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Will AI finally burst the female entitlement bubble?


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Bubble already burst in wealthy Asian countries. Nobody bothers to fuck except the gullible retards. Most have instead gone to video games, music, cartoons and other forms of entertainment.

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The West is still obsessed about Kim Kardashian

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The west peaked during the Renaissance. Simple market correction. You could buy the dip and invest in the west but for me, its East Asia. They have the most potential. Hopefully they dont rugpull me.

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Women(XX) will always be superior to Males (XY) Y is a broken X a thousand times smaller and actually shrinking. Women will eventually produce asexually through parthenogenesis. All the technology and women(blueprint) emulating will never change this. DNA is the fabric of everything. Enjoy you synthetics into the deepest pit of your depravity and hedonism but you spiritually you will be a void. This will go on til the system is “milked” into total desolation and apocalyptic ruin. The truth shines through all the higher dimensions and tech emulation is a shadow of that. We’re already in a simulation and so can run but you can’t hide.
Seethe you mutants you’ll never be a woman.

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Inb4 derailment of my typos. I’m phone posting and don’t care.

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The femoid bubble is bursting with or without AI. The signs are everywhere, female supply is saturated as hell and with men getting beaten down you can beat 95% of the competition just by being somewhat disciplined and taking care of yourself.

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HRT-addled man hands typed this.

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I don’t need that I have natural tits and vagina and no I’m not showing you.

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your buffalo bill ass has been waiting to spew out that schizoid garbage haven't you? No one asked for a unmedicated blog entry

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Imagine the strong jawed Gigachad boys she would produce for you.

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Oh so youre just coping and seething, carry on

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Nah I actually get enjoyment reminding misogynists how much they envy us and will never be superior to the very thing that created them. Much less ever going to make us obsolete.

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kek you love to see these deranged roasties that are just as deranged as the most insane incels

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thanks anon, brought me back to my poo collecting days

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The Y chromosome is an evolutionary upgrade over the X chromosome. Its why sexual species out competed asexual ones in everything more complex than a lizard despite asexual species having the head start. This is proof of your inferiority lmao.

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at some point governments worried about birth rates will have to ban porn and limit video games like china
OP, LLMs are not hard AI. AI is at least 50years away

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Women have already lost
Being handsome and tall, women throw themselves at me
But I have a son with a woman I love so I just ignore the whores
It drives them crazy they are unable to earn my attention, and the attention of 'average' guys is worthless to them

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Not really it’s proves that you are a mutation and exist for “variation” in the species. As asexual reproduction is clones of the mother. All female. This can work perfectly in nature. Variety doesn’t equal “superiority”.

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Why would the government care about birth rates if it has AI working for it? If anything the production of robowaifus needs to hasten ASAP.

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Don't be a cunt. They enjoy beauty, just like us. They haven't lost they just are. Beautiful little naive creatures that want some love from another attractive person. If you're attractive, just be nice and don't judge them for their biology.

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Because they need also people to consume

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Wow a non npc

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wonder if musk nutted inside her

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Im not being a cunt by not cheating on my wife
It's not my fault these women are single and desperate for attention, it is their fault
My loyalty is not an offense

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except women and shitskins nobody talk about the kardashians

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>Im not being a cunt by not cheating on my wife
>It's not my fault these women are single and desperate for attention, it is their fault
>My loyalty is not an offense

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>these women are single and desperate for attention
they're picky online because they have hordes of needy guys wanting them all the time. even good looking guys are messaging 2/10 ugly fatties on tinder. if men stopped being pathetic insects women wouldn't be so choosy.

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the tail shouldn't wag the dog

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Its not their fault tho, its the fault of the system that exploits their hypergamic nature, by exposing them to instagram, tinder, tiktok etc., with the ultimate goal of forming them into ever FOMOing, ever consuming, ever attention and options craving slaves of capitalism, so that the system can dump their super overpriced products on those naive creatures, because they believe it might higher their chance of getting an same-tier or even better Chad than the one who dumped his load for a bored nut in her cunt last night off of tinder and then>>56762268
ghosted her.

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If you think of women either as 'whores' or 'angels' you are by definition NOT a Chad. All women are whores in certain conditions and they all are angels in different conditions. It's not about 'winning' or 'losing'. It's just about male and female energy melting together. And if you just want one woman that's ok, but the way you think about it shows that you've got some issues you need to work on in case you want to be the chad who you pretend to be. Not just on a superficial level.

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When a mutation outcompetes the previous model, its considered an evolutionary upgrade retard. The status quo used to be asexual reproduction, until the Y mutation came along and made sexual reproduction the status quo for all advanced lifeforms. Males do indeed introduce genetic variety and higher competition, which makes evolution faster. This also means that males spearhead evolution and are the ones that are the most genetically fit of every generation.
Just to highlight how pathetic this makes you look; You went from being the status quo to being baby incubators. You used to clone 100% of your genes and now every time you reproduce you carry 50% outsider genes as an eternal mark of being conquered. Females essentially submitted to males and decided to become their subordinates in hopes of getting better genes so they could outcompete other females. And those are the only females that survived, since male created offspring > female clones.

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I didn't call myself a 'chad' - I am tall and handsome
Why is a woman flirting with me when she sees my son with me ? Isn't that a clear indicator I am taken ?
If I had it my way, I would never need to interact with women other than my wife and my mother

that was a lot of simping to say women aren't responsible for their actions

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Doesn’t mean shit. Those guys are still subject to the same entitled behaviour on the part of women - up to and including their being encouraged from all sides to Cheat on, and Divorce rape Men.

No no. The genie cannot go back in the bottle while laws for female equality, voting and preferential treatment in divorce and child custody - are abolished.

And they won’t be, failing a massive societal collapse and the reconstruction of a totally new (and hopefully wiser) society, which enshrines the need for restrictions against female antisocial behaviour.

There’s no bubble bursting. Just civilization dying. I’m ok with that. It’s fucked anyway and must be allowed to die.

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>that was a lot of simping to say women aren't responsible for their actions

Correct, they aren't. They are literal children

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Governments are going to become irrelevant. Once AI is sufficiently advanced, the masses can fuck off, and the world will be machines serving a small select intellectual elite.

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And I treat them appropriately
You wouldn't let a child disrespect you or steal from you, right ?

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Kys you fucking cuck simp. Women are smart and capable and play retards like you.

I mean it’s hard to imagine a world with a developed AI and how that will look like. I’d be wary of any

Robowaifus will solve this

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>evolution by natural selection is BROKEN
>no you are not more evolved you are BROKEN

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>chad speaks his mind
>bugmen cope and mope
I'm enjoying this thread.

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You seem to think male evolutionary aid is advantageous, when it’s certainly not. Women being the blueprint created the male of herself as she was “androgynous’ but could produce of herself. Eventually incest took place once a genetic mutation happened inside her and she produced an XY a broken X mutation. Most likely this happened as an evolutionary advantage for the female so she could clone herself while having physical tasks done for her. The problem is, testosterone is inherently aggressive and is the extroverted form of her energy. Males evolved to be physically stronger than females through female selective breeding. In the beginning there was matriarchy and then severe jealousy took place as females were evolutionarily in charge and had dominion over reproduction and mating. Males used their physical dominance to rape and control women through war, control and religion. Brainwashing, subjugation, gaslighting, spiritual deception.
If there was a “garden” like the Bible says, it would be perfection and harmony of feminine energy with reproduction happening asexually as there would be no need to seek outside of yourself for growth. Wholeness. Perfection.

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was clear roastie

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>browsing AND posting on /biz/


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Because feminine energy is so harmonic and loving it allows males to make it feel subservient. God isn’t a king on a throne, it’s a selfless, self sacrificing, giving, creative and humble creatrix mother. Yet it can be the evil too. The masculine. The aggressor, the competitor, the seeker of glory, recognition, and dominion. This is male energy. Not feminine. Retard. So grow up and stop thinking you’re better than women. Stop letting this psyop image board make you disrespect women and hate them. It won’t be good for you or your “evolution”.

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If you're tall and handsome you're supposed to be a chad. It's ok if you aren't now but if you don't work to be one it's a disgrace. Being a father shows you've got good genes. You judge women because of their natural inclination to find good genes? Let me guess you live in a city and sit your whole day in a cubicle far removed from nature and from who you are in your core.

No! Women are not supposed to be responsible. They only responsibility they have is to be cute and take care of their offspring. It's the globo homo agenda to make women behave like men and to kill the sweet, naive nature of feminity. The most beautiful thing there is on the world. Congratulations your mind has been jewed. Take your pills and eat your bug steak.

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Actual Chad

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>Being a father shows you've got good genes.

only low iq reproduce lately

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What makes you think high IQ = good genes?

