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Well, there's a guy named Sergey, big as can be
In his plaid blue shirt, so easy to see (oh yeah)
He's sittin' by the window, dumpin' Chainlink all day
But it ain't about the money, it's about Big Macs, they say
With every token sold, he takes a bite, what a sight

Fat Sergey in a plaid blue shirt, eatin' Big Macs
Dumpin' Chainlink tokens, makin' stacks of snacks
He ain't worried 'bout the market crash, no sir
He's just lovin' that beefy goodness, can't you see?
Fat Sergey and his tasty feast, livin' large, that's the least (ooh-yeah)

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Retards here are still obsessed with this, huh? I'm having the saddest high school reunion type moment right now.

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In the land of Babylon, where the sun shines bright
There's a big old rasta man, his name is Sergey, alright (alright)
He's got love for reggae, and he's got love for food
Visiting McDonald's, he's in the mood (uh-huh)
With his chainlink tokens, in his hand so tight (so tight)
Fat Sergey at McDonald's

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Has anyone ever actually clicked a vocaroo link? If I wanted to hear /biz/, I'd volunteer at a soup kitchen.

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its AI made you retard

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Inna di land of misinformation
Wojak catch di crypto fascination (oh-yeah)
High hopes for Babylon's liberation
But di market be a tricky situation (ooh-ooh)

Wojak buy di crypto when it's flying so high
Sellin' low when it's time to say goodbye (goodbye)
Never catchin' di rhythm, never catchin' di flow
Babylon keeps playin' tricks, never lettin' him go (ooh-yeah)

Oh, Wojak inna di crypto game
Buyin' high, sellin' low, it's always the same (the same)
Searchin' for riches, but it keeps eludin'
In Babylon, it's just a life of confusin'
Wojak inna di crypto game
Buyin' high, sellin' low, it's always the same (the same)
Lured by di promise, but it never deliver
In Babylon, it's just a life of bitter (ooh-yeah)

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hello, how do i make these please, this is amazing

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Oh cool.

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Down in the dusty halls of the old school
There's a man workin', trying to play it cool (cool)
But the kids don't care, they walk on by
And the green frogs on the biz board make him wanna cry (ribbit-ribbit)
He's just a janitor, no one gives a damn

Oh, the unpaid janitor, sweepin' all day long (all day long)
With a mop and a bucket, he's gotta be strong (gotta be strong)
But them green frogs on the biz board, they laugh and they jest (ribbit-hee-hee)
Oh, the unpaid janitor, he ain't got no rest (no rest)

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Well, there's a story 'bout a big man, workin' all day
Moppin' up the floors, cleanin' up the mess, he doesn't get no pay
He's a janitor in the office, but he's got a dream
Munchin' on his hot pockets, livin' life, it seems

Unpaid fat janitor, feelin' the groove (oh-yeah)
Eatin' hot pockets on the biz board, can't ban the frogs
Workin' hard, but no reward, he's got the moves (ooh-yeah)
Unpaid fat janitor, dancin' in the fog (in the fog)

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In a place called Biz, where the dust collects
He's the lonely janitor, paid no respect
With his broom in hand, he sweeps away
All the broken dreams, of a forgotten day (yeah)

(Sweepin', sweepin', swee-ee-p)
(Sweepin', sweepin', swee-ee-p)

Sweep away, day by day (hey-ey)
In this land of gray, where he's forced to stay
Scrubbing floors, mop and broom in hand
He's the janitor of dreams, in this desolate land

(Sweepin', sweepin', swee-ee-p)
(Sweepin', sweepin', swee-ee-p)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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Raging fire burning in my soul
LINK tokens slipping through my fingers (through my fingers)
Trusted you, Sergey, but you let me down
Betrayed my trust, left me in pieces (in pieces)
Now I'm left to pick up the debris

You fat man, Sergey, you thought you could deceive (deceive)
But I see right through your twisted games
You dumped my LINK tokens, left me in despair (despair)
While you're chowing down on Big Macs
But I'll rise from the ashes, stronger than ever (stronger than ever)

