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is asteroid mining just a jewish fud or is this the reason why gold is trash for making money?

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>he thinks he will give cashier 1oz rock for chicken and rice
>he thinks cashier will have ability to assay rock
>he thinks cashier will make change and give him back .9125126 oz change for his purchase of chicken and rice

for every non-doomsday reason you can find to buy gold, bitcoin is a better choice.

for every doomsday reason you find to buy gold, lead and land are better choices.

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>he thinks that tokenized precious metals won't become widely accecpted as Gold recently became a tier 1 asset under basel 3...
> he thinks that 10 units of tokenized gold (0.01 oz of gold) won't buy a weeks worth of food for a family of 4

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Asteroid mining is a long way away. It's like fusion or life extension. Everyone thinks we are almost there, but...

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Although I don't disagree with your last sentence I still think gold could be a good hedge against hyper inflation. Look at the role of gold in countries like Argentina, Turkey etc. It has legitimate usecases and you can't easily print more of it. Even if you could astroid mine your looking at millions of investment to get anything from there to here.

Allocate some of your portfolio to PM, just incase shit hit the fan.

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>he thinks tying quantity of actual on earth rocks to blockchain token is better than just algorithmic 21m hardcap
>he thinks the underlying gold in his shitcoin isn't paper
rocktards have been mentally fucked and twisted into unrecognizable forms ....

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even without accounting for gold in space, which exists and is just a matter of reaching the technology, gold is devalued 2% a year due to mining
anyone taking gold seriously in 2023 is delusional or neglectful

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Gold is just an -1x of fiat, it will increase in value proportional to monetary expansion but the cycle length is really long (peak to peak around 30 years), in-the-limit BTC will probably eat it's lunch and gold will start acting more as an industrial metal like platinum. Gold to preserve wealth, not to make it.

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>it's like an etf ON DA BLOCKCHAIN
tokenization is the dumbest fucking retard midwit trap we've seen in a while, all the overhead of securitization plus blockchain middleman bloat, can't wait to pay $20 in gas to transfer my 0.00001g of Au!

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asteroid mining is a meme to deter normies. there are plenty of mines that are unprofitable, if there was better technology or if the price increased, these mines could come online in a couple years. there is plenty of gold at the bottom of the ocean that could be retrieved. any serious attempt at gold mining would start there

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>Gold to preserve wealth, not to make it
what if you get a 20 year bear market like 1980-2000
vast majority of other assets would have been better for preserving wealth, US stocks and bonds would have given you very nice capital increases

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But BTC to 10k right?

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This is why we are supposed to diversify our folios

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I find it so funny that polcels have adopted the most jewish asset in the world to be le heckin based golderino

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what asset isnt jewish though?

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Bitcoin and Real Estate

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>is asteroid mining just a jewish fud
asteroid mining isn't for gold, it's for water
the temperature for the water is what makes it economically attractive, because you are harvesting liquid oxygen
liquid oxygen is more expensive than gold is, and it's rocket fuel
the same rocket fuel that will be used to go get the liquid oxygen
get the picture? asteroid mining quickstarts a "goldrush" of space mining in a positive feedback loop

gold would be an extra in this industry

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you don't need to tokenize gold as the medium of exchange tho
goldbugs can use the Curve stable system to get a loan using gold as collateral like they want, and transact using the stablecoin of their choice
right now, there's only crvUSD, but in the future as the USD dies, there will be a myriad of choices to pick from

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Neither. Gold is trash for making money because it hasn't increased in value in ten thousand years and there's no reason for it to start any time soon.

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I am not an "expert" feel free to tell me what you think.

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i do get what you're getting at, patrician.

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They were able to do that thousands of years ago what makes you think they wouldn't be able to do it now. What a stupid argument.

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nigger ur so fucking dumb you even sound like a character in a college comedy movie

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>cashiers broke rocks apart to make change in ancient supermarkets
based retard

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i don't mind owning a very small amount of gold its comfy thing to own
if space mining becomes a thing i lose the value but meh i will still have my bitcoin

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Keeping an eye on russian propaganda my favorite part is that they constantly rage about neoliberalism while simultaneously talking about how 'money printing' leads to inflation. Milton Friedman is the father of neoliberalism and also repopularised the monetarist ideas of money printing and inflation. So they believe two contradictory ideas simultaneously. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.

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Cryogenic oxygen is sold by the ton you fucking mongoloid retard what the fuck are you even talking about.

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Gold is more of a storage of value. Don't go overboard with it, keep some physical gold for "just in case".

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Like I said, multi decade cycle length. If it's trading at a significant premium compared to monetary expansion since '71 than don't buy it

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No, BTC to no less than $15T mcap in 2023 dollars by 2040. BTC is organic stateless trustless money and as such solves money, it brutally punishes parasitic economic transactions and as such renders the world more efficient as it gains strength. Bitcoin is an inevitability.

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>tokenized precious metals
Fucking kek, I despise every attempt of you niggers to bring that subject back, I'd rather short all my money on kinetix

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Cope, it will happen eventually, even if you don't like it

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That we're way dumber than we used to be

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what makes you think you're special enough to shit on others like that?

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You just wait, faggot, you'll drop your jaw

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>he thinks gold is for making money

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It's jewish fud.
It's mineralization in the Ernest Henry mine.
It's clearly the remnants of an asteroid.
The mineralization is not all that much spread out compared to the size of the actual asteroid.
So asteroids prior to impact surely have higher grades of like an order of magnitude or maybe 2 orders of magnitude (like 100x) but they are far from solid gold.

The witwatersrand basin is the site of one of the largest impact craters on earth, the vredefort impact structure and also the site of the largest gold deposit ever mined.
I think about 50000 tonnes got mined, but it's exhausted now.
They didnt leave another 500,000 tonnes in the ground.
That asteroid didnt have more than 100,000 tonnes of gold in it.
Yet it was several miles wide to have been able to make such a crater.

Try to fly to a several mile wide asteroid and get 100,000 tonnes of gold processed out of it in space with light weight space equipment.

It's big BS.
The best way is to get the asteroid to earth and crash land and then scoop up the gold.
And that's exactly what a gold mine already is anyway.

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It’s Jew fud. Space is fake and gay

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no one knows the supply. all the numbers are fake. can't send it online and can't take it with you with you die.

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Asteroid mining is about as real as sealab 2020

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If we get UFO technology in our lifetime, it seems like it would be easy to mine minerals in space.