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No fuckin way

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> 350m by Dec 31
> 190m atm

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if you missed the link train go with xdn too.
fucking comfy over here.

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believe it u nob, we moonin

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i need to accumulate more

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Serious calls for price in 2020?

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redraw the pic OP. just move 15 days for 1$, one month for 1 bill, march 3 bill. we good.

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200 unironically

thats conservative btw

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Easily $100

Not memeing, this tech is the real deal and is MANDATORY for Smart Contracts to be able connect to off chain data.

Huge first mover advantage.

There are 100 privacy coins, 100 cloud storage blockchain coins, but only ONE project in crypto offers a Decentralized Oracle Network.

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$200 is easily doable as well

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yup. it is the diamond in the rough.

it is the one pearl in this sea of shit.

not buying LINK means you have no taste.

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look at all those bitcoiners moving their shit into chainlink. 6 milion volume on binance versus 2 mil on the eth pair. LOL

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who can blame them. LINK has proven a better store of value.

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I absolutely GUARANTEE that this overhyped shitcoin will not reach $1 by EOY. No fuckin way. Literally impossible. Cap this.

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bitcoin has stopped finding greater fools. its ovah. chainlink is on the move.

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Give me one reason, one single reason this is overhyped

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I love sergey. I don't care he likes big macs. I love them to

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i will pay you 10 eth if it doesnt hit 1 dollar by new years day. post ur eth address if u have the balls to take my money

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Your biggest potential market already chose who they're working with.

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>lol, he's just a ripple fag

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You deny the prophesy? Heretic!

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You will fucking not. But okay let's see if you have a pair of balls or not. I'll send you 20 ETH if it hits $1. Cap this and paste your ETH address. Here's mine.


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Singapore finna make us rich in the next 24 hours boiiiii

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So guys, a little over a week ago I had 45k LINK, right now I have 0. How fucked am I?

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John, is that you?

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This bet is relevant to my interests. Someone screencap if they really accept!

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Do you suck your thumb when you sleep anon?

You will.

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I do not envy you, friend.

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You are fucked Big Time. Now you can choose to FOMO in at ATH or moss the rocket. I hope you made at least a little money on whatever pump you chased.

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What kind of ridiculous crap is this, if I was that guy I'd be ROFLING

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Will someone please talk about singapore

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*miss, not moss. I hate having to teach every new phone how to not turn your sentences into nonsense.

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You made the right decision. Trust me, when you look back at this decision in 6 months time you will be GLAD you sold those stinky ass linkies. Ripple is the future. LINK technology is old and obsolete. Sergey has been twiddling his thumbs over it for like 5 years meanwhile Ripple comes outta nowhere and establishes the REAL connections with SWIFT and major companies like Amazon etc. Seriously it's so fucking ogre for LINKIEs they're gonna need permanent psychiatric help once they realised they got hoodwinked by a prolific exit scammer.

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Pretty sure you can create a smart contract on their website to check the usd price at a certain time and send money to an address depending on the value

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I actually cashed out to avoid the BTC crash. Won’t be another week before I can get back in.

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First rule of Singapore, you don't talk about Singapore.

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Just a postcard from a reality directly adjacent to ours. According to quantum suicide theory, you can never die in the reality you are experiencing, however the version of you can die in everybody else's reality. Try it some time, it's hilarious, just make sure somebody is there to witness it for full effect!

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Actually: REQ, Cardano.

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Seems like BTC is finding the floor ok, this is about where it should be right now if that bull run from $10k to $19k didn't happen. I'd try to buy half your link back now, and the other half in a day or two, or whenever BTC makes a +/-5% sneeze that drops all alts 30%.

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Are you retarded? REQ already said they're going to use LINK, and Cardano is shit tier ETH using an outdated language that scammed some rich Japs who are pumping their investment and have no oracle network, let alone a working product. Please sit in the corner and reevaluate your thinking skills.

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dude c'mon, i challenged you to an internet duel, i was never going to pay up.

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What is up with this coin? Top 50 for the last like six months, has totally eaten shit in price, and I've never seen it mentioned until today, where I've seen it mentioned twice.

Let me guess, this is just another cheap coin PnD.

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req never said that they just said it would be a good solution.

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LINK has no working product either, pajeet.

