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Can you presale faggots stop selling for once so we can move this shit off the ground. Bunch of poors can't help themselves without jeeting for $2 on this thing.

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Wrong coin bro. Dogbat did not have presale

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>move this shit off the ground

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The dude who sold 10k had only held for 14 hours, and he sold at a 1k loss like a true biztard

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>please let yet another dog ponzi pump so I can be the one who makes money
Sorry faggot, you're 2 years too late

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I'm talking about the ETH version.

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reminder that d0bo eth is the original and only d0bo bsc is dead copy with no community going to 0

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Keep crying

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The last of the presalers who would have sold did so when we dropped below 1 mil. Now it's just jeets taking advantage of quick 50% pump and dumps when btc trends higher. But we seem to have broken the falling wedge, and we're still up like 25% on this current pump, which is pretty bullish.

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Also presale fud is dead as you've all had over a month now to buy near presale price.

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Before launch
>we are the next hspoi10 but better
>Infights everyday

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Before binance SEC:
>CZ is the next SBF. It's over
>You have no community. It's over

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Stop buying bsc d0b0

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I hold both, but ETH has been getting way bigger buys, I can see this doing 100x first, which isn't even 100m marketcap

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yes the two month old gay one is the original

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bsc has no community and no volume
twitter inactive since june
next bull market won't be good for bsc shitcoins
d0b0 eth is the clear choice, if you made money on bsc last bull run, congrats, but eth is clearly more bullish from here on out

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eth is becoming grandpacoin... I'm seeing way more bullish alts on other L1s.

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Dumb nigger spotted

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I have dogbat eth, but hold shit does it have the most jeety low IQ community. If the liquidity of it wasn't good, I'd have fucked off from this poo infested coin by now

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Buying eth right now is like buying btc in 2019 before 2021 bull, so like a 7x from here. Still pretty good and it is still the second biggest coin behind btc with no major scandals at the moment so it much more than bsc will have a flourishing market this coming bullrun.

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Bnb is an easy 10-15x, lol. Second biggest alt and the government has waved a white flag in exchange for extorting 4 billion aka no more hunting season

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Original BNB one will make your bags this thicc

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Where did it go so wrong

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So, it didnt work when you tried to take original d0b0 name and fame? Lol.

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Eth "version' is not real d0b0. Its fake, fugazi, scam.

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I boughted more

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I dont know a single presale chad holding this. Even plenty of team members have sold.
Good luck with your "community coin" i guess.

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Begone, jeet. Everyone sees your eth scam for what it is. There's only one relevant shitcoin, and it's the original.

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it is true, it is highly recommended to get into ETH at this time, the problem is centralization. So far the only way I have found to buy has been through KINETIX but I'm still looking for a way to buy

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I have no fucking idea what you mean but I need you to know that none of this is your fault anon, you are going to grow up and overcome all those problems that torment you. The ghosts of your past will stop haunting you and the memory of that day when you decided to invest in crypto will be erased.

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Why would you fud the bnb one like this? Why didn't you just stay loyal to the original?

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bro did you know that you can buy from quickswap, pancakeswap, binance, kukoin etc?

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of course, but the KYC system is implemented in all of them so fuck offf

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you might aswell be a no bonker if you dont hold both

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Original is at ATL, you can literally buy bags that can be 100x in the coming bullrun for hundreds of bucks right now.

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Yes I hold both
Doge and Bonk

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I'm primed for BenefitMine Presale and these ones are primed to make multiples, this is one of few ways I get my long-term hodls and BFM it's native token is one of them after taking profits of 60%

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unsure on ETH amounts, but 100b of BNB dogbat is a fairly safe bet

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Fucking love a good BnB dog bonk thread

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I sold off my BONK as it did 10x , pheww that's a good ride ngl.

Now, I got a telegram trading bot called BOBNET and boy the wonders it just did with helping me snipe ORYS and KYRO, some degen plays is absolutely amazing.

