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AGI (artificial general intelligence, the point at which a computer system is designed with intelligence that matches that of a human) is predicted to come in 2031 according to Metaculus. How are you preparing for this historical event, anon? You *DO* know what this means for literally every aspect for humanity, the economy and many of your jobs, right?

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I’m preparing by buying icp.

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I bet it will come much sooner than that.
Nvidia is installing 200 exaflops of AI computing power in the next quarter. https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/gh200-grace-hopper-superchip-powers-ai-supercomputers/
And they're launching two new chips per year from now on.
For reference the TOP500 supercomputer ranking currently only list one system with at least one exaflop of computing power. This is an insane amount of computing.

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its already here . open AI secretly developed q*

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>imagine installing 200 exaflops to build a retarded artificial negro as a result

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I run an ai sex company, so I’m doing fucking great desu.

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They will keep a functioning model for themselves.
Then do a bit of snip-snip for the retail version

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Yes it means I finally don't have to wage anymore hopefully.

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Well you'll be dead so...

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kurzweil predicted 2029 ten years before metaculus existed

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These stupid fucks have been predicting AGI for decades and we are not anywhere close to it. Why? Because it is impossible. We are not even at the point where AI can accurately replicate the flight of a fruit fly. This is because 1. organisms are not reducible to neurology and 2. even if they were, the ways in which organisms interact with and respond to their environments are infinitely complex, vastly beyond what any computational vision of reality could ever capture.

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That's not AI.
Go outside. Mother nature is the truest form of AI we know of. Our bodies are AI as well.

>Because it is impossible
Correct. "AI" based on silicon chips and modern computers is not really AI, and it will never approach what a human being can do.