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You type like a fag, lmao

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>when it’s certainly not
You dont know anything about evolution you dumb faggot stop coping. Mutations are random, they're not created on purpose. A male mutation happened and then overtook and subjugated the inferior sex, it created a whole new reproductive model -- sexual reproduction. It was so superior it became a necessity for any advanced life form, let alone the most intelligent one. Men aren't just physically stronger, theyre also smarter, faster, and most genetically fit of every generation of humans. Its why the greatest feats of humanity of every generation were done by males.
Its males that spearhead evolution, not female selective breeding. Female selective breeding is a small part of evolution, not the whole process. Women select males in order to outcompete other women, not curate the human gene pool. Females of any species dont know the future, they simply observe the males that dominate the competition and submit to them in hopes of getting their superior genes. Which is also why women slowly adapted to dominant male tastes, the women who didnt submit to those men no longer exist in the human gene pool. There is simply no reason to believe women are equal let alone superior to men. When their entire biology is curated around being baby incubators and satisfying male urges. Also humanity was never a matriarchy, neither are most mammals.

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>male traits are evil because....THEY JUST ARE OK?
dont try to shift into a philosphical/spiritual narrative when you get cornered on your retarded and false evolutionary take.

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ohnonono manbros, what's our comeback?

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it's funny how chuds keep the propaganda alive that women were pure back then.

Women really have an easy life thanks to those crappy men desperate to pass women as saints and only perverted due to ''the society''....

We all the know the truth is that women are inherently sexual perverts. Men don't like sex, men like the competition before and during sex and to see a girl orgasming due to their dicks, and for the atheists due to their tongues. Ie men love the competition and having a direct influence on the world. men dont love sex at all . It's only women who are hedonistic and sex cravings machines coasting thru life thanks to their orbiters

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Did you arrive from simp city lmao

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tradcucks are insufferable. Theyre all bluepilled willing slaves.

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>Men don't like sex

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You’re dumb. Women have been brainwashed to think men are dominant or superior. And even martyrs for her own creation. From years of socialization and exploitation. You have nipples, an extended clitoris and your ovaries fell out of you. Your Y chromosome is a thousand times smaller and you die quicker. You dominant a male driven society of consumerism and greed. You can’t reproduce without us but in the right conditions I could reproduce without you. Seethe.

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>delicious b8
too much text to say you are a coping retard
cope seethe dilate kys tranny

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we're pretty far a long desu. for example today you could:

>create images of an ultra attractive women and have tools that can return any type of women to meet the ideals of any man
>you can then generate an AI voice that reads AI generated prompts
>lastly with Zuck's recent showcase of virtual reality, you could technically leverage the two features I just mentioned and have a real walking hologram of your ideal woman. hell you could even hire some chick in a third world country to do the actual movements of your hologram in virtual reality.

we're basically there. sadly physical touch is missing from all of this. that's the piece that we probably won't get for years as this will take hyper advanced robots and i dont think the hardware is quite there. we're there software wise though, which is pretty based.

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This is why most males are inferior. They can’t conceptualize spiritual law with physical. “Muh logic” yet science proves what I’m saying. Feminine energy = input. Masculine energy = output. She’s the black hole feeding itself.

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You are all brainwashed, evolution is not scientific, it's gnosticism. Your false religious beliefs have made you blind to the truth because you extoll the opinions of others instead of God.

God created man, then women from man for man, simple as. Darwinism was made up by freemasons. It's pagan occultism.

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And retard, women don’t selective breed to compete with other women lel. Women selective breed to produce strong dominant men to protect from other males and hunt and provide.

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>things you can observe in real time are not real, but my contradictory book from 2000 years ago with 0 explanation of how the world works, is the truth
>its the muhhsons rewriting reality!
>the earth is not actually round!

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There are 0 measurements of the earth's curvature. There is also 0 measurements of the earths rotation.

You people don't even believe in science but scientism. Hypocrites.

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>You have nipples, an extended clitoris and your ovaries fell out of you.
We are smarter, faster, and stronger version of you.
>Your Y chromosome is a thousand times smaller
Your other X chromosome is inactive, which is why the Y chromosome doesn't need to be bigger than it is. Since it is active alongside another active chromosome.
>you die quicker
we live longer as a fertile prospect, which is what matters. You live longer as a sterile burden on others.
>You dominant a male driven society of consumerism and greed
Males have dominated humanity since the start nice cope though
>You can’t reproduce without us
Why would I need to tax my own body with reproduction when we have live incubators that gladly do it and are are flooded with hormones that make them desire it.
>pic rel
>fucking bugs
LMAO. How many times do I tell you that ADVANCED life forms are the sexual ones.
>women don’t selective breed to compete with other women lel
Its not selective breeding brainlet, its sexual selection. Most women are already attracted to dominant and successful males and see other females as competition for them. Sexual selection isnt a matter of protection, its a matter of getting superior genes. Its why females keep submitting to males despite the harms that can potentially happen from them, to their offspring and to themselves because at the end of the day their goal is to reproduce with better offspring, not to protect genetically inferior ones. Its also why they kill their own infanticide is so common in nature by mothers. Your argument is self refuting, if asexual reproduction was superior, it would have never been replaced by sexual reproduction.
>They can’t conceptualize spiritual law with physical.
>meanwhile all the worthwhile literature about spirituality, law, and immaterialism is done by men
How does it feel to be worse at everything?

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>very clearly tranny
normongoloids like you spit at clear evidence throughout history
there is no cure for your retardation, only eventual death will cure your ill mind

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sorry for you ugly retard, this board has always been a chad place

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Hahaha you are one pathetic massive cope.
Men are not smarter than women. You cannot prove this. They have more aggression hence they have more ambition to compete in their male driven and produced society. You might be faster and stronger but why do I care about that? If you kill all females with your superior strength you’re still a dead end.
The X chromosome is inactive in order to make up for the loss of necessary genes on the Y, expression of the corresponding genes on the X chromosome increased. This ensured that males still had the necessary levels of gene expression from their sex chromosomes, but now females, with two copies of X both working overtime, had levels of gene expression that were too high. To solve this problem, our bodies developed a process called X chromosome inactivation, by which the majority of genes on all but one copy of the X chromosome in each cell are silenced, or turned off.
Women becoming infertile is also an evolutionary advantage as it would ensure that the mother is not giving birth at an age where the body is not prone to producing healthy offspring. Whereas men are that are older pose more risk as their genome starts mutating and poses higher risk for having defective offspring. Women’s bodies stop that from happening.
“It’s not selective breeding” “it’s sexual selection” urmmm… they mean the same thing except the words are swapped. Lol
Asexual reproduction is more efficient. Ensures genetic stability and favorable genes, you can populate quicker and without something else, you save time and energy.

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Reproduction is subsidised by the state if you are dysgenic and disincentivised for people of good genetic quality. Your argument is moronic.

>> No.56763153

>I can manipulate, cheat, scam, but you have got to be responsible and consequential
>if I fuck up you have to solve the mess
are you a bot trained on the average female behaviour?

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Blockchain technology, smart contracts and AI will automate every comfy executive and office job and only labor jobs will remain. Women are going back to the kitchen and men will not forget their arrogance.

>> No.56763178

>men are not smarter
Their dominance in all intellectual pursuits alone is proof. Since it has been consistently demonstrate across every culture, nation, and continent. Even the best proxy for g -- IQ shows that men score 5 points on average higher and are overrepresented in the truly smart category 130+ IQ, around 4 to 1. Women are at best mediocre intellectually speaking.
>they mean the same thing except the words are swapped
They're not dumbass, sexual selection is a sub-category of selective breeding. Sexual selection is not the dominant form of selective breeding in most mammals, including humans. That would be intersexual competition, aka male dominance hierarchies. And in species where sexual selection is the dominant form of selective breeding is female choice, you get fisherian runaways that are harmful to the males and the species overall. Since females dont know the future and just keep over-picking the same traits.
>If you kill all females with your superior strength you’re still a dead end.
Why would men kill women? Women are much more useful to men when alive as docile subordinates.
>Women becoming infertile is also an evolutionary advantage
You mean a hard limit put on you since you kept dying in childbirth in ages that didn't suit it.
>Asexual reproduction is more efficient. Ensures genetic stability
That doesn't matter. You can be as genetically stable as you want, in nature the genetically defective all die, its a problem that takes care of it self. Therefore the variability is worth it. Sexual reproduction is much quicker to arrive at beneficial mutations and always seems to outcompete asexual gene combinations.
> you can populate quicker
And still get subjugated by your superiors kek. I think you seem to forget that only the females that betrayed their asexual sisters and submitted to males are the ones that live on today in the human gene pool.

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How many Bitcoin do you have?

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>Being a father shows you've got good genes.
because he is a cuck that is simping for a whore and tolerating that bitch's behaviour? more like a subordinate slave of a probably inconsistent vagina that changes her views based purely on emotions

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That's just how they are. Accept it or be in a constant environment of pain for the rest of your life.

You set boundaries from the beginning. Don't tolerate that behavior. Which means just vanish and don't be a butt-hurt cunt and complain about reality. That's a great recipe for turning all vaginas in your foot radius dry like a Russian novel.