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so far nothing has come close to this masterpiece

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In a small town, there was a man named Wojak
Held tight to his dreams but played a risky game (game)
Thought he found his fortune in the crypto land
But the markets turned against him, he couldn't understand (oh-oh)
He bought high and he sold low, a tragic tale unfold

Oh, Wojak, what have you done? (oh-oh-oh)
Lost your savings, your hope, your fun
Chased the riches, but fell so low (so low)
Now you're stuck with Link, a coin you can't let go
A tragic country song, with Wojak in the throes (oh-oh)

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top kek

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This is my new favorite song

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Well, Pepe was a frog, livin' life in the swamp
Dreamin' big dreams, oh, he had it all planned out
He wanted fame and fortune, that's what he desired
But little did he know, his world was about to be rewired (oh-yeah)

Pepe's got the LINK token, he's hoppin' to the top
From the swamp to the penthouse, he ain't never gonna stop (oh-no)
With his style so flashy and his moves so slick
Pepe's the frog that got it all, he's makin' it rich (woo-hoo)

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0:00 Ne More Time !

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wish the songs would be 2+ minutes, some of that shit really slaps

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post some dall-e sergeys

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Yo, I'm in the game, spittin' flames, call me Sergey
Stealin' from the top, I'm risin', no mercy
Linkies tryna catch me, but I'm too slick
Snatchin' up Big Macs, yeah, I'm a foodie, quick
Rockin' that blue plaid, reppin' my style

I'm the fat cat, dumpin' LINK, I'm makin' stacks
Crypto king, ain't no one gonna hold me back
Sergey on the beat, drop the heat for the streets
Gritty rap flow, you know I'm bringin' the heat (uh)
Sergey steals and eats, Big Macs and blue plaid
Gonna make it rain, crypto's where it's at (yeah)

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Got the Chainlink, feeling like a king
I'm in love with the bling, it's my favorite thing (thing)
Rockin' on my neck, shining so bright
Everyone be askin', "Where'd you get it last night?" (last night)
I got it for the low low, had to make a move

I'm in love with the Chainlink, it's my time to glow (ooh-yeah)
Drippin' in ice, always stealin' the show (ooh-yeah)
When I step in the room, they all stop and stare
I'm feelin' so fly, like I'm walkin' on air
I'm in love with the Chainlink, it's my status quo (ooh-yeah)
I'm rockin' it every day, watchin' the haters go (ooh-yeah)
I'm flexin' so hard, they can't keep up the pace
I'm livin' my dream, and I'm catchin' the chase (ooh-yeah)

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kek sounds like smashing pumpkins

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>please sign in
>into the trash

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Early Dall-E Sergey I made lasts year

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kinda sucks that this shit isnt open source I know.
its still fun

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Sorry , second post was the wrong one
This is another Early Dall-E

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perfect, saving that for next time


In the land where the sitar plays
There once lived a man, Pajeet, they say (they say)
He had a dream of making stacks
But all he did was spread his crap
He typed away on his keyboard all day (all day)

Pajeet the shitcoin shill, oh what a thrill
With his spams so shrill, he made us ill
But little did he know, karma would strike
Involuntary diarrhea, what a plight (oh-oh-oh)
Shilling crypto on biz, what a mess he made
But hey Pajeet, it's time to fade away (fade away)

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get help asap

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Good job guys

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Step into the game, I'm about to ignite
Link token pumpin', gonna reach new heights (yeah)
No more nolinkers, they're losin' their mind
We're swingin' high, watch 'em all decline (uh-huh)
Ridin' this wave, we're takin' control

No more holdin' back, we're breakin' through the ceiling (yeah)
Link to the moon, watch the numbers keep increasin' (oh-oh)
Nolinkers gone wild, can't handle the feelin' (can't handle it)
Swingers jumpin' off, they're committin' suicide (yeah, yeah)
We're takin' it to a thousand, ready for the ride (oh-oh)

