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wtf is this price action today bros

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Liquidating leverage in both directions before we go up

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I like it

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>everything OOOOOOOing
>solana is dumping
>IQ Protocol STILL in beta
>Polygon is still miserable
does god do this to me specifically? like does he move strings around the world to dump everything i invest in/keep my anticipated projects in beta forever?:

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Leverage troons should get kicked off of helicopters with nooses around their necks desu!!!

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yes. this is your punishment for not having a single xmr bag. you are a race traitor, a jew apologisst and you bend over for your government to anally probe you every month. buy xmr for a 10% luck increase.

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>first bullrun in over two years of extreme fear, everyone it was all over for crypto for realsies this time
>he decides to buy one of the worst performing coins of the last four years
>he bought the solana top
>he's on the sidelines for IQ
dumbass. straight up idiotic dumbass.

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They are getting liquidated, so it's close enough. Maybe they'll rope themselves.

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yeah anon the universe definitely conspires for you, a tiny small spec on the big scale of the infinite, absolutely

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(if it wasnt obvious I want you to kys)

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Monero-chan can suck my fat unwashed cheesy cock

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the race he's betraying is quite obvious innit

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Write it backwards faggot, dump incoming

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It's not OOOO for me, I curse the day I got into Union Finance Protocol Governance Token

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it still says ooooooooo, you idiot

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The coins are fucking RISING

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>she looks unshaved, unwashed and beaten up
why do niggers like this kind of girls

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Thank you for your service

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its pink pill time

biz should be a combshill board now

chainlink was vaporware nothing from the beginning
haircomb puts cross-chain, infinitely scaleable and quantum resistant tokens and contracts on the bitcoin chain itself. without need for other mining or centralised services

chainlink doesnt do squat except hype existing crypto investments at conferences

haircomb successfully adds a second layer of monetization to bitcoin

haircomb will kill commercial banking. it will kill it dead. payrolls and house purchases and rent will be paid on haircomb

and guess what? when haircomb becomes successful there will be no more need for residential renting. believe it. haircomb unlocks the future that bitcoin only promised

do you want to live in a western nation? claim one haircomb and wait. its already up from 0.20 cents to 25 dollars and its not even listed anywhere yet.