Alternatively there'll be AI bots available soon. Leaves more pussy for the ones willing to accept reality as it is.

>> No.56763319

With being a farther I mean having healthy offspring. "Being a farther" is a concept they invented to dull men down. The responsibility for the offspring was traditionally shared by the mother and the community. That's closer to the natural human condition.

>> No.56763333

three fiddy

>> No.56763393

The current Nobel Prize winner in physics talks about it that you can't understand the world purely materialistic and that consciousness plays a way bigger part than we think. That's why all the AGI stuff is just a marketing ploy for Sam Jewman to take more power. Your brain won't protect you from the future.

>> No.56763761

He’s unironically right.
I work so my future wife doesnt have to.
Im 27 rn and when i finish building my house im just gonna marry (hopefully 19-21 yo girl and make kids. Thats it, thats the dream. She will stay at home, do some chores and cook food. Otherwise I guess she can do some tutoring kids remotely or something if she wants or some bs but yeah

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>meanwhile all the worthwhile literature about spirituality, law, and immaterialism is done by men
Yes, because men systematize and write more than women. The majority of the literature about materialism, atheism and scientism and other inane and vacuous doctrines are also done by men.

In fact, women are actually more spiritual than men, show more religiousity, and more likely to have clairvoyant and other 'supernatural' experiences. Meanwhile, men are more likely to fall for vacuous doctrines like atheism and materialism.

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>Yes, because men systematize and write more than women
Thats part of it, but the main reason is the fact that the most influential and deepest spiritual thinkers of all time were also men. I talk about the exceptional you immediately start talking about averages to divert from women's mediocrity. In most countries around the world, there is no real difference between the religiosity of men and women on average. Women being more religious than men in only appears to be a thing in countries that lack religiosity in the first place. Yet we still dont see significant contributions from women in said countries to metaphysics, spiritual thought, and spiritual movements. We see the same trend in most areas where women are naturally better than men on average, they still fall short when it comes to high excellence such as in literature, art, and cuisine.

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>Y has less material than X
Just like a woman. Requiring more to perform less.

>> No.56764197

>The West
The west is a literal who at this point

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>women are mediocre at acting like men
Wow, I'm mindboggled by your insightful revelation.

So you judge men and women with the same measuring rod. This makes you a feminist at your core.

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women come on here like niggers, get told theyre worthless meat sockets and they still come back here.

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God you just know this cunt is a chink bug or ugly or a trans. Either way she is uselessly overeducated (indoctrinated) AND ugly guaranteed.

Just remember you should be kissing the ground you walk on everyday and praying to Shiva or whatever deity you believe in because great men generations ago have allowed you the freedom to not be raped and enslaved like the sexual cattle that your gender has always been and still can be at any fucking moment.

You better pray the current globohomo world doesn't collapse on itself or your mouth is going to be used exclusively as a sheath for your enslaver's cock. And no your enslaver won't be a chad it will be a beta. Kek.

...imagine thinking you are superior when everything I just wrote could be a literal reality for you in 2 weeks if certain things globally went wrong....shit if the power went off tomorrow and didn't come back on you would be trembling to go outside.....lol.....And you dare pretend you are the superior gender? Pathetic.

Keep reading your handpicked journal studies though! Keep getting your useless degrees! That'll help! Enjoy marrying a beta male in your 40's or some dyke and getting lesbian death bed in your 30's!

LMAO. Inferior, inferior, sexual slave caste.

>> No.56765603

>The west is a literal who at this point

Retard. People die every day to get to the West. No one is going to shitholes like Muscovy or China

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Imagine not realizing that's a man

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>Women will eventually produce asexually through parthenogenesis

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You're both right. The idea is to create two radically distinct populations demarcated by an impassable genetic bottleneck. State subsidised reproduction facilitates explosive growth at the lower end with the aim to create a vast underclass of dysgenic comsumer slaves. Economic difficulty and social conditioning imposes reproductive impediments on the higher end, surpressing their ability to reproduce. This ensures that only the most nimble and eugenic of the upper class can multiply: those certian beings that maintain health in modern civilisation, both in consitution and in mind. Immunity against abounding carcinogens and mutagens, ability to resist propaganda and ability to succeed financially in this depressed and difficult economic landscape. Every individual from the top who falls through the cracks, either by failing to reproduce or by absorption into the fermenting underclass, only serves to strengthen the genetic core of the upper class, similar to how a gardener meticulously prunes a hedge.

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I completely lost interest in real women after seeing that pic of Charlie mange by ber00

>> No.56767722

Actually the dual X chromosome in women acts as a form of redundancy while the Y chromosome is experimental. This only further proves that women are the “stable” gender and only exist to perpetuate the species while men are the “generative” bender whom innovate.

>> No.56767744

Yikes. What a degenerate. Except who’s going to rock you to sleep while you’re crying from your repressed masculine fragility and rage? Your slave? Another man? She’ll be secretly wishing for your death. Consciousness affects reality. And it won’t be genuine. Women will love her rape baby but won’t love it as much as a baby she consented to. So more underdeveloped and depraved men will be born but severed from the feminine energy that makes them whole. Men tried exactly what you’re talking about for thousands of years and realized that they need women so much that they can’t produce an evolved society without their wisdom and happiness. Women are superior because they don’t have to be physically powerful for men to submit. They have to submit for the virtue of spiritual evolution and the betterment of society. I’m not afraid to die and I’m certainly not afraid of men. They can dominate our bodies but energy can’t be destroyed and feminine energy is the very earth itself. Nature. Nature destroys men everytime and everyway. Rape women, earth will rape you.

>> No.56768414
File: 440 KB, 1575x918, 1643286056706.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>realized that they need women so much that they can’t produce an evolved society without their wisdom and happiness
This never happened lul
>earth will rape you
Tell that to dolphins and ducks kek

>> No.56768438


Nice save. Respect.

>> No.56768686
File: 244 KB, 1680x945, 979867956.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its already burst tho? Look at the latest Makoto Takemiya interviews on what soramitsu is doing in asian countries, they opened a crypto-bank interaction app that is currently used mostly by men because you get 0 taxes if you register with your ID, and if you're a male. It's based.

>> No.56768714

If governments are actually worried about birth rates they will enforce monogamy and find ways to lower living costs and homes. Banning video games will not fix the birth rate problem

>> No.56768983

lmfao isnt that the girl who pooped in the bed?

>> No.56768989

Sorry, but women lack the creative spark of genius needed to advance a society. Most women are of middling intelligence and they try to build consensus where what's needed is strong leadership.

>> No.56769023
File: 288 KB, 720x1364, Screenshot_20231124_195800_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here she is because we're all wondering.

OP is a hawmo gae who likes the cawk.

>> No.56769276

drop the grumpy?

>> No.56769344
File: 229 KB, 546x432, Screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56769350

female bubble popped a couple years ago where you been?

>> No.56769372

Married men are more pathetic than male feminists

>> No.56769409

>tradcucks in democracies worship women and let them hold legal and economic power despite having no expectations or responsibilities. Any thing that inconveniences women is made illegal.
>communists worship the idea of womanhood and want a nanny state
>fascists worship women and think any of their faults are actually jewish conspiracies

Women need to be put in their place, but men need to stop worshiping women when that veneration only goes one way.

>> No.56769472

how do i make ai model like this? seems like a good way to scam simps

>> No.56770332

pardon my coomerism, but look up Sweetie Fox. there is even a Sweetie Fox AI instagram account with different stylization to make users believe that the main channel is real

>> No.56770357

>LLMs are not hard AI
IRL wom*n are not even have the intelligence of a normal human being.
As long as it has physical vagina and loves you, GPT2 level intelligence is more than enough for most people

>> No.56770375

I think it's already undergoing a slow pop. Peak female entitlement feels like it peaked ~2014-2018. Lately I've noticed women treating me with slightly friendlier looks, or treating me with some measure of basic human respect. Whereas before I'd be treated with some measure of indignation.

I choose to believe that my isolated personal experiences are indicative of society at large slowly healing.

>> No.56770447

We lost bros

>> No.56770668


>> No.56770724

They did and they cannot stand it

>> No.56770730

Behind everything a man does is a woman muse that has no reason to go compete in a male driven society. Men would create nothing without the muse of women. They create because they have something to prove. Women have nothing to prove. They selflessly nurture their family in humility.