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Yo, check it, we're breakin' the mold
Nu metal rap, gonna get you sold
We're heavy, we're loud, we're out of control
LINK token pumpin', we takin' it to gold
Swingies, they tryna bring us down (down)
But we won't let their negativity drown (drown)
Fuddies seething, we see 'em frown (frown)
We keep grindin', we holdin' the crown (let's go)

LINK goin' up, pumpin' to the skies (to the skies)
A thousand dollars, no surprise (no surprise)
Swingies can't handle, so they wanna die
Fuddies can't stop us, we defy

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Sergay, a CEO with a taste for power
Built Chainlink, watched it rise by the hour (hour)
But the crypto game, it took a twist
He dumped his LINK tokens, couldn't resist (ooh-yeah)
Now he's in the drive-thru, catchin' big macs

Sergay, eatin' big macs, breakin' backs (yeah, yeah)
Dumped his LINK, now he's on the attack (attack)
No more tokens, just empty pockets
Livin' large with burgers like rockets (ooh-yeah)
Sergay, eatin' big macs, breakin' backs (yeah, yeah)

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10/10 actually laughing out loud

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Yo, listen up, I got a story to tell
'Bout a hacker that rocked the blockchain cartel (uh-huh)
Ari Jewels, causing chaos in the dark
Hackin' bridges, makin' money disappear like a spark (ooh yeah)

Defi protocols, they were his playground
$Billies gone, nowhere to be found (nope)
He moved swift, leaving cryptos in distress
A mastermind, the mystery hacker, the best (uh)

Hacked the blockchain bridges, breaking through the locks (ooh-yeah)
Defi protocols under attack around the clock (uh-huh)
Ari Jewels, the one they couldn't catch (nah)

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>acting like you ever left us in this dream cemetery

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>inbred incel says something

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In the heartland where the wild buck roams
A tale of old, a secret known
They call it buck breaking, a tradition so deep
Where strong hearts find solace in the hands that hold 'em sweet

Down south where the sun shines gold
The buck's love story unfolds
It's not about breakin', it's about lettin' go
Release the wild inside, let the true colors show

Buck breaking, it's more than just a name
It's a chance for the wild soul to reign
In the embrace of a love so real
The buck's heart finds healing, that's the deal
(ooh-yeah, buck breaking)
The buck's heart finds healing, that's the deal
(ooh-yeah, buck breaking)

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wish the vocals were a little louder

Ooh-yeah, Pajeet's on the line, he's demandin' your time
Got a voice like thunder, gonna make you wonder, why he's so primed
He's got a scheme, don't you fall for it, don't redeem that gift card, boy
He'll take your money, leave you feelin' like a decoy (ooh-yeah)

Don't let Pajeet steal your dream (steal your dream)
He's a scammin' machine, messin' with the wrong boomer, it seems (oh-oh-oh)
Listen to this metal scream (metal scream)
Keep your cash in your pocket tight, don't let Pajeet take a single bite (ooh-yeah, ooh-yeah)

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you're doing god's work anon

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I used up all the free credits on my 3 accounts :(

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Skibididibop, Pepe frog on the scene
Blasting poopoo, peepee like no one's ever seen
On the biz board, causing quite a mess
Janitor's seething, gotta clean it up, I guess (ooh-yeah)
Skabadabada, poopoo peepee flyin' high
But the janitor's ready, gonna give it one more try

Bop shoo wah, scatting all the way
Pepe frog's antics, never cease to amaze
Cleaning up the mess, that's the janitor's role
Skabadadubi, watch the biz board regain control (ooh-yeah)
Scibadidabadu, poopoo peepee fades away
But the janitor's got the mop, ready for another day

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In the land of the crypto kings, chaos fills the air
Tokens crashing to zero, a world stripped bare (woah, yeah)
Biz on fire, flames reaching the sky
Pink WO-jacks in despair, letting out a cry (woah-oh)
Darkness surrounds, but amidst the chaos, a king emerges

