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>look around /biz/
>people attacking boomer rock stackers for no reason
>the anons who actually own PMs seem to know their shit
>the shills are clearly artificial
>ZOG and big banks clearly don't want us owning silver
Well that's my sign to exit the market and go all in on silver.

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>can't be digitally tracked
>recognized over thousands of years of trade
>can't be devalued without major financial institutions creating 200x the amount on paper to suppress its true value
>private transactions are face to face, not on a digital ledger. Meaning it's impossible to tax private sales
Yeah citizens owning silver is a nightmare for the feds. No wonder they're trying to persuade people from buying it.

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people are 'attacking' you because /biz/ is a money-making board and boomer rocks don't apreciate in value. Also go back to pol

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>>the anons who actually own PMs seem to know their shit
LOL pmfags always bitch about why their investments "should" be worth more. Sorry you got scammed retard maybe re evaluate your worldview if it doesn't align with reality

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>what is buy low sell high
Wow imagine being retarded on purpose... hahahahahahahaha stay poor.

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The problem with your strategy is there is never a "high" period. You will baghold a bunch of garbage silver until you die.

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Jewish hands typed this post.

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No one who truly stacks does it with the intention to flip it back for more clown bucks. It’s called a store of wealth for a reason.

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in the event of a crash big enough to matter lead is a better bet than silver. Sorry you got tricked

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>I never intend to get anything back
We know that, you are a pmfag, you bought the *ideology* not an actual investment

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Money flows. Under expansitory regimes the 'monetary impedance' of an asset-class determines the relative inflation seen by that asset-class. Labor (in the broadest sense, all income earners) has high monetary impedance, illiquid assets like housing have moderate impedance, liquid assets like equities or gold have low impedance. The surest way out of the wagie cagie is to lever-up on the higher relative inflation of low impedance assets, BTC or 2x LETFs (conservative, survived the GFC), gold can't be used as the long cycle period of gold makes it impractical to lever-up on it

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>not stacking both
Poorfag detected.

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its crazy that myth still exist

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silver and gold ownership is fucking awesome.

dont go too crazy, but putting 5-10% of your take home pay into gold/silver just makes sense

i make like $1500 a week takehome, a 10 oz bar can be had for less than $300, so 1 out of 5 days i am paid in silver basically

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Grain was literally the first money

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actually gold and silver are being suppressed by the fed because if say gold was to follow bitcoin, 30k usd per troy ounce, then people would be cashing in or investing, possibly using gold for purchasing power.

gold and silver are solid investments, heavily suppressed, not for pump and dump trading.

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>be jews
>suppress "real" assets because you don't want the goyim to buy any
>the supressed price allows goyim to buy more for the same dollar amount
How exactly is this supposed to work again?

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You're sorry for what?

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The same way that the housing market-backed banking bubble was supposed to work, right up until the world realized what was happening

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>heavily suppressed
Gold has 44x since '71 while money stock has 42x, the idea gold is "suppressed" is pure shiney rock fetishist fantasy

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And how's that working out for you chud?

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Forgot pic

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I have a house, a wife, a small parcel of land, gold, silver, guns, and a 65 pound malinois that seems to believe that her one and only God given purpose is to kill any living thing that steps foot on the property.

So yeah, pretty good honestly.

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>cant have these threads on /biz/
>cant have these threads on /pol/

Fedniggers mad as fuck, look at him go lmao

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checked what? You new around here?

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dollar menu is like $6 now

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Remember when Carl's Jr/Hardees had the "6 dollar burger" and it was like $3?

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>>can't be devalued without major financial institutions creating 200x the amount on paper to suppress its true value

bro they mine it. It's in the ground

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It's expensive and an intensive process to mine. However the point you're missing is that the price of the physical commodity is determined by the trading of naked paper derivatives. The supply of paper derivatives is exponentially larger than the physical supply of the commodity. So these (((financial engineers))) have taken the inherent scarcity of gold/silver out of the pricing scheme.

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>I’m the dollar menu millionaire!

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redpill me on why anyone would pick silver over gold

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Look up William Jennings Bryan

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1) Greater accessibility for the common person 2) A belief that the federal reserve and their banking partners are lying about the amount of physical silver bullion possessed in the Comex vaults, paired with manipulation of the price of silver futures in an effort to continue printing paper money for as long as they can without the value of said paper bottoming out
3) the religious understanding that silver was the currency used by the Jews to barter away the life of Christ, and that for the past two thousand years the use of silver has been anathema to them, along with werewolves, vampires, skinwalkers, and other evil beings
4) There was that one chick who used to post nudes in /pmg/ with silver coins BARELY covering her nipples, asshole, etc. Has absolutely nothing to do with anything else posted, but I'd be a fool to deny the effect that it had on people

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This! Man I love silver man! Lemme tell you. I just keep stacking. They wanna drop price? Go ahead I’ll just keep buying man.

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>>can't be devalued without major financial institutions creating 200x the amount on paper to suppress its true value

They already do this on futures and digital silver (not taking delivery). It's been fucked to read how people suddenly go on to try to take delivery and they can't. The places who keep those on their books don't have the silver in their vaults so they run these people around. And yes they are doing 200x paper values just like fractional reserve banking. It's all fugazi. Tamps are artificial market corrections based on paper not physical.

If everyone who held PM's took delivery the price would skyrocket because all those empty vaults would be made visible and those dealers would be in a fucking panic.

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As opposed to holding currency which keeps its value for decades? Oh about that....

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I bought 3 kg of silver with eth when eth was $3300. Something very powerful about holding a bar of metal in your hand. Next time we're in a true fomo market I'll get a kg of gold lmao

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No tard you hold crypto and stonks.

