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Can you use uniswap with out getting raped? I have 45k of a shitcoin and when I try to swal for tether they want to give me 25k

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you have to use a CEX

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use cex incel

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what coin, if it's just some random erc20 then uni might be your only option. liquidity isn't a magical ever-present substance, if there's no money elsewhere then that's it

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what's your slippage

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This is why ETH is a piece of shit chain. You can reduce slippage by lowering your swap amount and splitting up the tx. However, gas fees are ethereum are so egregious you can't, because you have to pay massive gas fees each tx. In other words, you're fucked. Stop using eth.

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gate.io, Trader Joe, Uniswap V2 are my only options

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it's .5

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Sounds like you got conned by the digital Jews friendo

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I got scammed by internet whites