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Attorney General Merrick Garland

Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco

CFTC Chairman Rostin Behnam https://twitter.com/tier10k/status/1726981244624527556

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binance US shuttered
multiple arrest warrants and subpoenas


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literal definition of a nothingburger

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Why do they need to wait until 3?

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It's a nothingburger because the us is irrelevant on the world stage

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"Crypto markets suffer from a lack of regulatory compliance. It's not a lack of regulatory clarity."

2:45 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHQuooCiDUE

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you stupid goys never had a chance, really. you've only yourselves to blame.

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>load ze DOJ FUD

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Bullish for xrp

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both kraken and binance hit with billion dollar penalties.
yea, I'm thinking it's time for hbar.
super comfy in here today.
but a great event like this must be measured and just, so I have norovirus and have to shit on the hour, vomit every 2.5 hours.

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Hes not DOJ retard

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Someone said it before but this will be the final confirmation of a bull market or crash. Either a new ath by q1-q2 or a dump back to sub 30k eoy and 25k-30k crabs.

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It will be something big like no private wallets allowed

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imagine paying even a morsel of attention to the fake/gay government theater

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Is this this bullrun’s pre halving “black swan event”? Been waiting for it

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Based. Niggers never learn.

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Doesn't seem like a black swan if all CZ has to do is step down and pay a fine, he can just have someone run it in his place and Binance gets to continue operating outside the US.

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Garland, Yellen, Gensler. I wonder what commonalities there are.

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To give whales more time to dump

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This kills crypto dude puts it entirely in the hands of blackrock.

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Insider here
They'll announce lawsuits against Chainlink labs and Ava labs.

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Why not ethereum? Wasnt there a supposed og filing a lawsuit against Vitalek?

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Lol I really think not after the ripple case.

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They all like to wear small hats

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DOJ doesn't do "lawsuits" retard zoomerfag.


They're seizing iFinex and all Tether today. It's over.

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'operation chokepoint'
there's alot of shit they might cover today.
binance, kraken, vitalik buterin fraud, bittrex global operations ceased.
lots of big players all getting slammed at once today.
but hedera is the US government's chosen crypto.

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The feds are finally getting revenge on CZ for poaching their trojan horse.

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thats not true I can identify as I want, bio male can idenfitfy as bio female

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is the DOJ going to pay the 4billion to the customers he supposedly harmed?
(He did manipulate link price)

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They want to make sure that their shorts get covered first.

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Sergey will finally get what he deserves, BBC forcibly inserted in his anus every day.

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Not as far fetched as it sounds. They really do work that way.

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>Lol I really think not after the ripple case.
The only thing left in the Ripple case is deciding on how much money Ripple owes the SEC which will likely be in the hundreds of millions, if not billions. Sueing other crypto coins is essentially free money at this point.

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Have you ever had a government job?

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still waiting

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Where the hell are we on the news REEEEEEEEEE

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Vitalik is going down for child porn, but that's in a couple of months.

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god he looks like such a sociopath

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that's kind of bullshit, what is and isn't a security is a regular topic on /biz/, and no one is really sure about what coins/tokens that are securities.
The Howey test doesn't work that well on crypto, it seems retarded if what defines whether Chainlink for instance is a security is if Sergey ever have mentioned where he thinks the price of a token is some point in the future; and it's not just Sergey, if Ari or Steve does a "future price prediction".. well you failed the howey test and you are now a security. How about Adelyn? an employee, would her spilling her guts about where the price might be a couple of years from now qualify Chainlink as a security?

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Cool it with the antisemitism.

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>There's no escaping what is coming
But muh government overreach, lmao

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the 4bil will go directly to support Greater Israel

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>>the law cares about what something actually is and not what you call it

Trannies btfo

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my nodes unaffected

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This. I hedged on both fronts. Depending on how the IRS answere if I win win lose or i lose win win. My die is 24 sided bitch

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my nodes quivering

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Yo I don't know who this Monaco person is but if these new laws aren't presented to me by nothing but a jew lineup IM GONNA FREAK OUT

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Insidehim here, Sirgay is preparing the final dump to be facilitated by Binance and then he will retire to the Cayman Islands. Thanks for playing

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based and anti crypto pilled. /biz/ supports you Gary. crypto must die. Anyone who disagrees is either a streetshitting jeet or some degenerate that mortgaged his house to bet on the next shitcoin. Go get them Gary!

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GG is pissed he lost so badly to Ripple