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how do you get one of those remote jobs where you do nothing all day. I'd even take a job paying 50k a year. I just need money so badly and I really don't want to touch my LINK. I have about 200 dollars left in my bank account.

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bump. pls bros

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They're only hiring experienced workers now

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they don't exist. it's either hybrid or in person. any full remote job is a fake advertisement. or bait for you to apply, then they tell you its hybrid

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Sorry kid, go to the Google diversity recruitment summer camp in indelible blackface. It's the only way.

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Im at my remote job right now at stand up, on video in fact. I am a tech lead for my company and do

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You have to go to college and major in a normie filtering degree like math or CS. I picked the joke of math (statistics) and I WFH.

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Kek cope I've been full remote since march 2020 and wake up most mornings at 10am, I literally do nothing. Having said that, it's still a bit shit and I'd prefer to be out there doing something

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things changed a lot since then. i work in accounting and got a perm remote job in 2021. they are much, much more rare now. i'm past entry level as well. most are hybrid 2-3 days a week. i get recruiter job lists all the time and i'm seeing an uptick in "in office" jobs at all levels, even as high as VP/CFO.

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My job is full remote. I work in software as a Google Test monkey
Before that I was just a software engineer that was subcontracted out, but still full remote. All socal

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how did you get these jobs. did you apply thru linkedin and indeed?

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Got mine through Indeed, but it took me two fucking years and hundreds of applications.
Only did like 4 actual interviews out of those applications

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Who or where can I get jobs as SMM, community manager or moderators, marketing managers for crypto projects and also as a data analyst/scientist. Any opportunity link me here
Telegram: @teklas9

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Had it since 2018 it's hell though hence applying elsewhere

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I got a remote job that pays $13.80 an hour. The only way I was able to take it is that I have my home paid off and have minimal debt / expenses.

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I don't get why everybody wants do-nothing remote jobs. I have a do-nothing job which could be done entirely remotely, but I still go to the office fairly often. It's extremely depressing sitting in front of a computer day after day without going outside, seeing other people or being able to separate your work life from your home life. It's also extremely depressing having a worthless job, but that's a separate problem.

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i work from home about 20% of the time...when i do i spend way more money and im not getting OT like I do when I'm in the field so i make like half as much

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NPC mindset, I read and lift weights with the extra time I save from not having to be forced into the wage cage. If I want socialization I'll hang out with my friends instead of coworkers. Society is a grift, making money while barely doing anything is just taking an inch of control back from the bullshit system.

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In remote jobs you're expected to still be available during the day, and I would say most expect you to actively be pretending to work, or at least have something to say you're plausibly doing at the daily standup. I don't know how anybody can feel good about themselves knowing that their talents are being completely wasted. Maybe for talentless people it's fine, but I genuinely wish I could find a job which challenges me and where I can cause a genuine contribution. Right now I'm basically just in glorified welfare, and it's a shame because I know I could be doing so much more.

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>I genuinely wish I could find a job which challenges me and where I can cause a genuine contribution.

Look into manufacturing jobs. (Materials, planning etc)

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Where? I live in a shithole and I would do anything for a remote job that pays in USD. I have a debt that its going to make me homeless

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I've actually done that before. I'm an engineer that started in that field but ended up shifting (not really out of choice) to pointless document-based bullshit. Unfortunately my salary has massively outgrown anything in that industry, so I wouldn't be able to get paid anywhere near the same amount doing it. It was nice though, I liked how everything had a direct dollar value. If you couldn't justify the expected returns of your project, then it wouldn't get off the ground.

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You can make a decent living in manufacturing, supply chain etc if you work hard for many years. But its a tough racket to get to the top

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It's honestly not even close for engineers. The going rate for my field is $160-170k per year right now, but for manufacturing guys it's about $100-110k.
There's also the problem that once you've done something pointless for long enough, you're not really qualified to go back to worthwhile things any more.

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I want a remote job too and would take a pay cut to get one, but the awful feeling about “WFH” jobs is the nagging feeling that you’re under constant scrutiny from some other laptop class management who could be watching your (in)activity at any point. Let’s say you’re on the clock and you’re in the middle of a counterstrike game, and your phone starts ringing — it’s a client, or it’s management — that fucking sucks and feels like it could happen at any time. So you end up paranoid and can’t really do all the cool things you’d normally do at home. That paranoia ends up seeping into your mental attitude at home, you constantly feel like you’re at work even when you’re just at home off the clock.

It’s a trade off I guess, but I’d still rather work from home.

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100% agree. You've explained exactly what I was trying to get across. It fucking sucks.

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you still have to work when you work from home. but unless you're an unskilled wagie (wfh customer service) or working for insane faggots in a skilled role, people wont care if you occasionally disappear for 15 minutes to put in a load of laundry or take a walk or make a sandwich.

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>I don't know how anybody can feel good about themselves knowing that their talents are being completely wasted
being some slave goy doing sitting infront of a computer all day so ceo shekelstein can buy a new yacht every year is "not wasting your talent" lmao what a pleb you are

oooooo you so smart and talented!!!! work little bee! do the depressing b.s computer job for the shekelsteins!!!!!!!! no those guys outside relaxing on the beach are losers!!!!! just work little goy!!!! work work work!!!!!

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just stop playing your game for 5 minutes to answer your call, then go back to playing

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agreed it’s entirely dependent on management/what tasks you’re charged with at your job, but if you have a faggot boss or shitty longhoused feminine hall monitor management (which lets face it, is 95% of the management class) they are eventually going to scapegoat your “15 min breaks” as a problem, despite all evidence to the contrary

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>even 50k a year
Try 30k if you intend sitting around doing next to nothing.

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shut the fuck up, spastic retard.

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you just had to mention link didn't you. not telling you any secrets to get it unless you publicly issue an apology to all biz users, you buy a bag of $iqt with your own $link money, and post pictures of your penis for public humiliation purposes. then and only then will i give you a list of 3 little secret jobs you can apply to get a comfy wfh job easily.

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nigga that ship has sailed

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I'm a 100% remote worker. I've been remote for 7 years and never really had a full time in person job. i make 80k, but do freelance on the side and pull in additional 40k or more

pros: no commute, freedom
cons: no work life separation, not out experiencing the world

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>50k a year
Just work a regular job

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They're not even hiring experienced workers anymore
t. someone with a CS degree and experience at a big tech company who's job hunting right now.

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Mind blown. What do you do exactly?
I have worked in manufacturing my whole career so I have no idea about other stuff.

Currently freelance consultant in manufacturing managing 180k a year revenue. But my future is uncertain, not comparable to an employee making 180k obviously