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>satoshi wakes up one day
>decides he hates what bitcoin has become
>sells all his held bitcoins across various exchanges

thanks for playing

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Satoshi (John McCafé) is dead. He aint wakin up dude.

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I would come to china and talk to the right person about defense strat, looking to do business in hong kong.

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Two more weeks

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They will never figure it out, their whole strat is misaligned. China is safe. I would love to speak and private and get a chinese education and read chinese literature. I love the country deeply, as it is a wealth of humanity, and I would die to protect it.

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>I slurp up the dip and buy all his coins. Next thing you know, I am the next satoshi.

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same for all legally founded sovereign nations. That is the rasta way. But I don't want to be a dead lion, I'd rather be a living dog.

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>day after satoshi finishes selling
>a grave vulnerability, impossible to mitigate, is found in bitcoin

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The proof that Satoshi doesn't have access to the pre-2017 is demonstrated by the fact that he never dumped his bitcoin cash.
And for the cashies and CSW retards please explain why he wouldn't sell his bitcoin core