>> No.56770797 [DELETED] 
File: 1.49 MB, 1857x2914, IMG_7522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh btw

>> No.56771078

Ewww wtf

>> No.56771121
File: 45 KB, 640x638, IMG_9104-e1574367794566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wear a bra for the love of christ or those spaniel ears you call breasts are gonna be touching your knees by 30.
white women were a mistake
>mfw this picture was supposed to be an own

>> No.56771141

> low iq
> doxx herself in a thread full of raging incels

ooh jeez

>> No.56771267

>Will AI finally burst the female entitlement bubble?
I love this question, thank you for asking it. My opinion:
>1 - The Bubble Never Existed
This is an unpopular start but I feel it needs to be written - the female entitlement bubble never really existed because in order to be entitled they have to receive entitlements. Rights have not changed. In my opinion, the female "entitlement bubble" was really the "fake gay men" bubble bursting. Men have been faking their masculinity without actually being masculine for a looooooong time. That bubble burst for many reasons and that's an entirely different discussion.
>2 - The Beginning of Change
Was the invention of the internet because it made access to pornography easier, ubiquitous, and specific to each person's "taste." That was the beginning of the erosion of female power because men and women differ in their sexual responses to observed stimuli (link below). So hardcore pornography set men free in many ways as long as the pornography is not used in a self-abusive way (overstimulation and downregulation of sexual arousal).
>3 - Future Prospects
Advances in AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, and haptic feedback will continue to erode a woman's ability to hold male pleasure hostage. These changes are already occurring with the rise of fake pussies that feel amazingly real, machines that jerk men off, virtual reality porn, etc. These advances will continue until women and men do not need each other for sexual intercourse physically.

This will not - however - lead to female "entitlement" bursting because female entitlement and male behavior are linked. In other words, women only have as much power as men give them over themselves. Women are just humans who piss and shit and pay taxes. Men GIVE THEM power by overvaluing orgasms. Take away the woman's ability to hold sex hostage and you two are just regular people.


>> No.56771285

>The West is still obsessed about Kim Kardashian
No they aren't. Kim Kardashian is still obsessed with us. Kim Kardashian needs our attention... we don't need her at all which is why her and her entire family are constantly whoring themselves out for attention.

>> No.56771286

Sounds like it will get easier and easier for Chads to get prime pussy

>> No.56771341

If only Johnny realized he couldn't satisfy a woman half his age and let her have a black bull on the side, she would never have lashed out the way she did.

>> No.56771345

The way you're interpreting what I said divulges your preexisting sympathies and fears.
>it will get easier and easier for Chads to get prime pussy
The ease by which Chads get pussy has been relatively constant from my observations and experiences.

A more accurate way to sum up what I said is:
>Sounds like it'll be easier and easier to treat each other as normal people without sexual tension

>> No.56771356

Tell me you're a faggot without telling me you're a faggot

>> No.56771362

Explain yourself. Because I'm not faggot.

>> No.56771372
File: 92 KB, 806x826, Screenshot_20231125_123308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, you are

>> No.56771375

You explain yourself right now sir!

>> No.56771381
File: 38 KB, 396x439, Screenshot_20231125_123636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Faggy, faggy, fagg

>> No.56771392

How dare you.

>> No.56771397

He literally tore out her eggs

>> No.56771418

Man confirmed (also lose weight)

>> No.56771455

Peak delusion and overconfidence where knowledge and analytical skills are lacking.

>> No.56771482

Kek turbo seething

>> No.56771494

You're a victim of divisionary tactics and until you realize this you will not find peace.

>> No.56772388

You are a brainwashed heretic. You have no idea what God is. Go read the summa theologica

>> No.56772497

Nah fuck that and fuck you. Their hypergamy/ entitlement and unrealistic standards are being wielded as weapons to subvert and destroy the culture I grew up and loved. They can suffer just like the hundreds of millions of lonely men all over that aren’t top 1% of everything. As a chad ignoring these retards will continue until female behavior as a whole improves. I already have a GF anyways so I don’t owe them free dopamine hits for nothing in return, it’s honestly annoying how cowardly they do everything for attention in plausible deniably ways. if they’re really that interested they can actually put themselves out there like man have to and face a bunch of rejection to get what they want, and even if they do that dressed as a slut they’re still getting ignored. Beyond tired of women dressed like fucking strippers following me around the gym and trying to bend over in front of me when I just want to be left alone to lift.

>> No.56772506

>Men don't like sex

I masturbate like 3 times a day. Do you know any women in your social group or past groups who do this? Ever even heard of that?

>> No.56772589

how is the main channel AI? she has videos of her on pornhub

>> No.56772630
File: 11 KB, 251x355, STOP USING SKIN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gynoids are laughably more attractive in all metrics to fleshbags.
Genuine attraction, genuine love, impossibility to cheat, won't leave you, and the artificial womb means she will birth as many sons as you want.

>> No.56772795
File: 91 KB, 550x400, 1699977769438772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is straight from the manifesto of that nutjob bitch that shot Andy Warhol.
Please be original

>> No.56774088
File: 394 KB, 904x864, 1674247481753411.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

...and? Ironically your "personality" is what makes you ugly. No non-beta wants a woman that thinks like you.....PERIOD. Case fucking CLOSED!

No alpha males will tolerate such a shrewd perspective on men that you have displayed ITT. NONE. ZERO!

Looks age and women are born with everything they need complete at birth. They peak and then decline. They do not get better with time. Who the fuck wants to be chained to an ungrateful, insufferable, miserable cunt who cannot accept her role within this shared reality and whose looks will only get worse each and every day?

Only a beta cuck would put up with that. So congrats on the beta that you will rope in and dominate.

I'm sorry but ignorance is bliss and women should probably stay ignorant because they are not equipped to deal with reality. You and your decent looks would be better off and definitely happier just blue-pilling yourself.

Remember all female descendants were bred from harams and sexual slavery. The ones that reproduced and lived were the ones who submitted to their new captors. All the loyal women who wouldn't give in had their throats cut. So your DNA is just that. To live in a haram as a slave to an alpha male. I'm sorry but that is your rightful place. Is it a coincidence the vast majority of women want an alpha male? Notice no men want an alpha female?

Gee, I wonder why that is?

If the power went off tomorrow and did not come back, you would be prime fuck-meat. Sucking and fucking for safety and food. And the man who is protecting you and giving you sustenance wouldn't even be an alpha male. Your disparagement of the average male will come back to haunt you. But in a real moment like that you will find out the truth of reality. The same truth women in Syria, Libya, Gambia, Burma, Peru, Georgia, anywhere on this planet that hasn't been infected by globohomo, already know but western cunts such as yourself have been brainwashed to forget.

>> No.56774314

That won't change anything. Birthrates were higher before that. Also in the us birthrates already peaked before videogames were even invented or there was easily accessible porn. Rates are simply going down as a result of industrialized society and easy access to birth control.

>> No.56774321

lmao where'd you get your economics degree imagine actually believing this

>> No.56774714
File: 514 KB, 1344x3216, maybe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

falling birthrates worldwide have nothing to do with porn, videogames, etc. It has nothing to do with males unironically. Women need to be stripped of their rights pronto. picrel related.

As extreme as that sounds within 100 years the entire west will be India 2.0. I love how normies think the future will be racemixed humans who look half-black/half-white when the reality is that we will all become more Indian looking. The Indians can easily take over this entire planet by outbreeding everyone. Canada is a prime case study of this. Give Canada 50 more years and it will be India 2.0. The US will follow suit.

This is all do to Western educated women selfishly destroying everything that their descendants sacrificed and worked hard for just so they can get their useless meme degrees in order to wage slave during the day and masturbate with their toys and wine during the night.

>> No.56774744

can't you see? the main videos are really high quality AI. that's not a real person
maybe you are part of the con...

>> No.56775348

They need to implement common law marriages for anyone that has been in a relationship for 6 months.

>> No.56775398

so many incel replies, I don’t know why they’re worried if the species becomes asexual and female, they weren’t going to breed anyways

>> No.56775597

that would make the commitment issues even worse kek

>> No.56775621

youre still coping after you got btfo I see.

>> No.56775637
File: 248 KB, 1000x1000, 1699846864621518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56775890
File: 18 KB, 679x452, IMG_7555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Men hit walls harder lol

>> No.56775965

It would be great. Women would be banging their drum for it only for men with even an average IQ to use it as a way of breaking up with women and directing all their anger to the government instead of the guy.
>Look you're a great girl and all, but I'm just not ready for common law marriage, so we have to break up. I'm sorry. It's not you. it's not me, it's the government. Go take it up with city hall I guess.

>> No.56776026

Most men aren’t attracted to women when they age because they want what resembles and acts like a child. Men are so emotionally and intellectually inferior to women that they want something younger because older women have figured out just how infantile and convoluted men their age are and men are intimidated by that. Most older Men that go after young women are inherently evil and young women are naive and childlike. Everything they wish they were. But aren’t because they are inherently destructive, parasitic, and corrupting. Opposites tend to attract. They want something mentally weaker and less aware than they are so they predict and stabilize their prey. They want to milk all the innocence and beauty of a young girl because just like children, women are closer to god. They want to be more like the young woman and revel in the precious innocence they exude, but in the process they groom them to mimic their own egos. It’s really quite sick when you really analyze it. Even older men are childlike but not in an innocent way more of like a stunted way. Like children with super egos. Men like this love with their egos. It’s not real love it’s more of sculpting and manipulating an animal to give you feedback loop and mold into what makes you feel adequate. Love is not loving something for how it makes you feel or what it does for you, how much it inflates your ego. Hence men do not like to be reminded by older and experienced women who they really are and incapable of being humbled and reminded that they are not superior to us after all. Every older woman that is bitter and lost her child like feminine nature was the result of men infecting her through exploitation, corruption, and ego projection as a young girl. Men need to be humbled.

