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Bobo the bear, man of the year.

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Bobo the man, bear of the year.

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>BTC +118%
Thank you for your donation, bobby

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Yeah, BTC just completed its bear market "~100% rally". When it did that in the 2018 bear market, it went from 5800 to 11800. What happened after that? It crashed to 3200. A crash of ~73%. And what would that be now? A crash of ~73% from 37000 = 9900 ..... that's just under 10k. What a coincidence!

BTW in 2014, the rally was 340 to 685. What happened then? It crashed to 166. A ~76% crash. 76% from 37000 is 8880. Many anons have predicted 8k/9k. What a coincidence!

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lmfao I can sense the sweat and fear through the screen

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Back then, there's no huge ETF event like now. Post a bet on polymarket if you're so full of your prediction, I'll counter bet your ass.

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Delayed/rejected. And then all you have is deflation, recession, decreasing company earnings and high rates. Doesn't sound too bullish for risk-assets

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How comes all bobos sound like they're crying in their rooms

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he looks so cute!

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An egregore can't be man of the year, and this year hasn't been bullish at all, the market fully recovered and new tech is more promising than ever

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ETF news/rumors/etc are bearish, not bullish. Whenever you start hearing news about ETFs and people resorting to ETF-related cope, you know massive dumpage is ahead. People were talking about muh ETF in 2018 as well. Only newfags think ETF=bullish.

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>hasn't been bullish at all

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I'm crying out in my backyard wiping away tears with million dolla bills from shorting 38k

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During the previous cycles BTC pumped much more, while this time it only made 3 times the previous ATH. Given it pumped less its logical that it dumps less as well, cycles are getting shorter and less radical, because of basic market psychology

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That's just a random post on 4chan, there was no ETF rumors at the time

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>the "this time it's different" cope

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Tradingview: >>56702048 - you can check charts from the time on tradingview and see lots talking about ETFs.

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i bet you felt veeery smart there didnt you?

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>someone somewhere is talking about ETF
I'm sure it has always been the case, your point?

It's always different, no two cycles have been the same so far.

Just a bit :)

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>it has always been the case
Exactly. People posting about ETF is nothing new. And my point was already stated here: >>56702024 -- Whenever Bitcoin ETF-related news/rumors etc have been brought up, the result has been bearish.

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>there was no ETF rumors in 2018
That shows how new you are. You weren't in crypto in 2018.
> :)
You have to go back.

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How would there be enough sell pressure to come back to $10k? Blackrock and Microstrategy will buy up every single bitcoin under $20k at this point. Unless your reasoning is the Great Stagflationary Recession that comes will force everybody to liquidate all their crypto holdings

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>there was no ETF rumors in 2018
>th-that's just a post on 4chan...
https://archive.is/CSUVo <--- your favorite site in 2018
Now kill yourself NIGGERFAGGOT

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>Blackrock and Microstrategy will buy
"muh institutions"...

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in the past there was not a lot of liquidity. it wont crash 70pct. you will be happy with a 30 pct crash from here.

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hey am all for having a plan, but your plan is retarded, i hope you don't miss out on those juicy gains from the bullrun

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Blackrock could buy every Bitcoin off exchanges if they wanted TODAY.

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>many anons have predicted

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I'm glad I see finally a quality post full of intel.
In my opinion based on speedlines, cycles and fibonacci supports btc will crash around 20k before pumping again and 15k will be the absolute bottom. Nothing under 12.7k is even possible and permabears will be left on the sidelines again, trying to time the market. News for you. You can't. Time in the market beats timing it.

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>muh institutions will save us

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>there hasn't been countless predictions for the 9k-8k range over the last two-three years
Super newfag detected. Is this your first week on /biz/? Many have predicted 8k specifically due to that artificial wick to 8k on Binance near the top, picrel.

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Priced in. Also rejected, Blackrock has tether disclaimers because they know this shit is a scam.

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Bullish for TUSD.

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>woman of the year is a man
>man of the year is a bear
Can't make this shit up