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How much are you saving per month?

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Like 1500-2000 I think
Not sure. Most of my wealth is generated from crypto

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Wait? Were we supposed to save money?

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1k USD. Sadly my nation's currency is weak against the USD so thats all I can manage. 66% of my monthly income.

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Nigga I spend like $5k more per month than I make. Lmao I’m so fucked. Not my problem

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Including my boomer accounts? About 30-35% of my gross income

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between 0 and 200

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this, only 20% actually save anything meaningful. After 16 years of waging I can safely say that saving is fucking pointless. I save 0, every now and then I yolo some into crypto for liquidity, make multiples and leave it there to make multiples again But Im not saving anything Im moving my money around constantly to make it work for me.

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a wife typed this

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$1500 USD in personal savings. Another 600 or so in a 401k. 100 in an HSA.

I'm going to spend a majority of personal savings on a 60k car though to sit in the left lane with my bright lights on and refuse to let poor pass. Makes my entire day watching wagies seethe in their econoboxes. They can do nothing about it

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outgoings $700
left over $2k

how long can I stay sidelined before I should invest?

2020 burned me bad. Portfolio is down 86% and I only cashed out my initial.

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Depends how life decides to fuck with me. Some months I save $1000, some months I don't save anything at all and need to dip into my savings. But on average I manage to save about $2-300.

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Trillion and 1
>Kas 1,000.00 per coin 2025

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£1.2k ish

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bout $10k between 401k, espp and overflow from those