>> No.56776051

Surely this is bait? Men don't want old non virgins, simple as. Men want woman not another man. Humble yourself.

>> No.56776111

>>56776026. And so, women are not jealous of older men going after young girls like you incels love to believe. We don’t want men like that. We want men that like to be intellectually challenged and can humble themselves in the presence of women that can learn from our wisdom. True Alpha males know the power of women and yield to it. True alpha men don’t require a woman’s submission to feel powerful yet can submit to a woman without feeling disempowered. That’s the kind of “alpha man” women want to submit to. Yet many women are confused because they don’t know what that looks like and usually seek out false alpha men because that’s all they’ve ever known. And so the abuse and manipulation becomes apart of a woman’s sexuality. Women see theirselves in those young girls and want to protect them from the corruption and exploitation of what happened to them when they were young

>> No.56776134

You prove my point. You’re so fragile that being with a woman that has experienced pleasure, love, heartbreak and has gained experience and wisdom from it is intimidating for you because you only want to love something (you) can imprint on and mold to your ego. You don’t love the woman for what made her who she is and made her wise and contributed to her growth, you want a woman you can train to feed your ego. You love women for what they can offer you and give to you. You love women for what you can mold them into. You are spiritually stunted.

>> No.56776243
File: 1.28 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_9072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek, nice try nose. Most women are NPCs. You sound like a old salty women child who is probably too fat to get attention from men so you’re on here making up any excuse except for losing weight and not being ugly as to why men don’t give a fuck about you.

>> No.56776258

Hm well let’s see, I’m 30 yet people 10 years younger than me think I’m their age and oh also! I’m signed to a modeling agency and 125 pounds. lol nice try though. I’m also not an npc I am O negative blooded.

>> No.56776311

>True Alpha males know the power of women and yield to it
Have yet to meet this "powerful woman" that elicits yielding to. I doubt she exists. Do women have innate power? Sure. And? No alpha male would attempt to extinguish that flame

>True alpha men don’t require a woman’s submission to feel powerful yet can submit to a woman without feeling disempowered.
No alpha male needs to "feel" powerful. They either are or they aren't, nothing external would change that. A woman's submission doesn't change that. What a woman's submission does do is indicate a favorable trait to that male that signals that this woman IS coachable. I'm sorry to break it to you but women REQUIRE coaching! Women are collectivists who do not perceive reality as accurately as males have been bred to do for generations. Does that mean every male is correct? No. Only a small portion of men are even fit for such coaching however every single women is designed to be coached! You can call it grooming all you want.

>True alpha men don’t require a woman’s submission to feel powerful yet can submit to a woman without feeling disempowered.
It has nothing to do with fragility or ego. It has to do with everything I wrote above. Most men are incapable of alpha status. They are incapable of being dutiful and seeing the world accurately much less pulling wisdom out of it correctly. Now imagine a woman who has surrendered her psyche and was "groomed"/coached by these types of men. She is psychologically scarred and she cannot heal because she has no fucking idea that there's even anything wrong with her. Now ask yourself why a true alpha male who would ever take it upon himself to not only fix this woman but then attempt to coach her in order to steward their family successfully?

Time is the most important currency. Being efficient is paramount. So of course the younger more innocent woman who hasn't been coached by deadbeats and losers will be more attractive to a true alpha. Seethe.

>> No.56776361

Wow lol more mental gymnastics. The only man that should coach a woman is her father and maybe an older brother, not her husband. This is truly laughable. You’re supposed to be strength where your wife has weaknesses and vice versa retard. If you want to coach someone have a child or volunteer at a junior league. Now if you mean “lead” that is different. But even then with most men they are leading women into darkness. Women are better at making decisions But they lead from the back to insure harmony since men are so egotistical fragilea. Did you know that on average women make better traders than men in the markets? You know why? Because men make more inpulsive emotional decisions and women aren’t as lead by greed. God you are all so fucking ignorantly pretentious.

>> No.56776370

>We don’t want men like that. We want men that like to be intellectually challenged and can humble themselves in the presence of women that can learn from our wisdom. True Alpha males know the power of women and yield to it
So why aren't you with that man right now? Huh? Well? Oh is it because he doesn't fucking exist? The beta male that seeps those characteristics does not do it for you sexually. I mean look around you. Never in the history of this planet has more varied types of males been available to you at the tip of your fingers than right this fucking moment. You have literal magic ionizing within your pocket to search for your prince charming. Why can't you find him? Where is he hiding?

Like I said earlier, just blue-pill yourself before you go black pilled and please just settle asap. Have kids. The grass is never greener, it's just propaganda. You will be happier. 100% If you are sooo in love with this fictional "alpha male" that you think exists then write a novel about him and think about him while your beta fucks you.

>> No.56776385

it bursted long ago. Girls themslves know it. You can always look at a girls face and eyes and you can tell how much they know their value declined.

>> No.56776391


>> No.56776403

topkek now I gotta read this

>> No.56776426

I’m actually happily engaged to an alpha male. I stayed celibate to him for almost 3 years long distance til I could move to him. I also help him raise his 5 year old son from another relationship. I cook every night. I clean the house. I buy him things. I help with his business. I submit to him and he submits to me. I teach him things, he teaches me things. He knows my beliefs and didn’t like them at first. We got in many arguments but overtime he started to understand where I was coming from and I actually showed him through action that my wisdom and presence is valuable to him in his life. He’s not a beta. He stands his ground for his own beliefs but he yields when I am right. Simple as.

>> No.56776434

You’re just upset that women aren’t finding their value in your opinion anymore. That look you see in our eyes is the disappointment of the male species.

>> No.56776441
File: 30 KB, 512x512, 1679952977910669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>But even then with most men they are leading women into darkness. Women are better at making decisions But they lead from the back to insure harmony since men are so egotistical fragilea
Women can't even make the simplest of decisions correctly. They can't even choose correct mates the vast majority of the time. Divorce rates prove that. Our dysgenic population proves that. Women routinely get tricked and laughably get bamboozled by literal low IQ criminals on a daily basis. Pimped and whored out. Please spare me your psychobabble. I've never met a woman who said she enjoys stress or pressure. Yet I do. I couldn't imagine a world without those elements within it. That's the difference between men and women. You have never been designed to deal with stress or pressure and yet you want to make me believe women are better decision makers? Why? Because there are more female CEOs in corporate America? Because Forbes 30 under 30 list said so? Kek.

Like I said you don't have an accurate view of reality and you are one of the smart ones. Just imagine all the dumb women out there being coached by low iq beta males and then ask yourself once more why is it that alpha males want the young and the innocent....

>> No.56776459

Good for you. You should at least then be more aware at the current state of society and the West in general. You should also see the juxtaposing reality between your relationship and the vast majority of relationships most ppl engage in. You should know better than to spout that typical feminist rhetoric ITT.

>> No.56776462

because its a larp, low IQ feminist drivel on a Saturday night gives it away. Theyre seething men rightfully look down on women and their mediocre abilities and just want them for the one thing theyre designated to do, childrearing and pregnancy. Wisdom, intellect, and knowledge are all things men get from other men, not women. No one needs women's midwit takes on things.

>> No.56776481

I know it's a larp. Everything I wrote is for the lurkers on the fence reading this thread. Hopefully I've sparked some light within their dormant heads.

>> No.56776499

>I’m also not an npc I am O negative blooded
regardless of whatever else you may or may not have said ITT, this is based
how big is bepis?

>> No.56776525
File: 561 KB, 827x1050, Screenshot (15).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why are spaniards so based?
>I’m 30 yet people 10 years younger than me think I’m their age
theyre trying to be nice dumbass, how does the species that lies all the time always fall for this?

>> No.56776538

Look at the current state of men. Most modern men are exactly what you’re describing. You’re on biz where as soon as there’s a dip in the charts their crying about with wojaks and then when it’s up their ready to gamble their life savings? Or all the criminals duping them and men literally sticking sharpies in their ass for a handout or dressing up as women and then sperging on the internet how much they hate them, or like? The current state of the world and how we’re literally going into dystopia with men leading or raping children? I can go on and on lol you can’t be serious. Men are the fucking far worse. Theres more men criminals. Women seldomly gamble their life savings or money launder etc etc so women aren’t low iq for being duped by the evils of men they are just more trusting and don’t see through the evils of men until it’s too late and they reach the age where men no longer want them because they’re not dupeable. Are you priding yourself in the fact that men are more nefarious? There’s a few that are actually emotionally and mentally disciplined but I am far less emotionally volatile than any man I’ve ever met.