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yes it does. it just doesn't have the mainnet of nodes up yet. Of course you are too stupid to understand the difference there.

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Holy shit, how new are you to this board?

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Damn. I need to tattoo that shit on me. We've all been tested hodling link. I need a lil reminder every now and then.

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Putting aside the fact you've failed to rebut anything said, because, as a FOMO newfag, you've never read a whitepaper or any updates outside of coindesk, yes they do. Proof of concept shown at SIBOS. Their system works.

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If you can tell me how REQ or ADA has a comparable product I'll post a time stamped picture of me eating my own shit. But you can't, so you won't, because circling back, you're a retard talking out of your ass.

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Proof of Concept is not a working product. How about you learn english, pajeet shills.

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They had a working PoC, that needs to be rewritten in Go.

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Sounds like REQ will be using LINK for a small part of their product, which will be reflected in LINK's perpetually small price.

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It's the DEFINITION OF A WORKING PRODUCT. It's a PROOF. OF THE CONCEPT FUCKING WORKING. And you still haven't substantively answered the first points. Jesus Christ... stay poor

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I have a proof of concept of slamming your mom's ass with my dick. Doesn't mean I did it to the poor Punjabi goat.

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Are we there yet?

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> a small part
> without it the whole concept fails

Keep trying. Also, out of curiosity, please tell me what part of my posts indicates my English needs any work, at all

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For a middleware service, it basically is.

Porting what they have from Ruby to Go isn't like starting from scratch. They basically had an alpha of it, will release the beta Q1, and the LTS release will come with the mainnet launch. We're talking timeframes of a few months, during which the price will continue to creep up.

Jesus /biz/ is ADHD af.

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>pajeet insulting others as pajeets
>pajeet inception singularity

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The part where my brain reads all your comments in your stupid 7-11 accent, faggot. Keep shilling shitcoins.

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I hope 2018 brings you the special education you so desperately require

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There it goes!

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feel so stinky

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Since June. Literally haven't seen a single XDN thread here since then.

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Is this thread just all elaborate LINK shilling?

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This whole board is elaborate LINK shilling. But for good reason. It's the fucking beeeeeeeeest.

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Op here. Yes. I usually just post copypasta, but noticed did threads get more bumps

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no one here wants you to buy link, retard. everyone who has link just wants to talk about it. none of this is about you.

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Fud threads*
I'm a phone poster oops

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what does this mean?

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Did you buy yet my dude

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I have known for a long time Link would take some time to increase in price which is why I never invested in it.

My question is quite simple.
There is a total supply of 1billion, there are 350m in circulation for a price of 0.50.
Now what will happen with the rest 650million ? Because if it eventually comes into circulation the price of link will remain low for a long long time...

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P&D incoming. I hope everyone is in their seats and buckled up.

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wow you're a genius. you're right. LINK sucks. dumping now.

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Then I guess the product is useless if no one else is doing it

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A large amount of the supply is going to be locked staking in a node

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This coin fucking sucks. Selling my 5k. Verge gonna take me far tho.

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I just want to reaaaaallllly draw attention to the fact that these are quality of people fudding LINK. Shows pretty clearly which side of the fence the smart money is on.


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Do you understand how the tech works?

It incentivizes squatting on LINK.

Most LINK will never see the market. Once mainnet is launched, you won't even see the 350 million currently in circulation on the market. Its all going to be staked against Chainlink nodes.

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Srs question, hopefully some programming autist can explain this to me:

Here's my understanding - LINK is apparently attempting to solve some super complex issue, and is the only tech on the market that does so. Is it really feasible that two fucking devs could engineer such a project? What's stopping a team with 10+ devs from building a better version of LINK's tech and properly marketing it?

Are we supposed to believe Sergey/Rory are just genius developers and nobody else will be able to build a decentralized oracle?

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t-minus 10 hours on this big contract


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ever heard of too many cooks in the kitchen

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This here kids is an example of what we call “cope”. The shit coiner has to yet to realize how badly he has been duped and thus refuses to exit a losing position. SAD!

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Read sergeys end of year update. They have literal teams of devs at this point implementing the tech into different sectors. The "hurrr only 2 devs" fud is a meme

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I get that link is necessary to interact with the network and that nodes need to stake link, but these 650million that are held by the company how are banks etc obtain them?

