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I am a broke failed wagie who will never surrender. By iron will, I will climb to the top. The fate of the national socialist revolution depends on me.

I will destroy all who oppose me.

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You are not dangerous
You are a failed normie who posts ebic meme
You wont do shit

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Kys loser faggot, you will wage until you die

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Nazism sucks and is part of why people are in these situations.

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Yes because the alternative of waiting 200 years for your favorite superhero rising from dialectical bullshit and solving world hunger is a much better alternative.

At least fascism is honest, "it's your fault, do something about it" "you're not doing shit about it, you deserve it".

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That superhero shit is what you Nazis think you even put it in the next sentence lol.

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Learn to speak english, subhuman.

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I don't need perfect grammar to point out how hypocritical and retarded boomer-minded Nazis are.

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In fact you're a subhuman.

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Nobody cares. Go back to /pol to blame other races for all of your personal problems.

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>point out he's a subhuman inferior being
>he quickly associates that with his own race
The insecurity here is almost tangible.

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>no quotations
>just nazi schizo nonsense
Jannies why is this pol thread still up?

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Elaborate? My bet is you can't and don't have a clue what you are talking about.

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>who are the ones that created/supported the shitty wignat suburban economy and then blame minorities for everything?
Oh, that's right, it was the Nazis not the Commies who fucked shit up this bad.

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>makes up about some "schizo" bullshit happening in his head to avoid confrontation

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>Gets BTFO'd
>Realises, starts furiously reporting the thread.

You really are dumb poojet

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The solution is always to stop burning and looting your own neighborhood, something that seems to be extremely hard to understand for a group of monkeys.

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Donate 40k to me so I can begin my rise to power.
>but mostly cause I need it and I want this fag to seethe.

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What in absolute fuck are you talking about? You don't know what national socialism is. You are a dumb fuck who shouldn't post anywhere on the internet about anything because you are embarrassingly stupid. Honestly, and I mean this wholeheartedly. Go and do a legitimate IQ test and read one hard book. If you score less then 100, promise yourself you will never share your opinions online because they are worthless. Also, start pooing in a toilet and don't use your hand to wipe. Use toilet paper. thanks

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It's a failed ideology for racist greedy Boomers that even Conservatives learned to move on from.

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Fuck off back to israel kike.

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>i am supposed to stay in this thread and reply to a mongoloid playing tricks to get the last post in a shitposting thread
Yeah whatever, it's breakfast time, bye.

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Wen 1488?

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claim all the gibs you can. literally take everything you can get for free.

become the jew.

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1. I don't care about this.
2. I don't care what race anyone is
3. Fuck any retarded wignat fantasy land

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Dude it's all pointless, lifting, working, self improving, going out with friends, everything. You will never make it and you will never live the life you thought you would live.
The younger generations are realizing early how fucked they are compared to the older gens.
Things weren't like this ten years ago, but they are now and they will only get worse.

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>10 posts later
>nah i don't care

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It's not his fault his jewish genes gave him schizophrenia

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fully schizo retard, take ur pills

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lol you’re not special even my normal faggot friends are nazi larping. I ask them to flesh out their ideas and they can’t. one more goy to chuck into the meat grinder