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>BNB version has a higher mcap despite being down over 99% from the top

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BNB version is the real version

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So you're saying the ETH version has a better entry?

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Why the fuck would you care about the ETH version?

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No tax, easier to swing
Easier access for shitcoin gamblers, there's a reason why the original only pulled 20k holders at peak
BNB community is dormant
BNB tg is unmoderated and filled with bot spam
developer is inactive, and stated plenty of times in the past that doing anything outside of BNB shitcoin season is a waste of energy
That's my main reasons for going into the ETH dogbat
BNB will have its day for sure, but probably not for a year

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Kill yourself

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Watch me do more when MEMEFI Presale is over, I'm seeing a possible 50x, team is solid, community is hyped, twitter page steady growing, tokenomics and project is customer centric.

I don't snooze on an alpha when I spot one, take profits and HODL for the bull run, enough with the big capped memecoins

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>still HODLing 50 billion OG dog bonks

It will go to zero and I STILL wont sell for pajeet ETHbonk

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accept the loss, move on

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bnb is finished
>i'm over
it's done
>dca'd my intire worth into dog bat bsc

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bsc is so finished now

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So because CZ resigned yeah, I knew it'll get plebs shaking like crazy.
Short BNB if you must.
Plunge profits in upcoming IDOs I mean there's KIMBERLITE incase you got nothing in your radar.

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Further proving the stereotype of dogbat eth being filled with low IQ jeets. CZ took the hit to save bnb/binance/crypto.

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bnb will be under $200 within a day

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Dogbat eth will be under 600k market cap within the day

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I'm in the trades already
More Presales are still incoming, I've bought well into Federalgoldcoin so I'm good.

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638k now. Goes right back down every time it tries to pump. Imagine actually buying this.

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Just saw the news about Ching Pang Zoo pleading guilty
You can add that to the long list of reason to go in on dogbat eth

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Wow a few percent drop? Yeah I'm sticking with my dog bat BnB

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how about you stop wasting money on obvious shitcoins? or at least admit that you lost? IT'S OVER, YOU LOST, ADMIT IT YOU POOR PIECE OF SHIT. stop wasting our time with these dogshit threads.

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Yep I'm thinking bsc dogbat is really dead now

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You dumb fucks really don't realize that most of the price action is trading bots. Open up dextools. Then loon for the "bot" icon on buys/sells. Hint : it's a little gold icon.

The telegram actually celevrates every time a bot buys 1k or 12k not knowing it will dump soon after. A quick glance shows that most of the volume is trading bots. That's most of your "new holder" buys. It's actually fucking hilarious how clueless you niggers are.
And before you say "trading bots are bullish it means people are watching", it happens on almost every shitcoin.
No one cares about your eth knockoff lmak

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Oh ya like dogbat eth isn't shitting in its mouth atm

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I made money on both but the eth niggers are annoying as fuck. Actually shitting on the OG bnb one when it has clearly outperformed the eth cashgrab. Then they try to say they're the "real b0nkers".
If they had any shame they'd take their energy back to the original but they don't. The entire marketing budget was spent on call channel pump and dumpers, and now they're almost right back where they started. Big surprise. JUST

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this news is considered "bullish" for bscbaggies like >>56738360

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It is though, lol. Cz saved binance so bnb is safe, but short term jew fud news influences the price. We'll probably crash to about 30k and then soon after the jews will release the spot etfs. Retard

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kek baggie

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You also shouldn't use the word baggie when 600k market cap is holding on to dear life. Even though I also hold the garbage eth one, I honestly don't care if that one dies because of how annoying as shit that "community" is

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>dogbat eth at 618k market cap
>presale launch at 500k market cap
>probably bought somewhere at the peak
You really aren't one to talk, retard

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baggie projection kek

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Projecting what? Literally look at the chart lmfao

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They did stop. People who buy on soonaverse find there are no sellers. Just unfilled bids for days in the coins with narrower spreads. No one has any coins to dump.