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Why is binance still allowed to operate?

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pic related still has money to lose

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Too big to fail
Also checked

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doj failed, binance will expand its operations now and take even more market share and will dominate even more - oh no some millions of illegal transactions is prevented buhuuu - us took the L once again

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They got big enough to bribe the government.

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is comfy and big to make a big change
without that I run out of funds for my VINU bags, I still don't want to surrender to browser extensions

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are there even other options?

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They won't be around by this time next year.

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what should no longer be operating is the macflurrys machine, it makes scary noises

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is the anti-fees dog still alive? does this mean another wave of memecoins?

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Let the dog go wherever he wants

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chill. everything happens in slow motion. ftx didnt fall in one day. binance wont fall in one day.

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Santa Claus delivers all the gifts in one day you fucking retard