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neither of those things are recommended for holding...

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god damnit, seeing this just pisses me off. We have to go back.

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What? the floor for clean underwear?

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>can't be digitally tracked
also can't be digitally used
or audited by yourself

>can't be devalued
actually, it was
when gold and silver were removed as money, if you adjust its graphs to inflation, you will see that gold and silver are dead

>it's impossible to tax private sales
that's the case with anything, dumbass

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that's funny you say that, considering that paper silver is JPM's cash cow
whenever they have a bad quarter, they just paper sell silver and it always works, cause most of its trade volume is done digitally, with futures
you are financing the jews

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stocks and crypto have beaten inflation on a YOY average if you consider the last 10 years
silver and gold have lost to inflation (government mesure, mind you) EVERY FUCKING YEAR save for maybe 2020
your rock is basically just extra liquidity for bond sales

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>words, words, words
I am not reading all that.

But thanks for the green arrows. That helps to understand you are supposed to read from top to bottom.

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Yes the Jewish central banking cartel is subverting society and robbing the Everyman of their purchasing power. Buy BTC and silver and gold and never use your phone to make purchases.

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Underrated post

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Stocks are productive assets that can create new wealth

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Look where you are

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Nice to see some newfrens can see through the (((anti-PM fud))) bullshit.
Personally i liquidated all my positions and went all in silber. I already know it's the best financial decision i'll ever make during my lifetime.

Silver & gold are starting the biggest bullrun in the history of mankind. They are the only real assets left in an ocean of worthless digitalized paper claims, a ponzi the size of a galaxy who need to grow larger everyday, but no more fools to buy. Pms will have the duty to sponge all this bad debts, all this fiat vomit, all these supposed equities.

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How about borrowing BTC?

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It's not like they have any other option left, beside directly outlawing PM possession. But this wouldn't fly in today's absolute defiance of the ZOG from literally everybody. People would see it as a huge buy signal/imminent SHTF scenario.

So they are stuck supressing it at any cost or else their fiat scam implode. And it's not *simply* supressing here and there, it's keeping it below a certain threshold at all time. If tomorrow they let silver run to $60 or gold to $3000, the demand will go through the roof and the premium will inevitably decouple from the spot valuation, shining a light on the scam of abundant paper silver versus scarce physical silver. Then there is no stopping of the machine, because they don't even have the dump leverage they have with gold, where central banks are huge holders and can sell their bars on the markets simultaneously to tank the price. The amount of silver held by central banks today is fucking zero. They have no way to stop the train once it goes full antisemite rock tchoo tchoo.

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lmao cursed pic

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I will literally haunt this board for years with it until every maxi roped.

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>physical item matters incredible amounts in digital disposable world
Ok sure buddy, when shit hits the fan I will turn lead into gold, just watch

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Checked. Also, don't bother. Might as well go into moass discussions with baggies.

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>no more fools to buy.
There's a sucker born every minute

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Pretty sure 1 sucker/min isn't enough to sponge infinite paper claims.

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That's because the shiny rocks never fucking go up in value nigger. You have to wait 20 years to see a 5% increase meanwhile were getting fucked in the ass by inflation. You're actually losing money if you hold shiny rocks.

There's no FUD because this is something obvious, and no ody cares enough to even touch the boomer rock threads

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i wouldn't go all in just yet, but yes, definitely grab some now before it becomes unobtanium

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>there is no FUD
>no one wants boomer rocks (fud)
>inflation kills gains (fud)
>slow growth (fud)
>losing money (fud)
>no one cares to touch boome rock threads (in boome rock thread spreading fud)

holy fuck you faggots make it easy to spot

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The Central Banking kikes hold the vast majority of the world's Gold. If they chose to (When they choose to) They can flood the market and crash the Gold price.

You know what they don't hold the majority of? Silver. They claim they do through the COMEX, but the COMEX is a proven ponzi scheme, They don't have the Silver they claim they do.

The vast majority of Silver has been burned up through irresponsible industrial usage, they kept it so artificially cheap for so long they blew through almost everything the Earth has in its crust. Wasted on cheap electronics that are now wasting away in a landfill, or vaporized in a battlefield from a cruise missile. Silver mines are slowing production or even shutting down entirely because the world is running out of Silver. There's still plenty of Gold in the earth left to mine, whereas Silver is going extinct.

The Silver that remains after all of that? Is held in the hands of the people. You want to be one of those people, because when the scarcity of Silver becomes undeniable, and (((they))) can no longer afford to suppress the true value, You will be able to name your price.

A house? a couple of acres? who knows......

I'm not saying you shouldn't buy Gold at all, Nothing wrong with Gold and you should have both on hand just for diversity's sake. It's just that Silver is like 10x the bargain, probably the greatest bargain opportunity running in human history currently, and it's a mathematical certainty that this anomaly is not going to last forever.

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That's not a pmfag that's a pmgfag big difference sir

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You're just paranoid

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>*crabs for 50 years in your path*
Its not even an inflation hedge.
The problem is that nobody wants your literally heavy bags.

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One of the main problems with rock fags is their delusion.
They are stuck in a delusional world view where they think everyone "fudding" their rocks is just DA JOOOOOOOZ with their conspiracies.
Even though in 5 minutes of research you can conclude that jews are literally the main ones selling bullion in the PM industry.
/biz/ is primarily a crypto board, and all these "paid jewish rabbi shills" you schizo /pol/troons imagine, are simply just cryptochads laughing at your ridiculously shit ""investment""
While you retards have been bagholding heavy bricks of metal that you doomers fomod into it high premiums at a loss, bitcoin chads are already up almost 3x just in the last year

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it hurts so much bros