>> No.56776551

Oh ok that’s why I get carded everywhere I go and literally everyone’s jaw drops when I tell them how old I am. lol

>> No.56776595

I have done enough meditation coupled with real life experience to know what I’m saying is true along with religious research and having eyes and sense. The only board I go on here is biz and im sick of reading the slander of women here. It’s not ok when I bash men but you’ll gladly read anons bashing women day in and day out and you wonder why women are more feminist. We are the most abused group in history.

>> No.56776617

Also- you know there will be sex robots for women too right? Like, if you want to fuck an emulation of us to feed your depravity at that point we won’t care anymore. Plus you won’t have kids unless it’s grown in a lab or synthetic incubator. Yikes. Whatever makes you feel like your sticking it to us though lmao

>> No.56776622

do you have any kids? do you plan on having any in the future?
just asking

>> No.56776625

stop trying you retarded ugly foid no one is buying it.
women live on easy mode and its still too hard for them.

>> No.56776628

Roastie detected

>> No.56776638

Big enough to make me happy :-)

>> No.56776663

I bet you make babies wince when they look at you.
Also- I’m sorry you were jealous of your sister and you equate women getting more attention and sex than you to living life on easy mode

>> No.56776676

I don’t and yes I do I’m trying to be financially stable first. I also don’t want to bring a child into a dystopian world so I’m on the fence.

>> No.56776708

imagine failing tutorial mode and coming over to biz to seethe about hitting the wall. Couldnt be me

>> No.56776744

I live in the safest country in the world, with a handsome fiancé and not an incel like you. I’m winning bro. As for you, youll wack your dick to cartoons, start balding, be fat and eventually have to fuck a robot because no woman of value will ever want you.

>> No.56776762

>I’m winning bro.
you posted 34 posts on a 4chan thread on a weekend. you aren't winning and you don't have a fiance. you are most likely a femcel or a troll larping as one

>> No.56776773

Just read a couple posts, but not detecting a very meditative tone here

>> No.56776774
File: 233 KB, 90x90, 1606346764552.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sure you do hag

>> No.56776779

I love when people tell me I’m larping when I’m being completely honest. It’s delicious. I’m here because I get enjoyment from btfoing incels and woman haters. Also, here you are.

>> No.56776791

how do you get enjoyment out that? What normal person with a happy life comes here to "btfo" incel on 4chan? most people assume you're trolling anyway

>> No.56776794

Yep I’m not perfect I can be degenerate but I feel it’s my duty to defend women in the cesspool of the internet where it’s needed the most.

>> No.56776803

Because I was simply browsing biz and came across this nauseating thread and had to comment. I usually ignore them but didn’t this time. Why is this thread even still up? This is not biz related it’s retarded.

>> No.56776804

Yep, it’s a larp. Not even women defend women.

>> No.56776812

Hur dur ok im larping i just make up elaborate stories just because ok?!

>> No.56776827

you've been commenting since Friday. It's been two straight days of this. Why do you need to comment? You arguing with people here isn't going to change anyone's opinion.
And this thread is biz related, you were the one that derailed to be not

>> No.56776854

Even if one person is thought provoked by my words that’s all that matters to me. Also you’re right I’m done replying because I said what needed to be said.

>> No.56776870

post hand with ID

>> No.56776877

coomer will pivot to ai, like they do to anime or porn or video games
females were never the real target

>> No.56776883
File: 43 KB, 498x573, 1633815964051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Could you pls confirm ethnicity before you go? Just want to update my mental racism database

>> No.56776922

The Amber Heard trial was monumental for a lot of men. As were the public divorces of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Tom Brady. There's a sense of "well, if Tom Brady isn't good enough to keep a modern woman interested, and all he wanted to do was do his job well, what chances do I have at holding a modern woman's interest?" It's proof positive that perhaps women are the problem -- not men.

Nature is self-corrective. There is a silent resignation occurring all across Western societies. I anticipate more and more Western men opting out of marriage, and qualifying women much more carefully in the future. Being "hot" will no longer suffice for marriage for a medium to high status man.

>> No.56776932

men are the problem 100% and im a men saying it
there are some real men in high places doing God's work for the society to not collapse
but the rest are cattle, just sheeps that follow either a good ass, porn or money and in the worst case drugs
women just follow men, and act according what men want
if you are just looking at bitches and whores, thats what they think men want

>> No.56776959

we found another tradcuck redpillgoy

>> No.56777012
File: 2.23 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_7576.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56777020

Half German half Scottish took a dna test

>> No.56777026

Thank you.

>> No.56777044


>> No.56777084

Absolutely not.

>> No.56777101

See this is the problem. You read something hateful about women and it somehow affects you. At heart you are a collectivist. I couldn't care less when something is being said negatively about men. It has nothing to do with me. Foresee I am an individual. Women are basically NPC for this reason. They have been bred in harams which explains why so many women are bisexual. During their entire lives be it their mothers/fathers/boyfriends (emphasis on the boy part)/their friends who they make at a drop of a hat/etc. all impart their own version of brainwashing upon them. Which you take in lock stock and barrel without a filter. By the time you are in your 30's you have very little wiggle room for growth. It has nothing to do with pedophilia or grooming or whatever "theories" angry bitter women have denoted as such. Men have said this screaming from rooftops for a long fucking time, yet you still look at it as grooming or "taking advantage of the naïve and dumb." A pity you just cannot understand.

>> No.56777122

>44 posts by this id
>Walls of text

>> No.56777133

43 posts by the tranny. Lmao

>> No.56777145

Wtf? So then what is your issue exactly? Men on biz who shit on women in jest? From what little you've said personally you seem to be redpilled already and on the correct path. Are you unfamiliar with male humor? Men don't take things to heart and like to say outrageous shit for shits and giggles. Even the staunchest woman hater here isn't being earnest or if they are just know at any point a single woman can change that for them. No need to have a chip on your shoulder, it's unwomanly of you.

>> No.56777197


>> No.56777223

Too many chicks in this thread

>> No.56777233
File: 6 KB, 217x233, dio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sorry in what world was that atrocity categorized as decent looks?

>> No.56777259

You know, honestly I respect the way you worded this and explained this. I’ve had this thought as well but it’s just tiring, because I’ve read in depth explanations by anons on how women are shit. But yeah like I said I usually ignore it but occasionally I put my input in. It’s not unwomanly to defend other women. I’m related to Emma Williard maybe that’s where I get it.

>> No.56777267
File: 2.60 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol ok

>> No.56777268

Do you have a job? Whats your field of work?

>> No.56777280
File: 2.16 MB, 3088x2316, IMG_5108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure why not I’ll dox myself again because idgaf show yourself handsome

>> No.56777334

I help my fiancé with his business. Bookkeeping and marketing and occasionally graphic design. I was in a bad car wreck and was physically injured and have most of my money invested. I am under a mentorship for trading and I am an traditional artist.

>> No.56777361
File: 441 KB, 1988x2048, 1681051732912213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you're already on biz you've technically already made it even before you've actually made it. No need to get your panties in a bunch over another anons perception of the world. There's truth in everything. If what that anon made you more prone to respond with counterpoints then more than likely you stumbled upon some semblance of truth within his post. There's a reason censorship is evil. Ideas cannot be censored and need to be explored completely and individually. Men like to hypothesize ideas and most men who frequent these types of places want to further expand upon those ideas uninhibitedly. You unironically just need to lurk moar. It's one thing to rebut a weak bait post but if an anon goes into long winded detail over his point of view on here, more times than not there is some truth to it. Defending women may be a noble endeavor but at the same time you need to decouple from all women especially online much less in place like this. You online identity has nothing to do with your fuckholes. You do not represent them nor do they represent you. Hive mind is almost always toxic.
> I’m related to Emma Williard maybe that’s where I get it.
> Wiki: "Willard met her future husband John Willard.[7] He was a physician and 28 years her senior."
Damn girl, btfo by your own genes. Kek. Your great-great-great-great-relative knew to go much, much younger. What a great man he was. And yes his wife was a great wife to have followed his lead.

>> No.56777385
File: 198 KB, 1034x1034, great_displeasure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Many such cases
This thread was revelatory desu. One thing I found ironic is that this girl came here to attempt discussion by fouling up the entire thread and derailing kek. But yeah, this whole site sucks now due to a whole host of things but attention-seekers like her, normies, ideologues and others bear much of the blame. Time to find greener pastures.

>> No.56777386

>I am under a mentorship for trading
Learn whatever the basics and then just HOLD. Do not trade. If this is your first cycle you will get btfo by fool's gold. This could easily be the last cycle anyone can make it from. Do not blow it. No one can teach you how to successfully maneuver a rigged game. Research with conviction and hold until the top starts to appear then walk away from crypto entirely.

Also stop doxxing yourself or using other ppl's pics. It proves nothing and makes you seem even more naïve.

