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i have 1 (one) Bitcoin and has taken me a lot of work to get. how sad is that

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Not sad at all. You should now make it.

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Sounds pretty based to me anon. If you hold on to that YWMI

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3rd anal virginity

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doing great anon keep it up

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pretty sad, you spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy an intangible internet coin other people paid pennies for. I guess if you hold for 100 years you'll make it.

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Damn Claire looking rough. Fuck sohla for ruining my Bon Appetit universe kino

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This, imagine buying fucking bitcoin in 2023 and thinking you're "going to make it" the utter state of this delusional board full of fat faggot incel virgins

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ty frens

you're just jealous

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I bought Bitcoin at $200, so thanks for buying my bags, baggie.

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Get a therapist you depressed faggot bitch.

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I bought it at 199, thanks for buying MY bags, FAGGOT.

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You sold at a $1 increase?

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seethe, I already rolled the dice and didn't buy the top of the ponzi when it still had room to pump nicely, but anyone buying Bitcoins for tens of thousands of dollars is a fucking retard. I would never buy Bitcoin for this kind of money.

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you bought my bags, cope.

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you don't sound like someone who has lots of btc profit

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Already sold 90% of my Bitcoin and bought land and gold when it hit $20k in 2020, profit secured.

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Claire looking rough