Bobo the Bear, a victory to behold (oh yeah)
With claws of steel and a heart of gold (take it now)
He rises from the ashes, a force to be feared
Bobo the Bear, the one we revered (yeah, yeah)
In this metal realm of fire and despair (fire and despair)
Bobo the Bear, the victor with a stare

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In a world of chains and tokens, there's a man so bold
Sergey Nazarov, a legend we are told (ooh-yeah)
With his wild charisma and his golden locks
He took on a challenge, aimed to shock (shock)

He's eating every Big Mac in the world (in the world)
He's the Big Mac King, his flag unfurled (unfurled)
Dumping Chainlink tokens, making them fly (fly)
Sergey Nazarov, reaching for the sky (sky)
He's the crypto legend, breaking the mold (breaking the mold)
Glam rock ballad, shining like gold (shinin' like gold)

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In the depths of darkness, where chaos prevails
A token of hope, destined to fail (fail)
Link's crashing to zero, the system corrupts
As a pink wo-jack cries out, she's had enough (enough, yeah)

(Oh-oh-oh) Bobo the bear, he's laughing in glee
His victory so cold, hangs in the air, you see (yeah, yeah)
Slipknot's roaring, the nu metal's alive
As the world burns, we're ready to dive (dive, yeah)

Crashing down, Link's on the run
Pink wo-jacks in despair, we're undone
Bobo the bear won, there's no turning back
In this nu metal madness, we set the world on fire (fire, fire)



The market's crashing, crypto going down
My investments burnin', I'm watchin' it drown
Biz on fire, flames up in the sky
Pink wo-jacks in despair, asking God "Why?"

But in the chaos, emerges a bear
Bobo the bear, with a victorious glare
He laughs in the face of losses, ignores all the noise
Bobo the bear, the crypto boys' choice
(Oh-oh, yeah, oh-oh-oh, yeah)

type phonetically like sergay or wo-jack when it fucks up

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Beneath the chaos, where the money flows
Cryptocurrency crashes to zero (crashes to zero)
Biz on fire, burning down the streets
Pink wo-jacks in despair, feeling the heat (feel the heat)
But in the wreckage, there's a victory

Bobo the bear, rising from the flames (rising up)
Roaring through the darkness, shattering the chains
No, we won't be defeated, we'll fight back with might
Bobo the bear, leading us to the light (to the light)
Yeah-yeah-yeah, oh-oh-oh



Cryptos crashing, burning to ashes
Biz bulls, they're all rekt, feelin' the crashes
Pink wo-jacks, despair in their eyes
But through the chaos, one bear will rise
Bobo the bear, he's comin' for the crown

Crypto crashes to ashes, the market's goin' wild
Biz bulls rekt, they're runnin' like scared child
Pink wo-jacks, lost in the sea of despair
But Bobo the bear, he's takin' over, he don't care
He's the king, he's the beast, the one you can't defeat
Bobo the bear, he's bringin' the heat

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Sergay, the fat man in a blue plaid shirt
Eating Big Macs as snacks, he's always on alert (yeah, yeah)
CEO of LINK, he's got the power in his hands
Rocking out to punk, he's the leader of the band (ooh-yeah)
With his messy hair and his rebellious style

Sergay, Sergay, he's our hero of the day (hero of the day)
With his Big Macs and punk rock, he's here to stay (here to stay)
Sergay, Sergay, singing loud like we're insane (like we're insane)
In blue plaid shirts, we're all in this punk rock game (punk rock game)

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someone please make an old school hip hop track with this cover

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I would but I'm outta credits

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Yo, listen up y'all, I got a story to tell
'Bout Sergay, a genius, you know he's doin' well (oh yeah)
He's rockin' the mic, spittin' rhymes so tight
Solving smart contract problems, day and night (yeaah)

