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cursed coin cursed life

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We are wyckoffing out of a bullflag

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this should be a combshill board now
chainlink was vaporware nothing from the beginning
haircomb puts cross-chain, infinitely scaleable and quantum resistant tokens and contracts on the bitcoin chain itself. without need for other mining or centralised services

chainlink doesnt do squat except hype existing crypto investments at conferences

haircomb successfully adds a second layer of monetization to bitcoin

haircomb will kill commercial banking. it will kill it dead. payrolls and house purchases and rent will be paid on haircomb

and guess what? when haircomb becomes successful there will be no more need for residential renting. believe it. haircomb unlocks the future that bitcoin only promised

do you want to live in a western nation? claim one haircomb and wait. its already up from 0.20 cents to 25 dollars and its not even listed anywhere yet.

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Sneed’s Feed & Seed Formerly Chuck’s

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I sold 30% of my bag at 16.5 and the rest at 15 when it climbed back out of the dump. What an absolute shit coin.

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plural fudcucks, kekfuddies

1: a misguided, unpaid, and disgruntled personal assistant to link holders and stakers
"I just woke up! I could clean up the smegma scented basement I live in, but today I need to spend 8 hours angrily keeping biz up to date on my latest headcanon!" - your average fudcuck
2: an angry retard who lives on biz and is bitter about selling at a loss / gambling it all away on a lending platform: person affected with extreme intellectual disability or emotional instability
3: a mindbroken, low testosterone ESL "male" - usually from a third-world country, who found biz after 2021 and is obsessed with the investments of other men and feels a need to always post about it

The terms fudcuck, kekfuddie, and their derivatives are currently used as technical descriptors in medical, educational, and regulatory contexts. These uses are broadly rejected by fudcucks, mostly because they find them incredibly offensive and upsetting

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Why in the fuck are glowies in Link threads?

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