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Kaspa is at the beginning. Many will only realize this in 2025/2026

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Not buying your bags.

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I bought at. 14 and will sell at. 30 because there is no fucking liquidity atm thi shit will not pump without normie money and on twitter everyone is saying they havent bought because its not on binance yet, but if it gets listed CZ will manipulate it to oblivion so everything is looking uncertain and why I will sell as soon as a 2x appears
Simple as

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Hold tight anon, 100 Billion Marketcap is fud.

Ran Neuner today: " Honestly, since the launch of Bitcoin, Kaspa is the most impressive piece of technology that I've actually seen"

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Yeah sure anon go print 100 billies out of thin air, you are a fucking braindead monkey

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Kas 1000.00 by 2025

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>why I will sell as soon as a 2x appears
the absolute state, you feel you are really smart after a 2x

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Are you?

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>$4 in 2025

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1001.00 by 2025

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Does Kaspa have smart contracts, or does it do nothing? We already have bitcoin for that.

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>what does it do

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It's a shitcoin being pumped by shills, compare the amount of tokens with any other L1 and you'll see that it's destined for failure

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scam coin. not buying your curry garbage pajeet

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The second largest crypto mined on the planet.

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Anyone for pizza?

I'm ordering jalapenos pineapple and pepperon, what do you guys want

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It do be like that tho

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kek angry little poojeets shilling their shitcoin. Nobody's buying your scam rakesh

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got a good feeling about this one bros

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Yet the numba continues up.
> Stay poor tranny.

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This shit is going to dump uncontrollably sometime before the bitfuck halvening and the amount of assblasted /biz/baggies who fomo'd and bought the top will be astronomical. The pink wojaks will appear on the catalog as a biblical flood.
>Verification not required.

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Kaspa bros????

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ETH and ADA are gonna dip back down to <$1 USD someday, just wait faggot.

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Sure, the chart is impressive, at the moment. Kadena also had a very impressive chart, key word "had". I remember it KDA shilled here at $0.10. It had a run. Now it is forgotten.
Kaspa gives me major Kadena vibes. A hyped up shiny nenw PoW Bitcoin 3.0 that does nothing.
You can mine it. You can trade it. What else can you do?
Eth unlocked smart contracts. Cardano had a psychopath founder who knew how to ride Eth coattails and promised smart contracts. Future promises are great for inflating the speculative bubble. I'm not even sure what Kaspa is promising. It does nothing.
Compare KAS with Alephium, another shiny new PoW L1 also based on UTXO that already has fully functioning smart contracts. And only $20M mcap as of this post.
KAS may go up more. It is guaranteed to dump Kadena style and be forgotten.
ALPH is just beginning its rise.

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Look into Dero, anon

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Thank for recommendation. After a 1 minute look on coingecko, here are some initial thoughts:
Dero, like Kadena, had a great run from March/April 2020 culminating in ATH November 2021. Bitcoin pico top $69k was early November
Kas chart is up only. Kas launched in May 22'. Bitcoin was well into it's bear market dump, sitting at around $30k. It would continue to go down more, but the worst was over. Also, remember, it was around this time Etherium fucked its miners in the ass, leaving them high and dry. Kaspa arrived on the scene at the absolute best time possible.
Alephium mainnet launched the exact day of Bitcoin ATH $69k. ALPH price got dragged down with it the entire bear market. People take one look at the chart and write it off. This gives us a remarkable opportunity.
Since July 22', roughly launch of Kas, ALPH is up only too, only not nearly as much up because the chart doesnt start tabula rasa and everyone sees the initial dump. Alephium development is much farther along than Kas. Mcap is only $20m...
Of course, better tech never means better investment. Dero may have the best tech. I will definitely look into it. Unfortunatley, it already had it's initial pump. ALPH is newer and shinier and just beginning its rise.

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There is some truth to this. I am in Kas, but I don't see it doing much. So it will be easy for me to dump when the dumping is good.
One further point on Alephium - the importance of the newly released bridge cannot be overstated. It is now possible to bridge wETH, wBTC, USDT from eth to alephium. It's very easy to do, the process is same as many bridges that all Web3 natives are familair w.
With Kas, you can mine it, you can trade it. What else is there to do? Only one other thing to do. Dump it. Everyone is mining and trading it. Soon they will get bored and say 'what else can I do with it?' The only option left is to dump it. They will dump it.
With Alephium, you can mine it, you can trade it. You can bridge ETH, BTC and USDT to it. This is only the beginning of the stickiness. You can LP mine. I heard there is a lottery you can gamble on. Soon, there will be many more opportunities for yields and cash flows.
The point is that the brand new bridge makes it very easy for capital to flow into the brand new emerging market on Alephium. So, I expect it to pump. Sure it will dump too, but playing probabilities, Kas dumps sooner and harder
Thank you anon for reading my blog

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have fun bagholding