Chainlink network, it's the key to the game
Connectin' blockchains, makin' 'em all the same (that's right)
CCIP bridge, bridgin' the gap
Sergay makin' moves, ain't no time to nap (no way)

Sergay's the man, breakin' the code (breakin' the code)
Solving oracle problems, chainlink's the road (yeah, yeah)
He's the hip hop hero, in the blockchain scene (uh-huh)
With CCIP bridge, he's livin' the dream (that's right, baby)
Sergay, Sergay, he's got it all figured out (woo)
Smart contracts, blockchain, he's got no doubt (no doubt)
Sergay's the name, hip hop's the game (uh)
Solving problems, makin' moves with no shame (no shame)



Yo, listen up, gather 'round, it's time to hear a tale
'Bout a man named Sergay, he was smart as hell
He had a problem, an oracle dilemma, oh what a shame
But he knew just what to do to make that chainlink game (uh-huh)

He flexed his skills, he brought the funk, he made it real nice
Built a network, chainlink bridges, he rolled the dice (yeah-eah)
Sergay was the man, with the master plan
He made that smartcontract magic happen, it was all in his hands (oh-yeah)

Solving problems, Sergay style, he's got it all on lock (on lock)
Chainlink network, chain bridges, he's got the key to the block (uh-huh)
Sergay, the mastermind, he's got the game on smash (on smash)
Smartcontracts, oracles, he's making that cash (that cash)

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Back in the day, when the beats were fresh
Sergay on the mic, he spittin' the best
Droppin' knowledge, solvin' problems, ain't no doubt
Chainlink network, he knows what it's about (oh yeah)
Smart contracts runnin' on the blockchain
Sergay's got the key, he's makin' it rain

Linkin' up algorithms, solvin' the oracle problem (uh-huh)
Chainlink network, it's the way to go (that's right)
Sergay's got the skills, he's keepin' it on the low
Makin' smart contracts secure and sound (secure and sound)
Old school hip hop, it's comin' around (come on)



Yo, listen up, I got a story to tell
'Bout this cat named Sergey, he was wise as hell (as hell)
He had a problem, need a solution, ya see
Oracle woes was causin' him misery (uh-huh)
Smart contract flow, he needed it tight
But the data was off, like day to night (uh-uh)

Chainlink came through, with the magic touch
Solving the oracle problem, ain't that much
With decentralized networks, bringin' the hype
Sergey got his solution, evadin' the strife (uh, yeah)
Smart contracts movin' smooth as silk
Thanks to Chainlink, they built on solid built

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why are the threads so dead
why isn't this getting traction
my mind is blown from this thing

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thank you anon

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ok now what we really need is the 'never swing a link' track

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>Nigga ID
but how

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ser please join the chainlink yacht party discord

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this is unreal

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In the wild, in the night, a beast will rise
Moomoo stomping through the darkest skies
Bobo the Bear, beware, you can't defy
The power that's unleashed, no need to deny (ooh-yeah)

Cryptos pumping, the LINK soaring high
To a thousand bucks, reaching for the sky
Linkies cheering, waving flags, oh so proud
Our faith rewarded, we scream it out loud (yeah!)

Moomoo stomping Bobo the Bear (stomp, stomp)
Crypto pumps, LINK goes to $1000, we swear (pumps, pumps)
Linkies cheering, united, no fear (cheer, cheer)
This is our anthem, let it rock, let it flare (yeaahhh!)
Ooh-yeah, ooh-yeah, ooh-yeah, ooh-yeah (yeah, yeah)
Ooh-yeah, ooh-yeah, ooh-yeah, ooh-yeah (stomp, stomp, pumps, pumps, cheer, cheer)

>> No.56709605
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Listen up, let me spin a tale
'Bout the dangers of a swingin' LINK, oh, it's real
They say it's all 'bout the money and gain
But let me tell ya, it's a risky game (uh-huh)
It promises riches, a fortune untold
But when it crashes, you'll be left out in the cold (ooh yeah)

