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will Bitcoin reach 200k next year?

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Not without the chinese buying it

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2024? No. 2025. Maybe. Actually probably.

Also... hm. 32.

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Will that girl send me love letters to which I won't respond ?

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i want to hold her hand

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> doesn't want to throatfuck her and piss down her foodpipe
Found the incel!

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saved to my snood folder

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I want to twist her nipples

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238,000 in end 2025

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Man imagine if she had a 12 inch cock. No homo.

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Then imagine if she would ram your ass and then shoot a massive load down your throat. No homo.

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>you know who has hands?! the devil - and he uses 'em for holdin'

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that's not the real question
you should be asking:
>will the dollar make a new low next year?

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but it wont matter because there are no monetary solutions to our fiscal trap.

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possibly, it would already be 3 years, and every 3 years the market explodes, and besides I have so1jacks, and with that I have 3 emergency plans

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I'm predicting 150-180k but 200k would be nice

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Fuck off

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It won't even hit 100k, mark my words

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I want to take a dump on her chest

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if we don't throatfuck girls like her why even live?

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It’s close to that. Someone post the video

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Of course. And my $IQT Protocol bags and $KAS bags will fund my mansion in LA. It's all practically programmed at this point.

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I want her to be interested in me and try to talk to me but I'm too retarded and awkward to do anything and then I get on a good nofap streak and grow some balls then she disappears forever and never see her again

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Why the fuck would she send you love letters?

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no and no one has ever said that. only retarded newfags spamm that kind of shit.

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My iExec will make me a multibillionaire

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I don't see any point in btc/eth until I at least hit 500k assuming I didn't already cash out in 2025. Currently thinking selling some of this shit for more RAIL and speed up my chances.

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it'll reach 200k right about the time a loaf of bread is $500.

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What’s the alpha on this, please spoonfeed

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that's a x6 from current - by the time it does that avax will have gone x20

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That's a man

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I marked them. As retarded.

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I don't care. Supra will give me a 50x

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he started out as a decabillionaire

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you fucking degenerate

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Delusional. Bitcoin will barely crack 100K in the next bullrun. It's increasingly hard for the price to spike due to marketcap scaling.

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>t. roastie
Anon is dashing and has the spirt of a true gentleman.

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We are going for 1 Million USDT.

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Bitcoin will reach $420k by 2025

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$USDT 420k

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No matter what happens, I'd be adding more QANx to my bag jeet

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No one cares

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Poor fags don't know alphas when they see one.