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>It's almost 2024
>NFT fad has passed, went out in flames thanks to e-celebs and even traditional celebs milking normies out of as much money as possible
>Polygon is only now getting good
>IQ Protocol and the rental of NFTs is only now becoming a thing
Bear markets spawn innovation... But at what cost...

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There's no way to host nfts 100% in-blockchain still lol

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renting nfts sounds pretty lucrative specially back during the golden age of scams and defi so circa 2019-2020. shame

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well with the real estate crisis people no longer aspire to buy a house but to rent, IQ protocol is basically the same concept

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why anyone dares to name the NFTs on this board?

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Ever heard about axie protocol's mentor program or whatever? that was practically renting out nfts and making 50% of the profit off of jeets working (playing) for you while you do nothing lol

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the day polygon reaches $1 you can say it's fine, otherwise it's still crap

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It was a different time..

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hard times create strong men, bear market creates new ways to steal money KEK

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hey, don't you dare mess with my .jpeg

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Quite literally nobody gives a shit. Full on-chain projects always suck dick for having to work with 99999 million different limitations because that's how unproductive and shitty crypto tech is as a whole.

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In what world is polygon getting "good" it's -6% since monday
a worse time.

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Token fractionalization has been a thing for years now. I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner.

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>Right click
>save as

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It was unironically surreal to watch this going down on live television. What a haunting warning of what was about to happen to a multi-billion dollar industry in a matter of months.

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did you hire a private detective to come to that conclusion or did you get it on your own?

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jesus fuckign christ

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renting nfts reads like the worst or best thing you could do

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kek this reminds me of the 9/11 of nfts

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none of our retinas are safe ever

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it has never been more over than it is at this very moment, and it will be over forever more

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imagine you're at dinner with your friends, all discussing their jobs, and you come and say " I rent nfts" :LMAO

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it had been months since i had read someone even mention polygon

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oh i will fucking seethe i will seethe so hard, i will seethe like i have never seethed before, nfts are the reason an astronomic wave of newfags hit us these past couple of years to just fucking ruin EVERYTHINg so i WWILL SEETHE UNTIL I STOP BREATHEIGN FOR NFTS

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never began

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sure you're exactly right

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this joke is always so funny omg i cant stop cackling like an absolute madman everytime i see ppl jsut saving the enfts holy shit im rolling in the ground, tears in my eyes, its unbearable

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....nigga chill

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im surprised the rapture hasn't happened yet either