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What's the low-key crypto gem with mad potential? I'm talking about those dirt-cheap rockets that can blast off quick. Drop your degen wisdom, let's make those fast gains together.

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LEET.. the onchain Gamebattles and more
criminally underpriced rn

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look into rabbit wallet (RAB), professional funded project with <200k mcap

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If you aren't accumulating ride and mex, you are a dumbfag

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Solana memes beats hard. Kek

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become leet gamer

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Superfarm/superverse, skale, mana, sand

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New nft gem, it has one of the best tech I have ever seen https://redactednft.com/play


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Passive income from my ride bag slaps hard. Kek

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> 4 Hours old
> Nano market cap
> Super Early

Your next x1000.



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multiversX tokens will be one of the most sort after in the bullrun.

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Crypto is dead

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Metastaking and the new ethereum staking options makes me wet

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I made 3x in few minutes from this shit. Solana is the king

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HTM is probably the best project there, I like RIDE and UTK too

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Where do you find them? I mostly gamble on Ethereum

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Says the dumbfag that doesn't know that passive income is juicy

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I think the hype will be more around some sectors such as RWA, AI, and Metaverse. Dig there and you'll find something

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I am all in IXS and Hello

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>biz is sleeping on this absolute gem
>code doesn't lie
>we all win
tell me you're above room temperature IQ without telling me you're above room temperature IQ

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Metaverse projects on multiversX you mean?

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NFTs are good only if you can stake them. Code for Goons and Cloudbreakers

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Hello to you too

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The only thing that makes ride interesting is its deal with Audi. utk is fucking rug pull, abandoned by the founder and the og team

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I like that faaat aaass

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Wtf! How much are you earning from this?

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AUDI is big, that's more than enough. They did not abandon the project, they sold it. With a reduced token supply, it can moon again.

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Green dildo makes me cum

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Go and do a proper research. Audi is just one of the many big ones. I won't be spoonfeeding you , dumbfag

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Check out LVL. Perp DEXs will be a huge narrative

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He's only an idiot who doesn't know a shit about the project.

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Anon, you know the drill

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not fade the elite gamer memecoin under 50k mcap

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RIDE is huge, I'm bullish on it

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I staked it for 18% APY, it's quite reasonable

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I never bought an NFT before but, these ones look good if I can stake them

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Even the passive income opportunities are quite juicy. He is a fucking brainlet desu

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let's be serious for a second

biz is missing on the Quantum narrative

during the LK-99 room temp support conduct hoax, the price of low cap quantum resistant chains jumped from 100% to 300% percent in a matter of hours. they went back to accumulation after.

check QRL on the 16th August - look at it. look at the price now.

when QC news starts being the main buzz on reddit and pleb news and liberal broadsheets then random QCR shitcoins will start mooning


and a few others

ive been saying this for a while but mark my words. if you dont believe look at qcr blockchains the days after some quantum computer news drops in the press.

it really doesnt matter if quantum computers are a nothing burger or not. it really doesnt matter if people will really break bitcoin or not. what matters is this is the sort of thing that makes people ape.

memes are dead my friend. look at what tickles the lizard brain the most.

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So crypto projects are partnering with the automotive industry now, I see there is huge development going on in this bear market compared to the previous

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be a fucking degen and go for shit-coins

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Don't get rekt chasing memes. I just made 0.4 EGLD by flipping NFTs like cloudbreakers

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Yet another rugpull, waiting to happen

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I chose the 12.17% option.

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I noticed VR related project seems to be gaining much traction lately

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I have been seeing that lately, makes me wanna buy more

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Occulus a headset manufacturing company also partnered with it

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Passive income is one of the reasons I'm still in the crypto space

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tigris pigris, ticker:TIG

thank me later
captcha phha8t

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I am fading it for ride and gmx. I just thought that it would be nice to tell you

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It has so many Huge partners on board, maybe this might be the next 100X

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I love leaving my money to work for me. passive income all the way

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You cant make your way to riches with passive income

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Its metastaking was my favorite not until the recent one in Ethereum showed up

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Don't jinx this

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Meta and holoride is the only project that I've seen so far. Maybe Apple too

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Yeah, I got some

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Is the product launched

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Shit coins will rekt you
Are you a retard

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I dumped SOL for RIDE with no regret

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Fuckin jeet hands made this coin.

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Nice list of crypto payment tokens, most especially, CYMI whose card offers great cashback

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It has been for a while now, don't be a dumb faggot, just do some research

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I still believe NFT will moon again

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This is one of my biggest bag RN, WAGMI

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Yall are stupid, you are meant to buy now rather than wait until it pumps

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DYOR on Funarcade, a GambleFi project, the usecases and tech of this project is damn solid as it has got zero restrictions and no KYC needed in it.

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KIMBERLITE, has vast features that ticks it as an RWA to me.