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Are you buying the dip anon?

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How much would you have to buy to make it worth it?

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If you buy now you're buying the top

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The mouse is dead. Thanksgiving dinner was full of normies talking about how fed up they are with the woke shit.

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I think Disney is cooked. I would only buy if they got out of everything except for the parks and animated movies that have normal characters.

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It's monday. thanksgiving isnt till thursdsy

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>Are you buying the dip anon?
Shorting that jewish trash into the ground lmao

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The kikes butchered it beyond repair… g’luck goy.

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why post about it now? I bought calls under 80 a few weeks ago and made a tidy profit post earnings, but if you think this woke company is returning to covid ath you are delusional

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it was the plan all along? kill goyims childhood memories

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I'm waiting for the Saudi Arabia investment fund to buy it at the bottom of the barrel prices next May and announce they're moving Disney World to Neom.

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Bro got trips and is clearly way ahead of you.
I simulated my turkey day as well in my head while showering, pretty much everyone agreed woke bullshit is over.