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The rise of crappy townhomes charging the same prices as real homes

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Let retards buy them thinking they’re not just sharing a poorly made home with another few shmucks. It’s like how medival peasants had to all live under one roof like 2 or 3 families. Anyway let idiots buy them to both lose money and take the pressure off of single family homes. NEVER BUY A CONDO

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Get used to it. Boomer greed knows no limits.
t. Australia

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NZ here. same thing. absolute fucking dumps of houses compete in the middle market.

its so over.

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Is our generation under Biden even allowed to own "single family homes" ie a normal home for normal Americans ?

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No. Those are reserved for Chinese investors and the hordes of south americans.

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>nowhereville suburban Florida
It's worthless even as a single family gone.

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Naples is pretty bougie

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Naples is on the gulf, worthless swamp land that's almost an hour away isn't valuable.

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Welcome to Bidenomics baby. You will own nothing and be happy. Affordable housing? No that money goes to Israel :)

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Not in Fl. They banned Chinese buyers thank God

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You'd think but the prices are ridiculous that's why I'm calling these sellers out. They overinflate the worth of what they sell

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What does this have to do with the original post

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Meanwhile California is literally hosting Xi Jinping and flying Chinese Communist flags all the way down their streets. And people act like there's any contest right now...

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Bill Maher called a dictator of a literal thirdie dystopia "fancy"

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>425k house

LOL, try 600k+

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These properties are being built for Boomers who don't want to do yard work, don't want to go up/down stairs, and want a newer construction house that isn't going to require maintenance/repairs.

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>"I'm calling these sellers out."
>"They overinflate the worth of what they sell"
>Property is pending

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Those are Yankees moving there.

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>Nigger detected

Please leave the area. It is meant to be expensive to keep you out. Please leave the area.

Collier county is capped at a % for development the rest is protected Everglades idiot. Also you coulve bought a townhome for 250-300k not that long ago but everything went up in price.

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Every townhome I've known depreciated adjusted for inflation over 10-15 years. Preformed much worse vs SFH.

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burn them down. drone with a road flare will do wonders.
enjoy seeing every vacant plot of land RAPED with a disgusting townhome and sold on credit to some mouth breathing retard for $700k @ 8% interest

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Are you suggesting that they commit a crime?

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The only reason to EVER buy a townhome is if it's like 50% the price of a SFH. I'm talking like $50,000

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Lol wtf are you talking about? Naples is beautiful. But it's extremely boring in the summer months because nobody is there.

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In the 90's you could buy a nice condo in the nicest parts of Florida for under 100k.

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It's nowhere near Naples, you're driving an hour to get to the part of town that isn't Home Depot and Walmart strip malls.