Also, do u only need to stake Link to boost ur reputation?

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It's actually disgusting watching everyone disregard Chainlink and chase empty pumps instead. This is the most innovative piece of technology that financial and insurance sectors have all been waiting for and it will actually revolutionize the world and strengthen every industry it touches.

Look at Vitalik, Roger, Justin and Charlie constantly focusing on publicity stunts, shilling, and talking about the pricing of their coins. Sergey is actually the most reliable leader in the cryptosphere focusing only on his technology and development, no bullshitting with publicity stunts. Only honest answers to honest questions when he gets the chance.

I feel like I'm taking fucking crazy pills watching all of this play out. Etherscan shows that soon 95% of all available circulating LINK will be consolidated into less than 15,000 wallets and that continues to shrink as more people try to chase pumps, they're being shaken into stronger hands. As soon as Sergey's saved up LINK is finally handed over to institutions we'll see the price jump by increments of dollars and it'll be way too for most people by then. This is so fucking ridiculous and scary in showing how stupid most of /biz/ actually is.

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Something something node operators

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First mover advantage
Stealth development
Open source, APIs

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the absolute state of linkies.
lmao, I'm buying just for the memes

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Praise Kek

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can you guys help me,Binance wont let me buy even tho I have BTC, what is happening?

it just says "maximum 0"

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wait for deposit confirmation, check you history page on binance

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Nigger this is not a working product you pos. This isn’t shit right now and probably never will be

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Send me your binance info I got u dude

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they ran out of link

this means its about to go intergalactic

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Is now a good time to buy?

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binance removed Link from their exchange, nobody has heard anything from segei for weeks now dude.
This whole thread is just a joke, I can't believe u fell for it, where have you been?
Link wojak threads for the last 12hours.

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my fucking boy, nice digits cunt

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ok thanks

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oh my god

it's happening

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>AXA Insurance
>Sony Corporation
>Signed in early 2016

People actually fucking doubt ChainLink and Sergey. He is clearly a networking beast.

Believe in him, he is the next Money Skelly, to be praised for ages to come. In our ascension to Lamborghini Land.

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It’s done man, no links left for sale

>> No.5668464

Literally see


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my BTC amount is incresing like crazy guys lmao

>> No.5668496

That axa thing is a paneer scam. Anyone can set something like that up. 2 pajeets, 2 losers named sergay and steve

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Huh well i've been here reading the LINK threads for months. I was even tempted by the ICO. Have always been rooting for you guys but still no buying in for me.
Just going to sit this one out. GL but there are other projects I understand better. This thread helped.

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Could go down again, but if you haven't been able to tell by now, LINK is a long-term hold. I locked mine up in MEW and will accumulate more when I can. Just around now for the memeposting.

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Ugh Jesus Christ you're not even trying.


What protocol do you think they're using to incorporate external info?

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You are not an investor. You are not anything special. You have contributed nothing to the development of ChainLink. Buying a funny internet token and hoping the price goes up does not make you an investor. You do not matter at all to the success of ChainLink, none of us do. Sergey already has partnerships, he already has industry recognition. Sergey very easily could have secured ALL of his funding from angel investors/firms or fintech and instead he CHOSE to do an ICO. Because that's the kind of guy Sergey is (he's a philosophy major for a reason), instead of only allowing insiders and big swinging company dicks to make money off of his product which IS NOT MARKETED TOWARDS THE AVERAGE PERSON, he chose to hold an ICO so the average person could get a piece of the pie. Now every entitled faggot here who buys LINK is upset that they didn't get an easy 10x in a month so they panic sell and fud. Sergey doesn't give a shit about some loser whining on /biz/ about his bags because he knows what he has, he knows the opportunity he is giving you, and he knows that if you sell and fail to make money off of LINK it is because of your own weak hands, and you will look back in regret when you see that all you had to do was wait a couple months. But you didn't because you're impatient and wanted Twitter updates and blog posts too much to see the bigger picture.

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You don't have a good sense of humor, anon, unless this is a pasta I haven't seen before.

>> No.5668677

He did an ICO cuz he didn't want to give part of the ownership.
never seen this pasta desu

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This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. You need to put a certain % in link. You just have to

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The spaghetti shall be spilled.
Oh yes, it shall be spilled.