All swingies get the rope, never swing a LINK
It's a dangerous dance, don't you dare even think
You might see the highs, but the lows will sting
All swingies get the rope, never swing a LINK (ooh-yeah)
Never swing a LINK, no-no-no
Never swing a LINK, no-no-no (uh-huh)
Never swing a LINK, no-no-no

>> No.56709611
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You might think you're smooth, playin' with the crypto game
But let me tell you, darlin', it's never gonna be the same
You're swingin' with those LINK tokens, tryin' to make a quick buck
But trust me, baby, it's bound to leave you stuck

Don't swingtrade, don't you dare
'Cause the market's changin', you better beware
You're playin' with fire, dancin' with hope
But it always ends bad, swingin' from a rope
Oh, swingin' from a rope

>> No.56709615

that chorus is kino

>> No.56709622
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wish the songs would be a bit longer, so much Kino ITT

>> No.56709714
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In a land of code and encryption
Where the blockchain rules with great precision (precision)
There lived a man named Sergey, oh so bold
With a plaid on his back and a yodeler's soul
He wore his blue plaid with pride

Yodel-ay-hee-hoo, yodel-ay-hee-hoo (oh-oh-oh)
Sergey's yodeling, bringing blockchains through (through)
Chainlink Oracles, connecting one and all (one and all)
Yodel-ay-hee-hoo, we're standing tall (tall)
Linking blockchains, answering every call (every call)

>> No.56709730
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Gangsta Pepe, blastin' poopoo peepee on the board (board)
Seething janitor, cleanin' up this mess, he's ignored (ignored)
Butthurt haters, can't handle the heat, they're sore (sore)
Proud frog, makin' waves, breakin' all the norms (ooh-yeah)
Ain't no stoppin' the fury, Pepe leaves 'em floored

Can't handle the truth, the power that we bring (yeah, yeah)
Frogs united, we ain't backing down for anything (anything)
Gangsta rap, Pepe's takin' over the scene (scene)
From the board to the streets, this is how we reign supreme (supreme)
Poopoo peepee might be the nastiest scheme (oh, dirty)
But Pepe's got the swag, he's the ultimate meme (ooh-yeah)

>> No.56709735


>> No.56709736

>Poopoo peepee might be the nastiest scheme (oh, dirty)
>But Pepe's got the swag, he's the ultimate meme (ooh-yeah)
holy fuck my sides

>> No.56709767
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also this is the most OC thread in a while here on /biz/

>> No.56709845
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In the land of memes and internet trolls
There's a frog named Pepe, shaking up our souls (oh yeah)
From the depths of the biz board, he's risin' up high
With the anons by his side, reachin' for the sky

Livin' our best life, dancing to the reggae beat (ooh)
Pepe and the anons, spreadin' love and peace
No more hiding behind the screens, it's time to unite
Together we'll shine bright, livin' our best life (oooh yeah)

>> No.56709901
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In the depths of darkness, a hero arose
Fighting against evil, with fire in his soul (woah-oh)
He stood for justice, he stood for what was right
But the world turned against him, filled with fear and spite

I hate the Anti-Christ! (ooh-yeah)
As UN peacekeepers storm his house
Uncle Ted was right! (ooh-yeah)
We won't back down, we won't be silenced now
We'll fight for freedom, we'll fight for truth
With every ounce of strength, we'll rise, we'll break through

>> No.56709927
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In the dark, a lonely janitor tries to clean
The mess that's left by the frog so mean
Pepe, oh Pepe, why you gotta play these games?
Blasting poopoo peepee, you're to blame (ooh-yeah)

But I'll clean it up, I'll clean it up
Won't let you bring me down, no, no, no
I'll wipe away the stains, erase the pain
I won't let you see me frown, no, no, no (ooh-yeah)
I'm the janitor for free, baby, can't you see?

>> No.56709937
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top kek

>> No.56710591


>> No.56711948


>> No.56712752
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some of these hip hop and metal tracks slap so hard I'd actually listen to them as regular music

>> No.56713649