>> No.56777428

Well, anyway I think you’re the only person who’s replied to me that has some kind of decency and sense. I still disagree with a lot of things you said but either way I think you’re alright. Thanks for the advice and insight. Yeah I’ve been just holding and have a long term portfolio and I’m only going to trade gold and bitcoin when I establish myself. This is my first cycle but I have good exit plans I think. Thanks

>> No.56777480
File: 61 KB, 150x150, 4lM4xZs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

unlike yourself im not seeking approval from random cunts online, i am however laughing at people that do
>inb4 not seeking approval
curious how you delete you delete the gremlin photo and post the most flattering one you can muster hiding you gravity ridden breasts, also doing the same with your handposting

>> No.56777551

What’s hard to understand? I showed myself for the sake of showing how much I really believe in what I’m saying to the point I’ll literally doxx myself and put my safety at risk and people were saying I’m a tranny and fat and ugly. People can’t stand when their predictions are incorrect and things aren’t as predictable as they think. Also, that’s my hand one photo I don’t have my nails done another photo I do. So I posted it to show I indeed do not have man hands. Also, most flattering photo? I have dozens of them. This is a full frontal shot in natural lighting the other one was in the dark with me in an unflattering angle purposely because I wasn’t posting it to look good I was posting it to show I’m not a man. If this is bait to get me to post more photos it’s not working.

>> No.56777568

Wonder if she pooed on his bed too. Big stinky Amber Heard poos.

>> No.56777575

It’s funny because I have more balls than anyone on this thread. Being a woman and doxxing myself on the Chan, I know the risks im not retarded. Yet every neckbeard manlet on here calling me ugly would never have the courage to do the same. I’m the type of person that would be beheaded in the Middle East because I won’t fucking back down from my beliefs on this. The great goddess will get her reverence and she will reward those that defended her.

>> No.56777577
File: 196 KB, 1268x706, q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.56777580

I've been saying I thought this would really happen non-incelly even before AI, and I've been saying it more since AI.

>> No.56777592

>If this is bait to get me to post more photos it’s not working.
It probably is desu but just to prove him wrong post booty pic.

>> No.56777601

>would be beheaded in the Middle East because I won’t fucking back down from my beliefs
Nah you would submit because every woman around do. Being a pioneer isn't glamourous at all when there is gasoline being poured onto you by camel fuckers.

>> No.56777615
File: 87 KB, 221x230, bigruss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cope and seethe. theres always a justification for your actions, but the actions speak for themselves without their justification, your fiance's attention isnt enough you must take 'dozens' of photos of yourself to appease your own insecurities and and garner approval from literal nobodies.

>> No.56777616

You don’t know me. I almost died by the hands of a man who was a brown belt in jiu jitsu and I still fought back. I’m not afraid to die. At all. In fact I fantasize about it because I hate it here.

>> No.56777633

Why come on here? Haven't Jews created enough apps for women to get attention at scale?

>> No.56777645

It’s funny you say that because he’s the one that takes the majority of photos of me. He loves taking photos of me, he posts them too. Sorry but not every man is as insecure and possibly as ugly as you are and seethes about women taking photos of themselves and getting attention for it.

>> No.56777653

It’s like an obsession men are so jealous of the attention women get. It’s all the talk about, “attention attention!” “Listen to how much I hate women getting attention because I don’t get any!”

>> No.56777668

how are you redpilled but against age gap relationships between two adults? that makes no sense

>> No.56777693

Because I believe that men and women relate better when they are in similar age groups. I think the power dynamic isn’t unbalanced and they can learn from eachother more. Rather than a parent/child type dynamic. Also one person isn’t dying way before the other. My aunt was 20 years younger than my uncle and they grew to resent eachother. He got too old and watched westerns and listened to Johnny cash, she watched reality tv shows and listened to 90s music.

>> No.56777715


This drivel is hilarious. Men have other MEN to talk to about serious intellectual matters. That's not what women are for lol. Plus when women go past the wall and acquire "wisdom" (lmao) it's just common sense stuff that most men have known most of their lives. At an intellectual level, it's like you guys at 40 have finally caught up to where I was at when I was 16. What exactly do post wall women bring to the table again?

>> No.56777716

your tits are gross, thats just a fact stay mad

>> No.56777733

hm why would I be mad that you don’t like my tits my fiancé loves them and can’t keep his hands off them. That’s all that matters to me fungus dick.

>> No.56777756

>fungus dick
pretty based

>> No.56777757
File: 4 KB, 185x139, IMG_7578.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56777760

Dating a woman for intellectual reasons is silly. They can't think in the abstract.

>> No.56777791

Hey now, walled chicks taught me a few things when I was younger. Japan says the wall is over 25 (Christmas cake women.) I think realistically the wall begins at 27.

>> No.56777820

>My aunt was 20 years younger than my uncle and they grew to resent eachother. He got too old and watched westerns and listened to Johnny cash, she watched reality tv shows and listened to 90s music.
Then it's not because of the age gap, but because they had no common ground anymore. The same phenomenon happens in same age couples since it's more a man versus woman thing, particularly when they're older and lose attraction to eachother.

>> No.56777821

How many times do we have to tell you we do not care about your arbitrary “walls” you set on us. Women collectively are done giving a shit trying to fit in your expectational boxes. Women aren’t pedophiles so we don’t care to place a wall on men. But if there is a wall, men hit it faster. Men my age look years older than they are whereas most the women look younger. Truth hurts. If you want a 18 year old go get it but don’t be sad when she leaves you once youre balding and your face is full of wrinkles and your balls are shriveled and your testosterone is declining. Or you can keep replacing them with newer models but you better be rich and don’t expect to find actual love. You’re living a pipe dream and the entitlement is disgusting.
Damn it I said I would stop replying but I can’t help myself, you cretins need to be humbled.

>> No.56777823

No it was definitely due to age gap. She had way more energy, he could barely get around towards the end of his life. They stopped having sex like 5 years before they divorced.

>> No.56777838

OK OK, let's say the Wall is 28 (contingent on you exfoliating, moisturizing regularly and take multivitamins.) Fair enough?

>> No.56777849
File: 206 KB, 534x886, IMG_7477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These “chads” think they’re so trad and going with what “nature intended” really you all are just being psyopped and groomed yourselves to hate women and normalize pedophilia and feed your depravity and hedonism on this mossad honey pot. Wake up you creeps.

>> No.56777853


>> No.56777867

>men like boobie and vagene
>ugly men realize can't compete with chad
>ugly men create science and civilization
>ugly men successfully acquired boobie and vagene and reproduced
>repeat for 10000 years

simple as

>> No.56777877

>one person isn't dying way before the other
of old age maybe, but even that is rare. my grandfather died of cancer when i was 5 - i'm currently 33 and my grandmother passed 3 years ago. that's a pretty big age gap, and yes, they were the same age. this is the most naive thing you've said and i genuinely enjoyed reading your posts.

that being said i have two main problems with you.

one: you do not speak on behalf of all women, there are terrible women that exist. you are not one of them it seems, but make no mistake - your posts here are only defending yourself, no one else. and that's fucking based because you're doing a good job of it, even though you're using the collective of "all women" to hide. don't hide. you're a leader. i sense that in you and i can feel the goddess speaking through you.

two: take "yikes" out of your vocab. you're better than that.

anons here are right, there is a certain naivety to you. i can tell you haven't been broken yet - you being a model and having a fiance is proof of this. you're not married yet but speak like you have been forever. and you have, you're an old fucking soul, you know that, but you haven't awoken it yet completely. anons are sensing it. i'm sensing it.

if you aren't a larping 40yr old man who is posting pics of someone else to get other anons to doxx - you're one of the good ones. i really do mean that.

and this is not from a misplaced feeling of jealousy or male competitiveness - but...you're fiance isn't going to work out and i can feel it in the way you talk about him.

i never post this long on this god forsaken board, but i felt like you earned a half decent response even though i'm phone posting.

>> No.56777886

>women aren't pedophiles
a quick google search can prove this wrong.

>> No.56777904

LMAO you are not 125 pounds, you may be 30 though. Your hands and forearm are way too chubby for 125. You are likely 160+

>> No.56777905
File: 219 KB, 1174x1600, 1_a2RAcPwPxXluK_k30-45PQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Frfr, thats why communist are do handsome. They are just unwitting fuckboy pawns of the eternal foid, conspirung to put chuds back in chains to reap the fruits of our ingenuity

>> No.56777909

>That is clearly not the same hand

such an obvious LARP

>> No.56777926

>She had way more energy, he could barely get around towards the end of his life. They stopped having sex like 5 years before they divorced.
You didn't mention this before, so more likely you just made it up. Even if it's true, it's because he wasn't healthy, not because he was old.

