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Can someone please explain why everything is going up again?

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The universe is unfolding the way it wants to. Simple as.

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because yes

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going up?
nigga im in pain

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>moons 200%
>dumps 10%
im in paaaiiinnn niigggaaaa

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I made the call

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What part of “golden bull run” are you struggling with?

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Fuck you, I hate you.

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it's a pump and dump scam, can't dump without pump.

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Tether is market buying all the BTC to put on their books. Then BTC is sold for ETH and other coins with pairings to alts. Then alts are being purchased. Retail fomos into the alts with real cash and this is how whales and tether extract real usd from the clown market.

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>>moons 200%
i wish

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Fuuuuggg that actually makes sense

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Maybe our deranged, schizoid frens filled with JC Denton's favorite food has something to do with this
Maybe... maybe they're planning something...
Maybe we misjudged soijaks...

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I miss bogbros so fucking much bros

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Because holidays they pump the market to make normies think that everything is fine so they spend more of their credit cards.

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wdym my coins are 7% down today