesn't make any sense?! A suicide stack is $100k so 50,000 ICP would already be way past that number. Just ridiculous. 15,000 seems much more likely.

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can someone please tell me the suicide stack, and then the make it stacks are? ive heard 100k/1m but that seems like a bit much
i hold avax if it matters

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whats the make it stack when ICP goes to .03 cent

>> No.56801694

I'm buying it alongside some CYMI and ACH

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1 million ICP is the actual make it stack. That's right. If you do not have 4.5 million dollars worth of ICP right now you are absolutely not going to make it when ICP goes to $2000 each.

>> No.56803651

It's CYMI over ACH for me because of its card that offers great cashback rewards

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subhumans need to be torched

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this literal stupid retard just compared the price of ICP with other coins as if it mattered, hey stupid pathetic bagholder what about market cap stupid nigger? this garbage has 2 BILLION mc, its worthless as an investment

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>t. plz buy my bags plzplzplz

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beezus, ramona is findomming henry huggins again

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You can keep the canister wherever.

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Retarded brown faggots all of you. The sui/makeit is 1 gorillion/10 gorillion. Always has been, always will be. You are always too poor, and will forever be too poor to accumulate a sui. You are also brown and nothing can change that except to an hero.

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>The sui/makeit is 1 gorillion/10 gorillion
based. It has always been this. Newfags are seething

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Stop being idiots. The Sui is somewhere between 10k and 20k. Therefore the make it is somewhere between 100k and 200k.
It's simple really. $10 to $20 will be the top this cycle.

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I had this token like I was head over heels for it during the last bull run, and I got SNS afterwards sold off 50% and now I'm looking forward to IDOs on OpenGamesBuilders, a potential 100x

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The blatantly best chat app that exists?

>> No.56808604

is there porn chat on it?

>> No.56809001

I doubt anyone will stop you.

>> No.56809015

scam coin

>> No.56809098

thats not what i asked

>> No.56809143

Nobody has put porn on it there's another site that has some porn but forgot the name. Hot or not is basically softcore porn

>> No.56809208

There are porn chats. You have to enable adult content to see the public ones.

>> No.56809285

>The absolute retardation
holy mother of irony
look at what's happening to velodrome
on local machine, front-end behaves as if nothing is happening
but trying to reach the internet front-end lands you into the scam website


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>No business is going to capitalize on a bunch of anons running nodes
you are fucking retarded
a light node runs on your fucking phone, you dumb fucking retard
the business just needs the back-end, which is inside the blockchain

you have no fucking idea how DeFi works, it's crazy

local front end has 100% uptime, you turbo mongoloid, IT'S LOCAL, THERE'S NO HOST

>> No.56809318

>AWS goes down > your shitcoin network becomes crippled
AWS goes down, your light node still works, still connects to all ETH/ OP/ ARB nodes just fine

you are tech illiterate

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I rather HODL Pyth, and keep degening with the signals and seamless trading strategies from BobNet telegram trading bot.

>> No.56810547

What the fuck are you even talking about bot?!
Anyone here can tell me how many ICP I need to be in the top 10% wallet hodlers?

>> No.56810613

dunning kruger

>> No.56810694

100k sui/1 million make it
the byzantine fault tolerance is stretched to the maximum
0.03c is not even imminent but guaranteed
black swan swoon

>> No.56810845

i dont see that option. do i need to create an account? thats gay if so

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This guy gets it

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I won’t be your exit liquidity faggot

Tfw you stay poor

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That's actually a really good question. Where can we see the top ICP wallets?

>> No.56812758

You need an Internet ID and that's how you interact. It's the same thing that's done to you everywhere as a user of any web platform or site. The only difference is you've assigned yourself and it allows you to keep everything 100% encrypted the entirety of the time you use the app.

>> No.56813346

the people saying it's a VC scam are so obviously accumulating lol. won't be this low again likely, it bottomed out

>> No.56813932

The coming years are going to be insane beyond imagination

>> No.56815130

here u go anon


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Here your red pill

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Yes this. We all paid attention to moonman, listened, gave it a chance, did our homework...fuck this coin.

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Tell me more. Please

>> No.56819188

ICP is the new eth and so much more.
Prob gna be $100 next year and $500 the year after.
15k Sui / 150k make it.