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we will have our own beoble chats configured specifically to filter out avax/link/icp/xrp/kas holders right anons? im so tired of this fucking infestation we've had for the past 4 years it's not funny anymore fudding them is not fun it's insane how much stamina and passion they have for their shitty fucking assets. i go to discord it's filled with them. i go to telegram its filled. i go to twitter, filled.

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No. I'd rather use rusty hacksaw to cut off my balls before talking to you faggots. Never again.

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>he thinks people here are his friends
>he doesn't know he's most likely getting drafted to be exit liquidity during pump/dumps
be honest anon how many times did you get fucked over like that

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Linkies are endless entertainment cows ready to milk at all times. Just eradicate the concept of buying link off your brain and your stay here will be better.

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kek. d0b0 in its last few months.
>already doing le epic relaunch on ethereum
what a bunch of bozos

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the idea of having filters and not finding imbeciles that only throw hate seems to me to be very useful

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how do you call the exact same 5 or 6 jokes on repeat "entertaining"? they are a nuisance.

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>Buy SOL
>Spend money on beoble to speak about SOL
>Earning money with SOL

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there is no benefit in treating everyone like dirt either, it is obvious that you were beaten in your house anon

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>it's insane how much stamina and passion they have for their shitty fucking assets
maybe that's for good reason, wouldn't you agree...?

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when i was a kid i didn't understand that episode of the simpsons and now i am literally that guy

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I dont associate with bullshitters faggot stop projecting

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also /thread

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maybe the problem is not the platforms but your complete lack of social skills

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got any warosu links to some d0b0 drama i think i would cum buckets if i saw these faggots yelling at one another last time with the milady fiasco i was so fucking happy to see their revolt i need more

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you have little time inside the crypto world or the internet in general. People are the same in absolutely every topic

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>Doesn't like /biz/'s coins
>"hey guys accept me in your tree house please..."
kinda sad how you dont belong anywhere anon. should look at yourself in the mirror.

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if """belonging to a community"""" means i must marry some shitcoin then i dont fucking want it.

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High quality gaslighting there. Kill yourself nigger

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You know a lot about that, don't you? You manipulative fucking man should cut off your penis and ask for forgiveness just for the fact that you are alive

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this can go very well or too bad, maybe nobody takes it seriously and it's just 3 losers talking in a channel created for 10,000 people

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animals by calvin harris starts playing