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remember this piece of shit?

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nostalgic, i still kek when i think about the fiverr fud meme

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I fought an army of indians ALONE to prevent people to buy this.
Then I switched to chainlink because I was sick of it.
Here's when "Sergay Betray" became a meme

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My Rubic still stays Cubic.

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i hope so
there is a surprise listing that happened recently
At least now, it's 2-5m$ day volume
It's something

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It would have actually been fine if not for the like 3 successive hacks. It was taken down by competition, and thats sad, and I lost a lot of money but whatever. Yea its dead. They seriously fucked up by abandoning BSC when the Eth section was always irrelevant because Eth costs 100$ even if you use the cheapest route. It always should have been BSC backbone. The BSC side holders got assraped by the mechanics of the payout.

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My rubics stayed cubic during hoodiegate, they'll stay cubic now.