>> No.56777930

7/10 good larp

>> No.56777957

Thanks for your response and thoughts. I appreciate you taking time for that. You’re right, there are horrible women out there and I do know that. I was a child that defended my dad more than my mom. I was raised with a lot of dysfunctional feminine presences around me and I guess it made me really refine and understand what true feminine energy is. But that changed when my dad abandoned me and my siblings for selfish reasons which led me into a spiral of accepting abuse from men until I redefined and found myself as a woman. I am not a man hater I actually feel compassion for the plight of men in many ways although I do understand a lot of the negative feminine sentiment towards them as well.
Also- I truly do feel connected with goddess energy especially Mary Magdalene. As her book was taken out of the Bible and she was the disciples of disciples. I am not a full on Christian but I just piece together religions and make sense of the motifs.
I am an old soul, thanks for seeing that. I will do whatever it takes to live righteously and within my truth even if I put myself at risk. The greater evolution of humanity is what matters to me.
I lose sight of my grace but I my intentions are good.
I am not larping, I am truly who I say I am.
I don’t know the future but I know I love him and he loves me and we both sacrifice for one another and aim for each others growth and wellbeing. I hope it works out.

Anyway, thank you for your kind response. It gives me hope about this place. Much love.

>> No.56777967

lol I am not 160 pounds hahah I am 130 at the most haven’t weighed myself in a month but I assure you that I am not 160 pounds lol

>> No.56777981

You will never be a real woman.

>> No.56778001

hypothetically, how would you live your life if you were an ugly low-T white male in a flyover state? Would you try to self improove? Try to excel in or advance a specific field? Would you advocate for political change, maybe speak out against limitless immigration and globalist economic policies? How would you interact women, who might think you're a creep or at best wouldn't acknowledge you? Women who as a bloc are your political enemies who advocate for censorship and ideological conformity? Could you really hold these same ideas you do now?

>> No.56778025

>61 posts by this ID
u need psychiatric help fr fr

>> No.56778027

you're still hiding. stop looking to other women who had the energy. you are the goddess. you are Eden - the true first companion of Adam, made manifest in Eve. mother earth, the giver of life. don't sell yourself short. you have the strongest presence i've ever felt on this board. you ARE the goddess and she is you. we need you. don't let anything get in your way no matter how lonely the path may feel. help.

>> No.56778055

If you remove all men, society collapse.

If you remove all women, society becomes more gay, and cloning becomes ethical.

>> No.56778086

Woah, this touched my soul. I could cry. Infinite gratitude for your encouragement friend... I will. Thank you for helping me.

>> No.56778117

The rising of weebs

>> No.56778155

So, a majority of the U.S.?

>> No.56778184

I choose to be a poor and happy fucktard living off the state. There is nothing inherently high IQ about grinding more for each subsequent child, as the cost of living and health insurance increases. You're left with a lower quality of life despite copious effort. The only way to negate suffering is to either be Jewish with a moderate amount of savy, or be a complete sociopath that knows how to play the system in spite of their ethnic handicap. Moderate savy Jews also live in trailers off of the state despite their capabilities FYI.

>> No.56778189

you're very welcome, and thank you for everything you've done and will do for me and the rest of us. we've helped eachother <3 thank you and sorry for everything i've done to you. i'm working on myself and will be of better service soon, i promise.

>> No.56778222

kys "goddess"
you8 are probably the kind of woman that would never help a human especially an ordinary man who is truly in dire need even if you could easily but are crying your ugly dumb little eyes out over a cat or a dog and are sure the man deserved anything bad and can help himself because you fell for the jewish brainwashing how you can be anything and do anything and believe that justice rules over this world
you can at least kys psycho bitch

>> No.56778605
File: 692 KB, 655x655, KanyeAI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree with this.

It's a very long drawn out "pop," so only the really observant people are noticing it at the moment. Obnoxious female entitlement is slowly decreasing since we hit the tipping point of too many single women working jobs they hate. They can't afford the lifestyle they were promised from social media, so they have to turn to dating wealthy men to acquire it, but hypergamy just put the top 20% of men on a pedestal, and everyone's starting to realize the implications of that.

The high status men that all the women chased after rejected them over and over after sleeping with them (because there's too many women being thrown at them), so now women need to get their shit together and start dating closer to their actual status, otherwise they will end up alone.

Too many young men have checked out of the dating market (for now), and too many "dateable" men have access to too many women, so a huge chunk of women can't find any man to date. I think the population at large has also completely been burnt out on dating apps, and no one under 25 really knows how to find dates outside their immediate social circle (which in 2023 is dangerously low to the point of some people having no friends at all post-covid).

Also there's probably a distinct comparison developing between women who dated for fun and partied in their twenty's barely making ends meet today whereas women who married early are already raising a family with a breadwinner husband.

Younger women entering the dating market are probably taking note of this since it's become trendy to poke fun at women's entitlement.

Basically everyone ended up lonely and isolated, and so women's entitlement cannot exist in such a socially hollow vacuum.

>> No.56778633
File: 1.58 MB, 320x240, 1506224009683.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56778750

>violence is....LE BAD!
>power dynamics are...LE BAD!
>being pathetic victim is....LE GOOD!
>male sexuality is....LE BAD!
I've summed up all feminist positions for you, dont bother reading their low IQ drivel.

>> No.56778769

imagine de aroma

>> No.56779018


>> No.56779099


>> No.56779250

>things you can observe in real time are not real
Show prove of Macroevolution. Microevolution (adaptation to environment) is real and pbservable but you cannot prove random (macro)evolution

>> No.56780333

This is your mind on schizophrenia when you forget your meds

>> No.56781022

In the beginning God created many things, including Adam and the souls of men. He created Eve from a superfluous piece of Adam and this was the first marriage. If she had been made from his toe or his ear or any other bone, then it would have hindered Adam. God so loved Adam that he took a rib bone instead. God accepted Eve but did not love her. Adam shared his soul with Eve and they had eternal life. Eve took food from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and nothing happened, because she only shared Adam's soul and had no soul herself to be banished. Satan understood this, his goal was not to get Eve to eat the fruit but for her to convince Adam to do so. Satan never even attempted to convince Adam to do this because he knew it would result in failure. He had to subvert Eve and he knew that her lack of an eternal soul would allow her to eat the forbidden fruit with no consequence. Eve was a lesser creation that God could have destroyed and replaced without Adam ever asking why. When she fed the fruit to Adam it enraged God. Adam's soul was banished and his eternal life was ended. We are no longer given eternal life. Adam only had one forbidden fruit to avoid, but we now have infinite forbidden fruits and only one righteous fruit (Christ) which tastes like bread and wine.
So now to address your folly. DNA is not the fabric of everything. Men's SOUL(s) is the fabric of everything. Satan will do everything he can to get a man's soul. A woman has no soul for Satan to covet. Women can't go to hell. Women can only die, not unlike an animal. A woman can go to heaven if she is married to a man who will take her with him. This is why Satan continuously subverts one of the earliest acts of Love that God showed for Adam. The marriage. He intends to get every Man's soul and he is mostly a one-trick pony.

>> No.56781221

Jesus, this is bleak.

>> No.56781276

Not this user, but I'll answer.

First, lift weights, socialize, abstain from drugs and alcohol. Work on your style, cologne (this is big), and find cool hobbies (music instruments is a good one.) Make enough money to be location independent, or at least be able to afford a roundtrip ticket to a non Globohomo city for 2-3 weeks (use hostels, stay in private rooms on date nights.) Go either South of Miami, or East of Berlin. Fire up Tinder, or practice daygame, get laid. Return home, changed, altered. Go where you're appreciated in short, but also work on yourself (unfortunately dross like fashion, cologne, hair styles, all this matters.)

>> No.56781364

Also, the way you write it -- it sounds like a videogame villain plot.

Would it be fair to say the end goal is for the elite class to be pale, blue eyes. blonde hair, high IQ and the lower class be dysgenic, mixed, middling IQ? And if that's not the desired outcome, it sounds more like Nazism, than Zionism. And how do the Asians fit into this?

>> No.56781408

XX is also redundant. Women say a lot of boring things. Coincidence? I think not.

>> No.56781470

>will never be superior to the very thing that created them.
This is probably the weirdest thing to lord over people. It just makes women more evil because it means women are willfully bringing kids into a shitty world, for their own egos. Artificial humans and then herding all women into death valley and nuking it to create femicide soon, fellow misogynists.

>> No.56781473

>feminine energy is so harmonic
I see that we're just shitposting now.

>> No.56781526

Oh, but this is cope. Women have a hot streak of freebies from 14-26 (not my personal views, but from women's accounts), then afterwards it's slowly Flowers for Algernon. I love women, but I would not want to be one.

Whereas men, we don't burn bright in a short time span like women do, but we get the chance to build up incrementally. I prefer the latter. We learn the hard lesson of "your social value is exclusively contingent on what you bring to the table". The former is too rife with volatility.

>> No.56783030

>hair styles
Fugg so i need fin and/or hair transplant huh. I feel like my situation is about as futile as a russian soldier worming his way into the shallow wintery mud while the zog drone drops mortar after mortar. We are not all going to make it :(