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>hey anon can you teach us some crypto tips
what do

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I love cluster B women.

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you are built for BBC token ladies

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no woman will seriously ask you to teach her your interests, unless it's something involving imagination, creativity and an artistic taste. go outside and talk to them, you will succeed with them as long as you make everything you do with her, about her.

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Fuck em in the ass

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>make everything you do with her, about her.

basically this, works everytime. they feed on attention

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they are all OF whores, aren't they?

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Warning: These are all guys. Google: "traps" (girls with penis)

they try to make you gay on this website

do not fall for it

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0/9 passing

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No one cares faggot

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straight people do anon..

straight people do

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yes actually

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I see this pic has to be posted on every board now
but once again biz is late to the party

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>caring what people think
Sounds like woman shit

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>what do
Sell post haste or better yet, short.

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oh jesus they've grown in numbers
hey projecting homosexual tranny some of these girls have sex videos out showing them getting fuck in the pussy so stfu with your everyone's a tranny narrative. just because you want to fuck trannyqueers doesnt mean anyone else does and stop assuming everyones secretly queer. disgusting degenerate trash.

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so you're saying that men are better at being women than women themselves? women take that L

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ok, thanks for the heads-up. i'm more into business than i'll ever be into dolled-up men.

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my dears, the secret to trading is this:
you must REFUSE to pay full price for USED GOODS

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>some of these girls have sex videos out showing them getting fuck in the pussy
finally, some trad fems on this site

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to endure much ball torture
that is the path
to profit

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>the pussy

it will never be a real pussy anon

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Was there too many of them to all fit in the car this time?

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Anon you jack off to Trisha paytas we know how desperate you are

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I could take them all in a fight, all at once. God, I wish I could fight them all 9 vs 1. FUCK! It's been so long since I've been in a brawl.

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>okay, but please ask that nigger monkey to leave first

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Look up for Beoble, you can promote your OF in there once beta is over and they go live, so you retarded femoids avoid pajeets and chinks spamming you

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6, 8, 7, 2, 9, 5, 1, 4, 3

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I don't think they should do that, most of their income comes from jeet's last rupees

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There is no nigger in this pic, retard

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that won't leave as much profit

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It's a bit more secure and private, but Idk if they're completely free of encountering jeets

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by some stage
order has no more meaning

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ladies you still have you clothes on you know the deal chop chop

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Then what is that thing in the middle?

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2 is so hot with that sleepy look

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so many wombs to breed. time to move to LA

>yeah girls just use some extra $ from your OF subscriptions to buy bitcoin and some dogecoin

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What is this the ran through egirl convention? Get tf out of hear with this gay ass thread.

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>yeah when you see something has gone up a lot, buy as much as you can before it keeps going

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thanks, I knew I wasn't gay

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tell them that they only need 1 tip and it's down there.

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Kinda sad soogsx(not pictured) dropped out of college to become a full-time porn whore. That one video where she talks about it is pretty depressing. Who's the girl on the far left

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dyed hair and makeup is so fucking ugly

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3 > 4 > 6 >>> 9 = 8 > 1 = 2> 7 > 5

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1> 9 > 2 > 3,4,8 > 7 > 6 > 5

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stop gooning

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Le roll

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sorry bro

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even better if they have cocks